Nin Takes Evolution!

Eventhough Holeman had been eliminated and hadn’t manage to place in the top 8, South Korea took the victory at Evolution 2010 Tekken 6 tournament thanks to the legendary Steve player, Nin! The Tekken Crash commentator in the Grand Final faced last year’s winner, Rip. Check the link below for the results and videos.

1st – Hyun “Nin” Park (Steve) [S. Korea]
2nd – Reepal “Rip” Parbhoo (Law)
3rd – Jimmy “Mr. Naps” Tran (Bryan, Bruce)
4th – Jim “DevilJim” Esmersey (Julia)
T 5th – James “JFJ” Garrett (Law)
T 5th – Tokido (Bob) [Japan]
T 7th – Chris “Crow” Villarreal (Bob, Lars, Steve)
T 7th – Rene “GMMA Kor” Maistry (Bob, Lars)

More videos of the top 8 players’ can be found at

71 Responses to Nin Takes Evolution!

  1. TL15 says:

    Nin is the best player in the World. For now…Congrats!

    • garyoak99 says:

      Agreed! It should be noted that Nin is also a Tekken Global Champion when he won the Xbox 360 side of the international tournament in Tokyo back in March earlier this year.

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      well NIN maybe for now, but Koreans are always gonna be world champs.

  2. VenoM362 says:

    Nin shows no mercy.

    Rip, VenoM362 was pulling for ya. Better luck next time.

    I’m just saying…

  3. Japan vs Korea says:

    LOL 5th place for Japanese Street Fighter player

    good job USA

  4. Spman says:

    I dunno tokido has ALOT of plays on his T6 card. He was also on a SBO team for T6…so you can say that Tokido is ALSO a tekken player as well as a SF player.

  5. Zero says:

    Tokido plays more Tekken than Street Fighter. He said so himself.

  6. aneudee says:

    How many players were involved in the evo tournament?

  7. PsychoIronFist says:

    Good final… Expressive Nin´s Steve… he did not gave chance to Rip´s Law.

  8. chemicalRed says:

    Nin was amazing.

  9. Tekkenlover says:

    Yup yup is right…. one for summer and one for winter and trust me venom evo still be a speacial event
    I am just saying;)

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  11. J1N says:

    I bet Mr.Naps was kicking himself for messing with Bruce last minute. Should have stuck with Bryan, maybe he would have had a better outcome…

  12. friendricew/tekken says:

    damn he needs his nemesis! Knee! lol

  13. k_j says:

    is it just me or Rip sucked in the grand finals but was great in losers finals?!

  14. vinsor says:

    Just my opinion, nin was beastin again making up for his previous 4th place performance probably

    Best Steve: Nin, hands down
    Best Bryan: Knee
    Best Kaz: Msryu2nd gen
    Best Devil Jin: Tongbal Love
    Best Kuma: Prince Hankuma!
    Best Bruce: Rain

  15. k_j says:

    wait till leedy shows up with his kaz.

  16. mch says:

    apart from ryan hart, there aren’t that many kazuya players stepping it up. i want to see more kazuya next evo!

    • vinsor says:

      apparently you don’t know how good Holeman is at using Kaz, and there’s MS Ryu 2nd Gen, japan’s best overall player and he’s a beast at Kaz being the 1st Tekken Lord in japan in T6

      Dunno if this is still accurate at this point but Qudans said in an interview that his kaz not that all good as compared to korean mishimas

      Knee also demolished Ryan Hart’s kaz in damagermany i think

  17. Colin says:

    Rain went to Japan ages ago, when T6 was out. He got beat pretty bad against MSR2nd, he’s improved so much since then. T6 was when Kaz was actually badass. Qudans beat MSR, first to 30, not sure of the score but he’s probably long gone from playing again.

    MSR2nd is tekken godd with hei, not sure about kaz.

  18. sm fairview says:

    2th, 3th = “th” WTF?

    2nd, 3rd haha

  19. fairview center mall says:

    I’m not a fan of Nin anymore because every time he meet holeman, he always gets his ass kicked.

  20. nova mall says:

    @fairview center mall: gaya gaya ka men haha

  21. blueyoshimenace says:

    Maybe Jimmy could have made it to the finals if he had a personality.

  22. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Jim Kelly !! talking about Enter the Dragon, and how the Series Kung Fu was meant to be played by Bruce Lee but since they were racist as fuck back in the day…and still are, David Carity Got the part instead of Bruce Lee.

    Thats fucking bullshit.

    But honestly im just glad to see hes alive and well.
    Much Respect to this dude. True Legend in the Flesh man.

    If you guys dont like this then ” Yall Come Right Out of a Comic Book ”

  23. TCO-TheOne says:

    I never knew what happend to him good stuff Cyclone like the video. Still can throw a punch lol.

  24. TCO-TheOne says:

    Hey Di you got any new information for us and is Aris still doing his interview.

  25. Tekkenlover says:

    Aris aris aris aris, aris is the god of middle finger, aris ftw, all hail aris, yeah di we want the interview with aris, please di, aris is funny as hell.

  26. chemicalRed says:

    Di, I’m told Crash Season 5 is up now.. I’ve also heard another rumor about Capcom vs Namco; It might be feautured at Comicon.

  27. VenoM362 says:

    VenoM362 is hearing things about Capcom vs Namco as well, things like one will have a tekken engine and one will have a sf engine. Got something to say about this sd?

    Hello…….sdtekken, u getting lazy with updates

    I’m just saying…

    • Tekkenlover says:

      I don’t. Sd is lazy they might be little busy di and marky n8monster filthierich and the rest of the crew put their mind and soul to fighthing games and if there is rumor I am sure they want to check to see how accurate it is and check with their source before they put anything about it just like any professional news Chanel, and sd is a news for fighthing games, by the way venom check I just found out about it from this yup yup dude, aris is talking about lots of interesting stuff

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        Dude, i dont come to SD for that shit…i just come here for TEKKEN-related news,i dont count on them when anything else is up.

        they basically talk about shit they like, professional this site is not.

        is it number one when it comes to tekken news !?!?! yeah it is.

        but..thats it, for anything else, and i really mean anything else gaming related this si the site you go to.

        and i mean the only site these guy are on the ball when it comes to every video game news and tekken news actually.

        so here you go, ….your welcome…SD

  28. MarkMan says:

    Yes. We’re busy.

    At Comic-Con. Setting up our gaming room. Special guest – Katsuhiro Harada ;)

    We are aware of what’s going on, just haven’t had time to post anything.

    But trust me. We know things first. ;)

    • VenoM362 says:

      So your saying its true MarkMan? VenoM362 is not sure how he feels about this yet, guess Im gonna have to see some screen shots and game play first.

      Next question: What about Tekken 7 being in devolopment? Namco working on both at once or is something gonna take the back burner?

      MarkMan tell Harada VenoM362 wants to know whats going down.

      I’m just saying…

      • yup yup says:

        Something new about T7 i think we will hear on Tokyo Game Show. Because it’s obvious: Tekken the movie release in september and while the hype BOOM! – Tekken 7 trailer with words “coming soon”))

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Markman plz ask him two things is it going to be 2d or 3d by early screen shot looks looks like 2d but ask him anyway and then the release date, cuz since it’s a namco mix up game I have no choice but to buy it.

  29. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    well the game is already confirmed, its been confirmed since EVo, before that it was a Rumor.

    Harada didnt have Ono up on stage for no fucking reason, yes they are making 2 games one from capcom and one from namco.
    and its gonna be officially announced at comi-con

    harada is going to present the Namco v.s Capcom

    and Ono is going to present Capcom v.s Namco

  30. Tekkenlover says:

    I had a bad feeling about this but now I honestly don’t mind if capcom vs namco happens because tekken 7 is in early stage of development and as long as capcom vs namco doesn’t interfer with Tekken7 I don’t mind. Let’s see how it works out.

  31. CeaserDeebo says:

    Which country is Mr Naps from again?

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