Lili Graces The Cover Of GOG Vol. 7!

TEKKEN fans take note!  Lili is the covergirl of the latest PLAY MAGAZINE Girls of Gaming issue!  The TEKKEN Team put together some amazing art just for this magazine cover!  More of your favorite TEKKEN babes fill out the rest of this issue and if you’re interested in ordering a hard copy, click here. For a full shot of this glorious cover, click below!

Thanks to In Joon for the tip!


66 thoughts on “Lili Graces The Cover Of GOG Vol. 7!

  1. Well, that looks nothing like lili… her face is a lot different… i don’t like it. And lili is underage guys! keep that on mind before faping. Disregard that, I’d still hit her hard.

  2. the magazine is filled with no tekken babes only one with nina and lili on the cover-_-”

    you can download a teaser version at

  3. Is there a torrents for this stuff? Don’t want to waste my money on this. Yea, i’m a f*ckin pirate! yo-hoh-ho!

    1. Most if not all of the stages in T4 are sick, i love em.

      My fave are car park and jungle, i hate the jungle stage in T6.

  4. yeah, iknow. i hope they make new stages as dlc in the future. i mean it dosent mattter how coolt a stage is, after playing it over 1000 times would make anybody puke on the screen.

  5. Doesn’t look like her. The only way you can tell its Lili is by her bangs. Oh well, I use Lili and I’m happy for her. And yes, she is underage so…..don’t tell anybody lol.
    ps. That DAMN Paul! Kazuya and Heihachi should give him a double EWGF!!! *together* “DOO-YAHHHH”

  6. I never liked her fringe. girls with fringes like that look really stupid. Like they have a helmet for hair or something.

    That said.

    *fap* *fap* *fap*

  7. Hmm namco giving us a hint I honestly think Paul gone win the tournament lol nah nevermind I doubt it. Lol but isn’t lili only like 16 or 17 isn’t this kinda like child pornography lol jk Plzz let that be a costume tho (^_^)

  8. Skimpy costumes are quite common in Namco games, hey just look at Ivy in SC IV ehehehe, that said there is a good chance of this becoimg an offical costume ^^ *yays* Naw her boobs are tiny next to some of the Soul Calibur Girls heheehe ^^

  9. LILI i hope you will not be the cover of GOG VOL.7 again …. you are a great player in tekken and i always use you.. hope that the tekken 6 game in PSP will come up fall november 2009 ….

  10. Hi there,

    u know that the PLAYMAGAZINE.COM site is down due to bankruptcy? How could we gain the awesome GIRLS OF GAMING 7????

  11. That is one sexy cover, Lili looks so good there! Also, the background is amusing, and the setting is nice! I would love to have that be a costume for Lili in any Tekken game! :)

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