Pull The Trigger On BlazBlue

Our friends at AKSYS Games have just sent us the first footage of the US version of BlazBlue!  In this vid you can hear the new English voices!  Don’t forget, BlazBlue comes out June 30th!  Preorder yours today! Also in this update, check out the preorder campaign for the very awesome Triumvir x BlazBlue shirts!  Click below for all the info!

Check out the newest BlazBlue footage!

Also check out these three hot new shirts from Triumvir!  Preorders open tomorrow Friday, May 30th at 12 NOON (PST)!!


Rachel Alucard

Ragna The Bloodedge

Check the Triumvir webstore for more info!


10 thoughts on “Pull The Trigger On BlazBlue

  1. Please to GOD!! tell me they have JP voices, cause that will seriously make me not buy this game, ENGLISH VOICES ARE FUCKING HORRIBLE.

  2. I might buy this game as it looks good and tekken 6 br is taking ages to be released! *sigh
    Also I am getting bored of street fighter iv.
    I cannot find this game on any uk game retailers :(! Anyone know why? as I am interested in pre-ordering this game

  3. SFIV isnt garbage !?!?! Its shit !, shit for casual gamers. further more, its shit for retarded casual gamers that dont appreciate a good street fighter when they see it , in this case 3d strike.

    so they give them a broken street fighter from 15 years ago cause that’s what they know and were used to they dont want balanced characters !?!? nooo they want a game where the roster is so jacked up that you have to resort to only a few character to have a chance and BINGO ! CAPCOM MAKES A LOT OF MONEY.

    i swear 90% of gamers are fuck tards, if they were the major population i’d have to go on a killing spree to save humanity. they buy or do anything on a WHIM. if a commercial tells you its badass


  4. anyway thats was my little rant, just checked up on BLAZEBLUE and it looks like you cna have JP and english voices which is a relief. still on the fence but ill take a look at a couple of vids and ill make my desicion.

  5. I cannot find this game on any uk game retailers :(! Anyone know why? as I am interested in pre-ordering this game

    1. as it stands there is no release date for the uk atm. if you own a ps3 just import it cause its region free.

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