X-PLAY Preview: TEKKEN 6

For those of you with G4TV in your area, make sure you tune in for the Wednesday, May 13th episode of X-Play for an all access preview of TEKKEN 6! Click below for a short snippet from the show!


107 Responses to X-PLAY Preview: TEKKEN 6

  1. eric says:

    doesn’t seem much different the the other recent interviews about t6. i wish they would stop saying the release is approaching because we still got some waiting ahead of us.

  2. Nando says:

    If I’m not mistaken, X-play gave Tekken 5 a “3 star” rating when it arrived on the PS2.

    I’m not a total Tekken fanboy, but I really thought that it should of been a 5 star rating (I personally believed it was the best fighter on the PS2 besides Soul Calibur 2). Since then X-play just kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

    Besides, no one really watches X-play for the reviews or their skits. Just Morgan Webb.

    • MarkMan says:

      I don’t really trust ANY reviews when it comes to fighting games. More often than not the person reviewing it, shouldn’t be reviewing it. lol.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        I’m with markamn on this one, all they fucking do is point out obvious shit and give it a negative attirbute and a positive one to make it seem like they know what they are talking about and to make it seem like they are doing it fairly in the reviews. Gaming journalism is a fucking joke.

      • Zooop says:

        Typical fighting game reviews generally sound like “WARKWARK goldden days of SF2, not as fun as DOA, online play lags, needs more modes.”

        Tekken usually gets shafted, though I recall gamespot.com’s review was pretty even-handed.

      • Kev!n says:

        It’s also not entirely their fault. They have to cater to a audience that’s generally clueless about fighting games

      • Reviews are lame really amyway. 6 rocks. Thats my review!

    • mizzo says:

      X-Play gave both Tekken 5 and DR a 4/5.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      why would anyone watch G4 for Morgan Webb she looks like a fucking Transvestite, shes got broader shoulders than me. lol, she makes me look fucking feminin. the cutests girl they have on G4 and im talking average , is Olivia Munn, and shes about an average.

      I dont even watch that channel the only reason im gonna take a peek at tommorows show is because of the Tekken 6 coverage. THATS IT !!!

      Fuck mainstream gaming channels they dont know shit about games you pay them enough money an they will talk about MK v.s DC like its the number one fighting game in the world.


  3. tekken lover says:

    i could care less what these two have to say about tekken, tekken 6 br right now is the best fighting game in the world and nothing can top that…. you know it, i know it, everyone knows it and soon even those who are goning to play tekken for the first time ,they will know it too

  4. Blind Ghost says:

    see thats the sad thing, is al the fucking casuals know is Street Fighter 4, because yu know…its right up there with poppin yo collar and wearing a A.E hat side ways and wearing pink shirts.

    not that many people know that tekken is the number 1 fighting game in the world, heres hoping G4 wont fuck this up. regardless though Tekken will always be Number 1

    • SolRahlX says:

      That’s funny, because most casual players that I know prefer Tekken over Street Fighter because it’s easier for them to look like they know what their doing by button tapping on Tekken. I mean Tekken is like a frat boys number one fighting game.

      I mean Tekken is number 1 in sales because it’s popular with the pink shirt wearing, collar poppin casuals. You can talk crap about casual players all you want, but they are the ones that make sequels for Tekken, Street Fighter, etc. possible. Not hardcore players.

      Tekken is a game. Words of wisdom my friend; words of wisdom. I’m not a wannabe thug.

      • BlindGhost says:

        hmm could you be one of those collar poppin phagets i was refering to ??? if i hurt your feelings im sorry, here have an Abercrombie beads necklace and some flip flops…now go to the beach and try to pick up some boys.

        im not a wanna be thug either Dumbass where in my previous post does it state i am.

        how about you go call the rest of your douche bag friends and go lotion each other up. and id like to see you kick my ass in tekken with that mentality, i’ll fuck you up. Casual players dont last a second with hardcore players.

        i hihgly doubt anyone from here influences if another tekken gets made, im sure the majority of changes to arcade cabinets come from japanese players, so whoops there goes your fucking theory.

      • Demon says:

        ok man just shut the fuck up you are a poor excuse of a troll

      • Undeadewok says:

        CRAB BATTLE!!!

    • SolRahlX says:

      Seeing as how I mentioned nothing about casuals competing against hardcore players, but that the sells generated from them determine whether or not a sequal is made makes your entire post like dust in the wind to me. You’re stupidity is amusing. I don’t care if you could beat me in a match of Tekken or not.

      You’re just a wannabe thug trying to act hard about a video game. You are an idiot. Like the kind of idiot Immortal Technique spits on.

      By the way you monkey… Casuals isn’t a race or country of people, it’s a group. Both Japanese and American markets have them. Japanese casual players do influence whether or not a sequal is made and the amount of revenue obtained increases or decreases the production value of a sequel.

      • BlindGhost says:

        really, so your saying we impacted the release of TEKKEN 6 BR !?!?! cause T6 arcade cabinets are all over the U.S right ?!?!
        it was our input that made them have changes done to TEKKEN 6 BR…or was it Japanese arcade players that did that…hmm I wonder.

        and just so you know you dumb fuck ,you ever heard of japan only games ????

        you talk as if The U.S or the west determines weather another tekken will be made in the Future.

        Wake the Fuck up you stupid Phagget, as if The islands of japan are desolate, they have a population as well dumb fuck, and they matter more than we do, the devs are japanse You fucking retard, you think they are gonna put other nations before theirs !?!?! you really are stupid, have you ever heard of Japan only Games that dont make it out of the Country.

        Namco X capcom , or Demon Soul. or Lord of Vermillion

        since your a fucking moron i’ll expalain what that means ,it means games that Crater only to the japanese market, like Taiko drumb master. but i guess you wouldnt knwo anything about that.

        Tekken is the same You fucking Idiot, they have a big enough market in japan to keep making sequels they dont need us, were a fucking bonus, a HUGE BONUS but still a bonus. Japan alone is enough to merit a sequel. and in Japan, the hard core fighting scene out does the casual, same in korea, kinda like the Fat dumbasses we have here that go hardcore on WOW.

        You dont fucking know shit, So Shut your ass up and put your money where you mouth is.

        Once again Retard, Japan doesnt need our input to make another sequel, Tekken is popula in japan for god sakes just scroll and look at the most played arcade in japan, you fucking moron, thats not U.S stats thats japan only, the only way we count is if enough of us want it they will send it our way.

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    TEKKEN…..IS LIFE. Words of Wisdom my niggas words of Wisdom……I’m not Black.

  6. PhantomJ says:

    Blind, how old are you? I’m curious.

  7. Blind Ghost says:

    27 why ???

  8. thelonegamer says:

    Probably the same content as the 10-minute interview with Harada also posted on G4TV recently… save with smarmy voiceovers from X-Play. Still worth seeing I guess…

  9. Fleakitten says:

    I haven’t watched G4 in so long..I guess I can sit through a 2 minute preview of the best fighting game ever!!!!

  10. Demon says:

    @ Blind Ghost

    G4 sucks adam sessler is a xbox fanboy
    G4 is dead its all about Gamespot & gametrailers
    they gave crisis core 3 out of 5
    and it was a good game
    they gave Resident Evil 5
    3 out of 5 and it was good game lets face it G4 sucks hot balls now
    Go to gamespot or game trailers if you want good reviews

    • Fleakitten says:

      RE5 is the same as RE4. Just in HD and Africa. The extra 5 bucks to unlock what’s already on the disc and is NOT mentioned in the strategy guide AS downloadable content is a scam!


      Though I do agree G4 is geared toward Microsoft like most of the American gaming community.

      • Demon says:

        adam sessler hates japanese games
        for some strange reason?

      • BlindGhost says:

        Ya as i said in my previous statement, they don’t know what the hell they are talking about, and i hate morgan webbs voice as she does a review.

        The only reason im gonna watch this one is because of the tekken 6 coverage.

        and G4 is geared towards MS its not the first time i heard that and iv’e seen it for my self, just watch their last E3 coverage.

        G4 is probably the worst gaming channel.

      • BlindGhost says:

        Fleakitten hasa point about the RE5, i mean dont get me wrong i enjoyed the game , i really did ,RE5 was great, but nothing has really changed from RE4, but at the same time, that doesnt give them the right to give it a low score it was still a reat game.

        so for them to give RE5 a low score based on just new gameplay elements its unprofessional.

  11. TekkenTheBest says:

    Upload the preview on youtube please!!!

  12. pixel says:

    I don’t have easy access to G4, so I probably won’t tune in. Just hope for a good review so they don’t turn off some would be players. People watch them, otherwise they wouldn’t be in business, so we definitely players to lose on account of what they say.

    It’s going muilt-platform this time, so hopefully some good points there, though.

  13. Demon says:

    Blindghost i was talking to SolRahlX
    so dont take it personal
    it was a reply to him

  14. MarkMan says:

    Please guys, don’t attack each other or call each other names.

    Any further obscenities will result in a time out from posting here.

  15. wing says:

    I don’t like BlindGhost’s wordings, but he is right that the Japan and Korea markets (especially the arcade scene) determine a Tekken sequels, not the western.

    furthermore, although there are causal Tekken players in Japan and Korea, but the average standard of these “causal Tekken players” are very high. You can walk in any arcades in Japan and expect to meet some good Tekken players.

  16. Blind Ghost says:

    Thanks Wing , Im glad someone in here knows their stuff, he thinks our casual gamers are thier casual gamers which was not the case when i went there , i got my ass handed to me by someone that look about 13 at VF5 and im a good Goh/Bryant player.

    and dont worry about it Demon, your cool bro.

    and to Markman, sorry forthe profanity, but im only profane to those who use profanity.

  17. DemonGodFist32 says:

    TEKKEN Haters i just cant stand them

    • UndeadEwok says:

      its purely ignorance. i have started a local fight club awhile ago. im trying to get more people down on T6. there reasoning is pure ass. for some reason they think its a mash fighter….

      i think some of the slower sperm made it in?!?!

      • Blind Ghost says:

        lol it is pure ignorance ot think tekken is about button mahing, you wont get anywhere if you button mash. youl get your ass handed to you in no time…

        but really who cares about them let the slow fucks catch on 4 or 5 years later that’s fine, all i know is i play the #1 fighting game in the World and thats all that matters to me, SCIV came and gone so did SFIV and so did DOA…Tekken has proven time and time again to be the game you cannot stop playing, the replyability is high and we know that.

        if they dont fuck’em i could care less

        Tekken is for life.

  18. Ayumi says:

    People who looks like they’re thinking, even though they’re not!

  19. Fleakitten says:

    Did I miss the preview? I checked yesterday they said it’d be on today’s episode which was supposedly new @ 5:30pm cst…

    • Blind Ghost says:

      i think it was that 2 min vid they had posted on the site from the previous Harada interview.

      not much of a preview if you ask me.

  20. Blind Ghost says:

    on that note i’d like to add that, im so glad fighters are making a comeback , this is the Year of the Fighters, KOF XII will keep me tied over till TEKKEN 6 Comes out.

  21. Blind Ghost says:

    lol Morgan webb Decoding men on Tyra banks show.


  22. chad90 says:

    the interview is posted on youtube 10 min but nothing much new

  23. MoralDemon says:

    So basically, nothing happened in their May 13th All Access Preview: Tekken 6 episode? I thought the 2 minute vid was a promo or a teaser for the May 13th episode? Can anyone clear this up for me?

  24. Tekmasgirl says:

    Well I just can’t wait until the game comes out.
    Also, here is a video I made of the upcoming Tekken
    movie. Can’t wait to see that too. Tell others if
    you like.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      So far as the cast goes they are very similar to their video game counter parts, and the majority of the actors that ive seen have experience in martial arts, which is very cool, luke goss ,hes gonna own in this movie i can already tell you, seeing him play Prince nuadu in HELLBOY 2 tells you how good he is in martial arts , too bad hes playing a boxer :P.

      cung lee as well, 3 of the cast memebers from TOM YUM GOONG, its already looking to be an awsome movie, im so glad cause the SF movie sucked HARD !!!.

      awsome vid TEKMASGIRL , there were some scenes i have never seen before thanx for that.

    • DemonGodFist32 says:

      this video was stolen by jinandkazama

    • Fleakitten says:

      Where the heck is Lee?!?

    • Ayumi says:

      Where’s Lili and Asuka? What’s the plot of this movie?

  25. DemonGodFist32 says:

    hey guys their a troll on youtube
    that goes by the name of redneckgthpunk00
    this guy sends me strange messages
    about how he going to kill me in tekken with lars
    and here the funny thing he said tekken sucks and calls the fans fags
    on his profile
    thig guy got problems

  26. Blind Ghost says:

    you saw that !?!?! lol i did too, i was laughing my ass off at that vid.

    ignore him man, tekken haters are all over the net, man , all they know is SF, the majority anyway, i’ll give you an example.

    Last time i was over a friends house , they claim to be hardcore fighting fanatics weve been playing SF since BLAH BLAH BLAHHHH, so one night out of the blue i asked did you see the SFIV finals ?? the match between daigo and Justin “the PUNK BITCH” Wong, and then as soon as i say Daigo, hes like oh yeah

    DAIGO THE BEAST !!!!!!!.

    so my next question was, do you know why they call him the Beast !?! because i know their full of shit and they just talk out of their ass, it was like 10 seconds of silence and then they were like uhhh no.

    i gave them this look like, so you call him THE BEAST you say hes a legend, but you don’t even know what got him his fame to begin with !!

    This my friends is the majority of gamers here in the U.S that example alone carries 80% of gamers, they dont know him !, they havn’t even seen the fucking guy ,i kid you not !, i had fun that night, i fucking embarassed them, i showed them a pick of him and said who this ???

    and they didnt evne fucking know !!

    they talked soo much about him yet they didnt know what he looked like or why hes so famouse, i died of laughter.

    then i said ever hear of EVO 2004, the fight between him and Justin Wong in street fighter 3d strike…he came back with no health with a full parry on a super preformed by justing wong !?!?! any of that ring a bell !?!? and they were like street fighter 3 alpha ??? no. so i showed them the Vid and they were like

    holy shit OOOMMGG!!!!!
    what the hell was that !!!!
    they were stunned !!!

    they have never seen the vid that got this whole Daigo is a beast at SF thing but they talk like they met the guy in person.

    This is the majority of gamers, this is what they do ! in short ” THEY TALK SHIT , based on word of mouth passed down from other gamers or what ever little knowledge hey have of a game” they havn’t played the game they havnt seen it in action they just talk Shit. WHY ?? Because other gamers said it sucks so it has to suck ! thats it, thats how they think. Their like the Fucking Borg ” hope i spelled it right . They all think alike.

    and to add on to their stupidity ,they called me on my cell the next day and asked me what game it was that he was playing against Justin and i said Street Fighter 3d strike, so i was assuming they were going to buy it, these guy go and download a bunch of fighting games and burn them on DVD. next weekend they said, they tried to find it on the net but couldnt, they said they checked every PS2 game and couldn’t find it.

    Fast forward to three weeks later i go over to their place to have a little 2d fighting tourny and they pop in a game and they show me all the SF they found on the PS2 , they had alpha 3, Ex2 , and Alpha 2 and Collection, it was right in front of me on the tv .

    they were like we found this one called anniversary collection but all it has is SF II and some other Wierd SF :P

    At that moment i was think , you two have to be the most stupidest gamers i have ever met, you want a game ,you dont even do your homework and at least try to find out which game it was that you want to buy, you just want the FUCKING game to somehow stand out and say ” HEY IM THAT GAME YOU SAW DAIGO AND JUSTING PLAYING”

    if i had to make a Logical explanation of that , the closest i would come to is, i guess they saw 2 familliar character which in the case of ” DAIGO v.s JUSTIN” was KEN v.s Chun-li” they saw the other charcter were new so they immidiatly crossed it off the list and said that’s not it. and moved on to soemthing else.

    Sorry to say but thats the majority of casual gamers. which is really a shame.

    because thats just one stroy out of many that i have met through out the years.

  27. DemonGodFist32 says:


  28. DemonGodFist32 says:

    wait is this the right release date for tekken 6?
    becasuse i saw it at walmart.com

  29. chad90 says:

    I saw that relese in gamestop and gamefly.
    i know gamefly release are real 10/27/2009

  30. Blind Ghost says:

    man i cant wait anymore the wait is killing me, i want this game now, why dont they release it during summer man everyone has the summer off.

  31. Ryuhza says:


  32. chad90 says:

    Is ther going to bring tekken 6 in E3 and a DEMO ?

  33. Tekmasgirl says:

    Thank you for letting me know this DemonGodFist32,
    about MY video being stolen.

  34. Ayumi says:

    Oh my god! look at this, so funny!

    • wing says:

      I just watched the Feng vs Hwo video posted by Ayumi….well, good Feng players shouldn’t rely on db4, sinice many player could block it on reaction.

  35. tekken lover says:

    um….. is that a dude behind the sun glass, cuz if it is… thats really gross

  36. acg137 says:

    I find that disturbing…

  37. undeadewok says:

    things not too do…
    eat a HUGE breakfast this morning…then
    watching that clip just not… cool to do to a brother ha.

  38. tekken lover says:


  39. Blind Ghost says:

    lol, nothing beats this vid though, this is just fucking epic.

  40. chad says:

    i dont know but many web they are putting the realease date 27 october 2009 but i saw 31 decembre 2009 also i dont know wich 1 is right???????

  41. wing says:

    the official date is “fall 2009”, so sept/oct is more likely.

  42. chad says:

    i hope they tell us the realease date in E3

  43. tekken lover says:


  44. Marinkina says:

    Качество друзей тоже надо учитывать. Дональд Трамп, например, на двадцатку потянет.

  45. Demon180 says:

    can you translate that

  46. chad says:

    man the waiting time is killing me ,seriously this game is so addictive like drug

  47. yup yup says:

    Marinkina, при чём тут Дональд Трамп? Die, spammer!

  48. tekken lover says:

    well new king of fighter is coming out i am sure it wont be dissapointing just like SF4 cuz if you are not use to play with arcade stick just like me you are basically paralyzed

  49. tekken lover says:

    yeah that too capcom vs snk was awsome

  50. Blindghost says:

    I don know, in Capcom V.s SNK they nerfed the entire cast of SNK characters, or if you want to use a term from Capcom balanced them..i still like it but just because i get to see new sprites of SNK chracters as far as fighting they nevrfed them to hell.

  51. Blindghost says:

    but anyway
    cant wait till KOF XII, its not quite my cocain A.K.A TEKKEN 6 but it’ll do until T6 launches.

  52. Demon180 says:

    your not MarkMan he would never spam his on site

  53. Blind Ghost says:

    hey markman whats up with all the haters man, your pretty popular, first it was that one guy a couple of months back, then this guy.

  54. kogetsu says:

    check out the tekken 6 blog at ign


  55. tekken lover says:

    i bet any money this guy who is using mark man’s name is that psycho jackass from month ago

  56. MarkMan says:

    User Nightwingzer0
    Email nightwingzero@hotmail.com

    You are no longer allowed to post on this site.

  57. tekken lover says:

    lol owned

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