G4TV’s Arcade Stick Round-Up

Check out G4TV‘s new feature on arcade sticks! They answer the question that everyone has been asking, “Which one should you buy?”  Well if you’re curious to see some n00b journalists talk about stuff they know nothing about, make sure you check out this feature!  Seriously?  Hori Fighting Stick EX 2 over a VSHG and AIAB Custom?  You must be out of your mind!

SOURCE – G4TV – Xbox 360/PS3 Arcade Stick Round-Up

18 Responses to G4TV’s Arcade Stick Round-Up

  1. uraizen says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize the EX2 and HRAP EX were on the PS3 too! Amazing! The VSHG almost tricked me, I’m glad G4 told me the EX2 was better. I should go out and buy it right now!

    That was terrible, just terrible.

  2. CPU_Destruction says:

    G4, that was all that needed to be said.

  3. Demon says:

    now i can buy be the right arcadestick

  4. Nando says:

    What sucks is that real hardcore fighting fans cannot really express how bad G4’s reviews are to the channel, nor any of the shows that are on there without some kind of witty remark by the hosts.

    I don’t know why they just don’t hire professional tournament players to do these spots instead of people who just do general reviews and don’t really specialize in certain genres of games.

  5. Eddierang says:

    G4 should never ever be allowed to review arcade sticks ever again.

  6. Blind Ghost says:

    He just cant get that demon out !

    I kept laughing when he said that shit.

    whatever ! Fuck G4 this is just one of many fuck ups they have on thier record.

    4 way over 8 way, LOL dont make me laugh.

  7. coilover2005 says:

    WORST STICK REVIEW EVER! That dude wasn’t even sure about himself so how could possibly be one to get “ADVICE” from… (HEADSMACK)

  8. Blind Ghost says:

    This text will be replaced Check out More Bruno Movie News here.

  9. Blind Ghost says:

    crap t didnt work.

  10. Smith says:

    So glad the highly overrated Madcatz TE stick did not get first. My one broke after a weeks use. Returned the POS and picked up a Hori. Much better.

    Funny how Markman calls out G4 for picking sticks but when people questioned his bullshit rankings all he can do is say it’s his opinion.

    Hahaha. He can dish it out but can’t take it. All I see in your rankings mark is bullcrap favoritism. How come you did not knock points off the TE and SE stick because of the faulty units yet you done just that to the much much better VSHG.

    Have fun deleting this post we all know you can’t handle the truth.

    • MarkMan says:

      So sorry you’re sour.

      I don’t see the humor in your post. I knocked points off the VSHG because the issue was never fixed. I have all versions of the VSHG and they still have the same issue.

      Do ALL TE/SE sticks have the same issue? Obviously they do not. I can handle the truth. Can you handle the logic?

  11. Nando says:

    No offense Markman, but I do remember a good friend of mine that went to visit his brother in the Marines down in San Diego a long while back, and he entered into one of your tournaments, PLACED, and someone in the SD community cheated him out of a spot because he wasn’t part of the SDTekken Community.

    I have no beef with you nor the site. It’s apparent that I visit alot and I like the conversations held on the game and the fighting genre…

    But it makes me wonder how someone who was as big of a fan as I am, go to San Diego and back and all of a sudden strongly dislike this site…

  12. Nando says:

    It was a 5th place finish, but someone in the community bumped him off.

  13. Blind Ghost says:

    Damn nando you for real ?? your bro got bumped off ??

    on purpose ??

  14. Nando says:


    Well, yes, from what he tells me. He made a trip to attend the ComicCon about a year or almost 2 ago, and he had this story of playing in a SDTekken sanctioned tournament around the time he was there in San Diego. I actually called him after posting this to reverify if he was lying to me or not; He says that he placed 5th at the tournament but an SDTekken Cronie bumped him off of the top five list. He felt it had something to do with him not being from the SoCal area so he felt a little burned. He says he got alot of flack from being from the south and a general belief that southern players don’t know how to play. He does not blame Markman at all, but he does have some kind of distrust with SDTekken for what supposedly happen.

    Do not kill the messenger; I only stated what my friend told me.

    • Ace R. says:

      Yo man I know you’re just the messenger.. but your friend is on some fairy tale trip. Getting flack cuz hes from the south? Jesus Christ.. its a freakin VIDEO GAME. If you got game and can kick ass we’ll give you your props. Probably the real story is he came to the tourney thinkin he was gonna own everyone.. gets raped… then comes up with his whole SLULZ I GOT BUMPED OFF BY SDT!!!! THOSE GAIZ HATE MEEH!!!

      Siiiigh the internetz

  15. MarkMan says:

    ^ Nando

    Just read this. I’ll have to call BS on that. What year was it? We never turn away anyone from our tournaments, and they are always run as they should be.

    This is the first complaint i heard about it.

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