Watch Evolution 2010 LIVE!, in cooperation with Stickam and Level|Up, is proud to bring you some of the greatest moments LIVE from EVO July 9th-11th. “You ain’t seen competitive gaming until you’ve seen EVO.” – as they are saying. Click the link below to visit the live stream page and read the rest of the entry for the schedule.

EVO 2010 SCHEDULE (All times are in PDT Pacific Daylight Time)

Friday, July 9th
9AM-noon Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Pool Play
noon-midnight SSFIV Pool Play

Saturday, July 10th
9am – 1pm Tekken 6 Pool Play
1pm – 3pm Tekken 6 Semi-Final Bracket (highlighed matches between the top 64 players)
3pm – 9pm SSFIV Semi-Final Bracket (highlighed matches between the top 64 players)

Sunday, July 11th
10am-12pm Melty Blood, Actress Again Tournament finals
12pm-2pm Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament Finals
2pm-4pm Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Tournament Finals
4pm-4:30pm SSFIV Women’s Invitational Finals
4:30-6pm Super SFII HD Remix Tournament Finals
6pm-8pm Tekken 6 Tournament Finals
8pm-9pm Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Exhibition
9pm-11pm SSFIV Tournament Finals


67 thoughts on “Watch Evolution 2010 LIVE!

  1. All I want to watch is Tekken 6, but the ECO live stream is only showing SSF4 D: So where can I watch the Tekken 6 matches? Not just the Final, I want to watch the very first match to the very last match. This is the link in question:

  2. According to The Game:

    “So far GM is eliminated, KOR lost to Naps and got dqed for ps3 wireless pad stuff.

    Evo is turning into something else like usual.

    Going on right now is Kane vs sepulveda Jin.

    EDDIT: WOW holeman gets sent to losers by QDOGG

    Justframes won Pool I

    Nin won Pool J”

      1. recordered the match between tekken final and also SSF4 final AND THE QUALITY IS GREAT but as u know u are uable to see the the whole match, because this fucking G4 screwed up the last match,and it froze, G4 on behalf of many gamers, FUCK U

    1. HEY ANYONE WHO MISSED THE ACTION, TEKKEN 6 EVO IS ALREADY ON YOUTUBE , they got matches of holeman filthie rich, nin , and so on just go to www.

  3. Qdogg is vicious with his eddy he gets his opponents keep guessing , conditioning his opponent with one type of attack then tries different type of attack, and eddy is perfect character to this things, even someone as strong as holeman who has solid defence couldn’t read qdogg’s mind and keep up with it, maybe qdogg’s is also a good poker player as well

    1. LOL vicious and eddy should never be used in the same fucking senstence.

      Cause Edddy No matter who the fuck plays him = Noob.

      End of story.

      1. LOL.. Bronson Tran kept going on about how Asuka is a horrible character.. Everyone was a scrub to this guy.. The commentary was great.. Everyone did well commentating and I like how the commentators changed.. Aris was hilarious as always.

    1. Cyclone , qdogg is very talented, and his a really cool , humble and down to earth guy like marky,trust me man , noob doesn’t apply to him, seriously cyclone what the hell… I am not pretending to know him that well but judging by his interviews I am sure that if he was ur friend u would have nothing but good things to say about him,

      1. dude why do you have to act nice around here, fuck man your forcing me to be nice, i hate that shit, i rather you cuss me out.

        that would make me feel more comfertable than saying be nice.

        are you a girl by the way ?? cause if you Are that would make sense why your asking me to be polite.

  4. Fucking phaggets man, did anyone just see what happend at the SSFII HD whne Daigo lost.

    this is exactly why i want fucking koreans to destroy everybody here. because fucking players here in the U.S , have no Fucking class man.

    for those who dont know what i talking about.

    Daigo lost to some guy at SSFII and he shook his hand unplugged his controller and was on his way off stage.

    So do you know what the cock suckers did ??

    as daigo was walking away, they called him back on stage and said the winner is Dai… oh im sorry its this other guy.

    This is fucking EVO man, this si suppose to be the tourny of all tournys in the U.S

    why would you do this shit to somebody thats forgien.

    Ya, ya im gonna root for Koreans and japanese players, cause you knwo why… they got class, i got respect for them, i dont how ever have respect for prick in the U.S though.

    that was a real dick move. it really was. EVO commentators should be ashamed of themselves for doing some shit like that.

    this wasnt even SSFIV man, who the fuck still pays SSF II REMIX man…oh ya these lame fucks..i forgot.

    Keep living in the past Phaggets.

    Its no sweato ff daigos back, but still just saying it was a real dick move on EVOs part

    1. Obviously, you haven’t seen or heard what the Japanese did to us last year at SBO on SF4 and Blazblue. All the smack the Japanese were saying about us Americans lol. Besides it’s all in good fun and have some pride for your country for Christ sake

  5. I just saw the matches between Mr.Naps and NIN and Fucking Naps Stepped it up.

    Did very fucking good Against NIN, that shit was back and forth.

    So Props to Mr.Naps for steping it up. Good shit.

    Now you guys can talk about how well Naps did.

    Cause i just made it official.

  6. AND ITS NIN BABY !!!!!! YAAAA !!!

    Props to Rip, but against NIN you can tell he was Nervous as fuck.

    He did damn good though, but ya that cocky shit has to go he needs to get serious during tournys.

  7. Nin won. Yay.

    Hm… but he’s kinda emotionless for some reason – winning didn’t move him at all. Weirdo.

    1. why would he be upset by winning evo? cuz its no surprise to him at all. not offending u guys but seriously, koreans don even care about evo. i just went to tekkencentral and one guy posted this news and they were like ‘ok, congrats.’ and done.

  8. That was a good top 8. Props to Naps, Rip, and Just Frames James (Good name btw) for taking out all of the bitch ass Bob players. Rip was doing the damn thing tonight…then he ran into Nin. Didn’t know Naps played Bruce aswell. VenoM362 was pulling for Rip but Nin was on his A-Game, as usual.

    Props to all players, except Bob players.

    I’m just saying…

  9. MVC3 looks bloody sick!!!

    Deadpool is psyhco at zoneing, can’t wait to play this game.

    Also, MarkMan!!! You look different at every single event (meaning your hair). You mean to do that or is that just how you roll?

    I’m just saying…

  10. Awesome job with the stream. The stream frezzing on the very last fight in the SSF4 finals was just awesome!!!


    I’m just saying…

  11. Gap is closing with Japan and Korea

    Tokido one of the best Street Fighter&Tekken player got beaten by USA

    Nin almost lost against JFJ!!!

    1. Just Shut the Fcu kUp im tired of you phaggs sayingthat shit.

      Go shove your fucking head in your ass.

      Gap is closing my ass, in your dreams mutha fucker.

      1. Penny why dont you go do some hoodrat shit with your friends….and smoke with the cigarrets.

    2. dude will u plss stop with this gap is closing shit, out of so many us players, who won the evo?? nin won ok, so what if 10 koreans joined evo lol what do u think will happen?..and tokido is a great tekken player, but theres more players in japan thats better than him ok. us players are great, but again stop with the gap is closing,, btw just listen to what is aris is saying in the finals bout nin.

    3. ” The gap is closing”

      lol, not a-bloody-gain with this shit!

      Get ready for the next battle….on sdtekken.

      I’m just saying…

      1. nice one Venom362, also

        New challenger!

        ya seriously, stop with the gap closing it’s an old issue

    1. demonictoy from nor cal he may have not been heard of prior to this years evo, but he is someone to start watching

    1. Either he was a lower Tier player or GM is over confident and not as good as he thinks he is.

      It is hard to blame it on a fluke as well because from what I heard GM lost TWICE to this “random guy.” Not so random and a pretty conclusive win if you ask me. The guy that won trained and earned that win. He should be recognized and not be downgraded as some random, lower tiered player.

      Evo is the World Series of Tekken. This last tournament had best talent so far this year in North America. In fact most of the pools were total blood baths. Within the United States, West Coast has the best talent!

      East Coast can talk themselves up all they want but when it came time to play, West Coast did their thing and blew the competition away! They Mecca for Tekken compeition is here on the West Coast!

      Also, stop bashing and hating on the Koreans. It is no fluke that Koreans are always in the finals at every major US tournament this year. They are on another level but the gap is closing quick for US players. NIN is arguably the best player in the world. RIP did not even win a single round against him.

      1. dude all the tournaments since tekken 5 until now, us only won twice,dats naps and kor, the rests koreans and japanese won.

      2. This is incorrect.

        TEKKEN 5.0

        Crow won over MaDDogJiN and Yuu to take first in EVO 2005.

        In EVO 2006. Qudans was in attendance and still lost, Crow repeating.

      3. @mark man,,oh really sorry bout that, but again yuu is from japan, and wow good job from crow winning, but for me qudans is much better in dr than in 5.0, like in electic cancel tournament. all in all koreans and japanese almost won all the tourneys. but us players are great aswell.

      4. Firs of all The GAP is nowhere near closing, that a Fucking Delusion if i ever heard one from people here and on Zaibatsu, your talking about 2 Koreans coming to a Tourny in the U.S and Cleaning up house , here all the players are american, What if the same amount of Koreans where there as Americans…..ya…think about that.

        then we’ll see if the GAP is closing, but ill save you the trouble and say, keep Dreaming cause that shit is never gonna happen.

        Koreans are the Gods of tekken right now , and Tokido doesnt represent Japan, i never heard of this prick till 2 days ago, and the fact that he hops from game to game, that right there makes me not take him seriously.

        second, I bash on Mr.Naps a lot , but this EVO he was on his top Game, this was Mr.Naps From Devestation 09, the fight between him and NIN was back and forth that shit was clear as day, NIN defiently wasnt holding back, you can tell he was working for it, Mr. Naps and RIP were both good players this time around.

    2. Demonictoy was a cool fighter. ligit if you ask me. this kid had style and class. walked in, clean fight, and sent GM to losers bracket. GM and Demonictoy then were matched again in losers bracket, another great clean fight, demonictoy eliminated GM. would like to see this kid again


    1. DemonicToy has been unleashed not only did he send GM to the losers bracket, he then followed with taking him out of EVO 2010. DemonicToy’s Armor King is top of class

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