Hori Soul Calibur IV Arcade Stick (360)


  • Hori arcade stick
  • Hori buttons (soldered onto PCB)
  • USB wired for PC and 360 compatibility
  • Guide button Xbox 360/XBL navigation
  • LB and RB buttons on top control panel
  • Button layout:


Additional Pictures:

Where to Buy:

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6 Responses to Hori Soul Calibur IV Arcade Stick (360)

  1. SeriousSlasher says:

    I bought one of these and am currently attempting to get used to it. I am coming from using a controller, so it is a big difference. The button setup is very comfortable, however, I tend not to use the triggers and bumpers anymore, as they require much more movement off of the main buttons. That being said, it is a bit tough to go from the controller diamond layout, with (B) being to the right and (X) to the left, to switch to (A) being far left, followed by (B), then (X), (Y). Currently I have played with remapping (Y) to (B), (X) to (Y), and (B) to (X). If that all makes any sort of sense, then great, if not I probably just confused you further. All in all happy with the size and weight of the stick, like the audio feedback on the stick, makes it much easier to play characters like Cervantes and Taki. I think once I get used to it I’ll never be able to play without it.

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