Major Nelson Podcast Featuring Tekken 6!

Xbox Live director Major Nelson‘s latest podcast focuses on Tekken 6 and Modern Warfare 2!  Two of this year’s biggest games on the same podcast!  Listen as our good friend In Joon Hwang from Namco Bandai Games Inc. talks about our favorite upcoming game! (Tekken action starts at about 20 minutes in!)

SOURCE – MAJORNELSON.COM – Show #320 Tekken 6


59 thoughts on “Major Nelson Podcast Featuring Tekken 6!

  1. Ohhhh I see how it is MarkMan ^_~ I guess I’ll be patient and wait until the cat’s out of the bag.

  2. actually hwang was about to reveal some info at a couple of times but he was interrupted damn.. :p well at E3 is where the riddle will break.

  3. WTF did he say (Create new characters and customize them with every imaginable detail) CREATE NEW CHAR ?????

      1. Wanna See how Badly The 360 fanbase wants tekken on XBOX360 ??

        Check out the Comments under the podcast, not a single one has anything to say about TEKKEN 6 the Majority are talking about MODERN WARFARE 2.

        Ya thats a biiig fanbase there NAMCO.

        360 is a console for trigger happy rejects man. their not gonna Tekken.

  4. im still asking myself why is tekken 6 coming to the 360 ??

    they dont want it, its clear they dont want it, namco needs to understand that todays generation of gamers, have a huge case of Attention defecit disorder A.K.A ADD , they dont want a fighting game so deep that they need to practice for hours and hours toget good, what they want is stupid shit like HALO or CALL OF DUTY, where all they need to do is Run n’ GUN

    they should have just stayed with the PS3, that where the FANBASE is at.

    But whatever they will leanr that on thier own soon enough. if they think SCIV sold on the 360 because of the GROUND BREAKING GAMEPLAY ” SARCASM” they are wrong, it sold because they had STARWARS TAG ALONG REJECTS included. thats what made it sell.

      1. seriously man, its like right there in front of everyone to see, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT TEKKEN, if that was the case that podcast should have been flooded with people posting, but nobody gives a damn about TEKKEN 6 on the 360.

        theres like 12 posts and all of them are CALL OF DUTY related.


    Agreed , i wanna have the entire story mode beat and all my characters fully colored and customized by christmas break, that what i’ll have an entire month to raise my rank online.

  6. Omfg, obviously In Joon Hwang had a lot of things to talk about but you all know its very hard to explain to an outsider like what he just did, and it is frustrating the shit outa me. One thing he said right, emphasise yourself AS the character and killing everyone in your way, be the last man standing on top of the world. that’s the spirit of tekken.

    1. 10 minutes of talking won’t explain what is tekken, i mean, what truely made it unique. ever since I started tekken 3, it has always been special for me. 10 years passed by. look what am I doing now.

  7. Holy shit who cares, its coming out on the PS3 and 360. Why are so many of you ass hurt that its not only on the PS3? Drop this fan boy bs and just be happy we are getting a new Tekken.

  8. Blindghost,

    I agree with you 100% on bringing Tekken 6 on 360.


    It’s not about fan boy bs, it’s the fact that they have to code the game on 360 which is getting the game delayed which is why people are upset about.

  9. the reason PS3 owners are upset is not the fact that its going to the 360, i was at first but i got over that, its this whole equality thing.

    lets be frank here, 360 isnt worth a shit compared the the PS3 hardware, thats already cleared up, but for them to try to drag the PS3 version to the 360’s LVL, THAT ! i have a problem with.

    why do i have to suffer because of the 360, just because its graphical and hardware capability is lower than the PS3 they are gona water down the PS3 version for equalities sake !?!?!?

    THAT ! is not fanboyism, THATS GETTING SHAFTED for no reason.

    and that My Friend is B.S !

    1. is this true or just speculation. i know that the ps3 is a beast and they made note that it will be harder to port to the 360. yet has there been any official word.


      console-specific features are very scrotum-tastic

  10. I haven’t award that there is so many console fans here. I thought that this is a website for fans of the game tekken.

  11. ok guys to all lars fans i have some bad news i have been watching this character closely for a while one of his juggles which is when he jumps up side down and double kick an opponent into air, which is i belive the fastest juggle laucncher in tekken, it can be punishable very easily, for example in this clip at 2:51 u can clearly see that after marduck blocked this juggle he countered that amd turned into his own juggle, and the second thing is that he has a very similar back flip kick juggle luancher to bryan as you all know but unlike bryan if he misses an enemy with this juggle meaning that this juggle dosent contact the enemy and he if land near an enemy he needs time to recover and during that time an opponent can easily damage lars….. i think this compeletly bullshit here is clip

    1. here is a solution. look at his frame data for a move on hit* that will give you frame advantage to give you enough buffer to do his launcher safely…

  12. well, although the game already came out a few months, I still don’t know how to punish or fight against Lars.

    there are some very skillful Lars users in my local arcades… making me headache.

  13. i remember in of the Game trailers nterview Shane asked him if they will have and i quote ” the revolutionary feature in SCIV for customizing characters” Harada-san just looked at him and was like no were not doing that.

  14. undeadewoks, the system won’t work this way.

    even though you have advantage in the previous move, but after you use the launcher and the opponent block it, the previous frame advantage is gone, and now you are on disadvantage because of the blocked launcher.

    unless the advantage of the previous move is so big that your launcher become a combo.

    1. thats what i was getting at. i really cant confirm it tho since i don’t have a cab withing 10 hours of me…sadness.

  15. i am still pissed that why they made lars juggles punishable and not safe, namco seriously your an asshole for doing that

  16. OMG! There will be a two-day Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion tournament at Namco Bandai’s booth running on June 3 & June 4 @E3! Attendees will also have a chance to play “an exciting new game mode” for the PS3 and 360 versions of Tekken 6!!!

  17. dude u shoudnt post the other fighting game website here they are all competing….. u just made some people here upset

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