Game Trailers has put up two new videos from the EDITOR’S DAY ’09 conference! Check out the new TEKKEN 6 trailer and game play montage for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.  View them by following the link below!




61 thoughts on “NEW TEKKEN 6 TRAILERS

  1. Why would they downgrade from 1080 to 720? Tekken console games have been known to really push the graphical capability of their systems lately. I’m STILL amazed how great T5 looks on PS2.

  2. Speakig of guys, if you wat to see a High-res 60FPS fight with motion blur download it here, thsi is how smooth the game is going ot run, its freaking insane.

    [video src="" /]

      1. What’s wrong with playing only girl characters? I don’t see how that is sexist…

        Personally, female characters appeal to me more (except Christie) because of their fighting styles and their general image. I will use the occasional male character though.

  3. lars is a beast in that video, and the how fluid the vid was incredible, keep in mind that video was compressed and ther quality was aqtually prety bad.

  4. ya, asuka is the girl i play as well, majority is raven, jin, howarang ,feng, kaz and drag….Queeen !!!


  5. i seriously hope they release it on october rather than december, cuz if it it is on december it is so gay

  6. hey MarkMan

    have you stumbled on any JF vids of br. i like seeing all tekkens hidden goodies. all i have seen so far is pauls JF throw

  7. the wheel of fate is turning…


    Get Ready For The Next Battle

  8. I’m worried because I saw no BR characters or stages. Has it been confirmed that the version shipped to console will be Tekken 6 with no BR addition?

    I don’t mind paying extra for the BR stuff, I just don’t want to wait even longer for them.

      1. It’s BR but not they will just call it Tekken 6. I think they will add new characters and exclusive thingy.

  9. im going to have one problem with tekken 6 thats online
    when you beat someone they send you a hate mail
    or they quit on a match

      1. From what i hear, dont quote me on this, but,from what i heard , Namco is adding the same feature that Capcom added in SFIV, for ASSHOLES who use LAG-Switches, so if your Connection drops under a certain number, you autotmatically get disconnected and lose points. I hope thats true, because yu have no idea how many guys Use that crap.

        The other day i was going agaisnt a sage , i fought him 2 matches man, i won both i na row, right when the third round started the Bar went from Green to RED. it was so laggy, the characters just stood there, Now tell me thats not a LAG-SWITCH !! TELL MEEE !!!!

  10. i didnt enjoy the sf4 but damn the connection was prety good i felt like i was playing offline, hope t6br will be just like that in term of connection

  11. I noted something in the video: at the end of the 1st video, Feng is using a long stick to attack… is it a new item move?

    at the end of the 2nd video, Christie do a uf+1+2 to bring the opponent to B!, then do a f+3+4 to make the floor break to B! again… I always thought that the updated version allows only ONE B! in a combo, but it’s TWO in the video…

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