G4 Tekken 6 Gamer’s Day Interview

The crew at G4TV has put up a ten minute interview video with Tekken team’s Katsuhiro Harada!  In the clip he talks a bit about the game play system, items, and some of the console modes.  Click below for the full video!

SOURCE – G4TV.COM – Tekken 6 Gamers Day Interview


35 thoughts on “G4 Tekken 6 Gamer’s Day Interview

  1. first, and great interview, i liked how they are gonna have a mode similar to tekken 5, where you learn about lars, that is gonna be sweeeeet !!!!

    but what makes me scratch my head is how are they gonna fit all of that shit on the 360 ver. that is the true mystery.

  2. “Come ON Katsuhiro, the release shouldn’t be too far way now, tell us something NEW already!” was what I was about to post, but after watching I learned that we’ll get a mode dedicated to just Lars. :) Cool. Go Sweden! I mean, uh, go Japan too! Thanks Katsu-kun for that one.

    Also he said the gender of Leo hasn’t been confirmed yet? I know Leo is a girl right, but I’d personally prefer her to be a boy. :P

      1. ya i think its going to be similar to that mode in T5 where you play as Devil Jin, sounds kinda Kickass, lets hope its not as monotnouse as that mode either, i hope they make it so that its not so boring.


  4. i dont know if you guys payed attention to that part where he said, they are gonna have a mode to get items faster or secret customazation items faster, rather than get fight money and buy them , i think thats cool as well, as long as they dont take the Virtua Fighter 5 approach to items, im happy.

  5. as for leo a lot of the items for customazation a female related, i think shes a girl hes just trying to stir something in the tekken comunity i think.

    if you look closely at the items you’ll see, female scarfs, earings the hair is also female and of course theres the inevitable and really obvious Vibrator…i mean c’mon thats a dead give away. shes clearly a girl.

  6. Everyone complaining about why Namco should release the game already…

    Please keep in mind that Namco is doing their best to make sure it is a POLISHED title… for all platforms.

    They’re going to have it playable at future events for sure. Just hang in there… at least it’s coming for sure.

    1. I think they WILL (downgrade) for the sake of X360. If I’m not wrong X360 couldn’t do 1080p. So even if it is possible for T6 to run 1080p on PS3, Namco might just cripple the PS3 version to 720p. Hate to see T6 at 720p, it does matter for people who own FullHD capable TV.

      Anyway, is the arcade version running 1080p in the first place?

      1. I guess the only way to tell will be to compare the Arcade footage to both PS3 and 360’s.

        I seriously hope they don’t cut corners on the PS3 version just to get the same look for the 360.

      2. Xbox 360 and PS3 both support 1080p resolution. The issue would be difference in total graphical power, not in resolution.

        On that note, it’s not like anyone has fully tapped either system’s graphical capabilities yet. Compare T4 with T5, for example…

  7. I read on zimbio that Tekken 6 will have an enhanced character creation mode that gives more flexibility to hair styles, new collectible items for the characters, new moves and combos. AHHHHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!It will be more advanced that SCIV!!!

      1. I’m with Tick Ridden Kitten on this one LOL, i dont want them to cut corners on the PS3 version, i was built on PS3 engine, so if you see a diffrence between the Arace version and the PS3 version then most likely they dumbbed it down, and if they do that i will be ROYALY PISSED !!!!!

  8. I doubt they are downgrading it. It’s hard to bring a game built on another architecture over to a different one. It’s a matter of coding, not graphic capabilities. If anything will be a problem it will be storage disc size for each game. The one thing you might see that’s different is the xbox 360 will have compressed audio and full motion video while the PS3 version has uncompressed everything. Meaning you’ll have better looking ending videos and clearer sound. Uncompressed sound takes up ALOT of space.

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