Arcadia No. 109 Rankings!

Arcadia Magazine is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary this month!  The June 2009 issue sports a new ‘re-born’ layout and has a feature story on The King of Fighters XII!  Click below for the latest arcadia top ten and some Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion tidbits!


1. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion – 372.9
2. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam VS Gundam NEXT – 284.1
3. BlazBlue – 256.1
4. Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2: Tenkousei Akane to Nazuna – 206.7
5. Melty Blood: Actress Again – 179.4
6. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core – 121.3
7. Street Fighter IV – 116.5
8. Virtua Fighter 5R – 80.2
9. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – 77.5
10. Tatsunoko VS Capcom – 62.1

Tekken 6: BR takes the top rank again, to no surprise! Virtua Fighter 5R has dropped to it’s lowest point since it’s release. However I expect VF5R to pick up in the coming months due to the new update/season.

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Character Ranking

Rank 1 – Steve Fox
Rank 2 – Marshall Law, Bob, Lili
Rank 5 – Lars Alexandersson
Rank 6 – Bruce Irvin, Julia Chang
Rank 8 – Devil Jin
Rank 9 – Eddy Gordo/Christie Monteiro, Bryan Fury

NOTE – This ranking is based on the opinion of a small number of tournament players in Japan.

As a bonus, check out the latest Street Fighter IV arcade character ranking…

S – Sagat
A – Ryu, Akuma, Zangief
B – Dictator, Rufus, Boxer, C. Viper, Honda
C – Abel, Fuerte, Dhalsim, Chun, Blanka
D – Ken, Guile
E – Claw

You can purchase the latest issue of Arcadia Magazine at Play-Asia by clicking here.

More news as it comes!  Stay tuned to SDT!

29 Responses to Arcadia No. 109 Rankings!

  1. MYK says:

    Man, if only Tekken was as big in the US as in Jpn. Console should change that :).

  2. BLINDGHOST says:

    Fuck’em if those people dont nwo how badas tekken is they should be shot dead.

  3. MarkMan says:

    I just looked at my article again… why the hell did I put Guile in the header image lol.

    I must have been sleepy.

    • UndeadEwok says:

      MarkMan is there a more complete tier list for br… im surprised that lars was second or thrid best, now seeing him in rank 5…?!?!

      also was there a tier list in there for BlazBlue/

      • BLINDGHOST says:

        Dude, thats japan players, they are diffrent than we are, we like diffrent characters than they do.

        People realy need to stop taking these tier lists seriously, im a LONE WOLF, but ive beaten a couple of Dragon Lords, with my Raven in DR and hes a supposedly Low Low ranked character man, if your good with a character, you ca beat anybody, so forget about these , S ranked A ranked D ranked character listings.

      • UndeadEwok says:


        i agree, but i also read it wrong as well. by those standards hes top 5… my brain wasn’t working when i posted.

  4. abc says:

    What do the numbers represent next to the game rankings?

  5. Demon says:

    no beak no kazuya what gives but i still got devil jin

  6. Mundo says:

    Aww man, I was interested in the KoF bits that would be in this issue.

    Still, it’s fun seeing most of those fighting games eventually making their way here stateside.

  7. BLINDGHOST says:

    Man , now that you mention it, i dont think ive ever seen an article about KOF XII here at SD Tekken, what gives markman !?!?

    Have you guys ever posted someting on KOF XII, it could be just my memory.

  8. tekken lover says:

    haha yes tekken owns virtual fighter, tekken number 1 virtual fighter number 8

  9. KENTOIRC says:


  10. Ayumi says:

    Where’s Anna/Nina Xiaoyu?

  11. insane says:

    It’s sad to see VF 5r not doing well since it’s IMO still a pretty good game, though a bit tekken-ish now. They just need to do bigger updates instead of small revisions. Releasing them quicker also would have helped.

  12. KidKai^~^ says:

    Arcana Hearts 2!!! OMG, i rock at that game. Go Go Fiona! the girl with the huge dild0.

  13. Farhan says:

    Is guilty gear AC coming to PS3?

    • BLINDGHOST says:

      Fuck i hope not, that game isnt worht my fucking time, or anyone elses for that matter.

      FUUUUUUCK, im tired of playing DR, lets go NAMCO hurry the Fuck up, i need to play T6, why the fuck dont they understand that some of us get the summer off, i dont want to play that shit at the begining of the COllege semester man, i want ot play it during summer RETARDS !!!

    • UndeadEwok says:

      they just came out with a beefed up ver. AC plus, it was the ver that was only released in japan. it has kliff and justice as playable charaters, online, tag mode, more story…yada yada. sadly only for the playstation 2. arcsysworks will make one eventually for the next gens.

  14. Pain says:

    lol no suprise that Virtua Figther 5 is sucking in Japan. It’s been like that since it’s release

    Good to see Tekken beasting as usual and Blazblue doing awesome!

  15. Demon says:

    arr you guys updating tekken zaibatsu

  16. Demon says:

    sorry about that what i was trying say was are guys updating tekken zaibatsu ?

  17. RIC says:

    MArkman what version of tekken did that picture of kazuya above came from?

  18. BLINDGHOST says:

    its probably custom art.

  19. BLINDGHOST says:

    HEY MARKMAN, C’MON MAN, they Just announced 2 new characters or KOF XII, Announce that shit to everybody !

    they are adding MATURE and LADY ELIZABETH

  20. BLINDGHOST says:



  21. undeadewok says:


    chill ha

    MarkMan have you translated the BB tier list yet

  22. […] rei dos jogos de luta no Japão está para fazer sua entrada nos consoles da nova geração. Você está […]

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