European TEKKEN 6 Special Editions Unveiled!

PLAY has unveiled images of the upcoming TEKKEN 6 Limited Edition and Limited Arcade Stick bundle for the European market!  Each unique bundle features the feuding Mishima Zaibatsu members (Heihachi/Jin and Kazuya) in special collector’s style packaging that is sure to make TEKKEN fans drool (I know I’m going to import one)!  Click below for more details and pictures of each special edition!

Special thanks to Jake C. for the tip!


Includes: Art Book, Poster, Hoodie, & TEKKEN 6


Includes: Hori Wireless Arcade Stick, Art Book, & TEKKEN 6

Both bundles will also be available on Xbox 360 consoles.

More info as it comes in!


52 Responses to European TEKKEN 6 Special Editions Unveiled!

  1. GK says:

    The art book makes this a better bundle. Hype!

    And points to Namco for promoting the fuck out of this game. We need more players playing quality games like Tekken.

  2. HI HATER says:

    MarkMan once again showing his obvious Sony bias, only showing Sony boxarts. The game is coming out on Xbox360 too…

    • MarkMan says:

      Sony bias?

      I like the Xbox 360 better. You have to do what you can with what you have… I don’t have any pics of the 360 mockups, if I did, I would have posted em.

      No bias here. I call it/show it like I see it.

    • MarkMan says:

      lol… ‘once again’ …

      I wish you were around when I turned the whole website green and decorated it with Xbox 360 logos.

  3. Jake C says:

    you’re welcome:P

  4. noodalls says:

    Hope those dates are right too.

    Markman, I sent you a PM on neogaf, did you see it?

  5. J Manny says:

    hey mark have you had the chance to use the stick?

  6. J Manny says:

    also are you able to charge it and does it feel better then the sf4 Se stick i ask because I’m trying to decide what would be a good stick to start out with i know its not good place to ask but if you could point me forward a arcade stick for under 100$ thats good in your opinion that would be great

  7. D says:

    any news on the hardware of the stick yet?

  8. coilover2005 says:

    DAMN that looks NICE! Europe get’s a hoodie 2!?! I wish the US bundle had these bells and whistles!

  9. Fen-X says:

    I want both, one for each system. But the arcade stick bundle seems quite expensive compared to the US one. I may take the hoodie collector in EU and the arcade stick one in US.

  10. Styv says:

    Ordered the Hoodie edition 1 and a half month ago :)

  11. Unmaker says:

    Any word on if the US will be getting hoodies? Damn I love hoodies. That packaging is pretty sweet too.

  12. Malakai says:

    MarkMan do you have solid info on whether the european version will be online-compatible with US-version?

    If i buy this and wont be able to play against US-version owners, that would be major suckage :D

  13. TCO-TheOne says:

    This is cool as hell i want the bundle NOW.

  14. MISHIMA CORP says:

    “I wish you were around when I turned the whole website green and decorated it with Xbox 360 logos.”

    Now.. that would be bias. LOL .Lets focus on Tekken and stop the fanboy war.

  15. Autocrat1 says:


  16. Kikimaru says:


    No deal, Play. No deal.

    • Kikimaru says:

      Markman, you shouldn’t link consumers to — I just had a quick look and Amazon are charging the same, but you don’t have to deal with their super-ridiculous Euro exchange rate.

  17. Iz-GOod says:

    Damnit, I want a t-shirt and hoodie!

    Also, still no news on whether the stick has Sanwa/Seimitsu parts?

  18. Onegai James says:

    I want that hoodie.

  19. Farhan says:


  20. soft armpit girl says:


  21. PhantomJ says:

    Wait wait, EUROPE is getting a hoodie limited bundle? What about us? The Americans?! Damn man, if Aksys can do a free limited edition, you think Namco could pull something off, too…What a disappointment.

  22. tekken lover says:


  23. noodalls says:

    It’s funny how in general the US versions are better and earlier than the European ones, but as soon as UK/Europe/Australia gets anything slightly better/earlier, people will post and feel hard done by.

  24. King of lag tournament 6 says:

    Please dont turn this into yet another fanboi console flame war. I like the 360 better to, but each machine has it’s merits. I simply prefer the 360 online capabilities and network, but then again i alos pay extra for it. I also think at this time the 360 has a stronger library

    But I have also gone through 3 360’s already and I havent had a friend with ps3 have it break yet.

    chill people. each machine has it’s pro’s and con’s just be happy everyone is going to have the chance to play tekken 6

    • Nando says:

      Good luck trying to get that thought process through here.

    • Byakko2009 says:

      I want the hoodie but what size is it? I’m not a fat bastard, but somethin tells me Namco would assume us gamers to be fat and stick a XXL in there.

      And bro, you can’t talk about “don’t start a fanboi war” and say that fairytale that is XBL is better than PSN. That’s pure fiction, how does P2P compare to dedicated servers? And you can’t tell me Tekken DR: Online is any indication of what TK 6 will be on PSN. As it is, mostly the noobs lag in DR: Online and most serious competitors don’t show even a hint of lag. Something tells me the guys at Namco didn’t give their best effort for T5 DR on PSN either. Just play BlazBlue online on PSN, I get zero messages complaining about lag like I do in DR. But again that’s mostly cause scrubs have poor connections or run wireless. Put one those turds on XBL, and they will lag like nothing you’ve ever seen, maybe worst.

      And don’t call me no fanboy, I used XBL back when CVS2 first hit XBL, so I know what the hell I’m talking about. Unlike Mark, I’m calling it how I see it.

  25. KW says:

    Come on guys i don’t want to read a flame war over which console is better. I’m here for T6!!

    Great work Jake C. for finding this and thanks MM for posting it!

  26. SnowSRK says:

    MarkMan, just a heads up but the 360 version of the same bundles ARE on the website. Exactly the same but the packaging is in white instead of black (like SCIV)

  27. VenoM362 says:

    The hoodies and shit are just for Europe? Well then, I just don’t give a….you know the rest.

  28. iliekeggs says:

    hoodie only for europe? wtf

    i just want the arcade stick bundle + hoodie, not buying the set twice.

  29. CHALLENGER says:

    Maybe the U.S will get hoodies too. If not, they will pop on the web and/or All I care about is a awesome T6 game with a kick ass netcode and a modable stick. Why couldn’t this be released in September?

  30. Yabusaid says:

    Thanks for the info! : D

  31. Byakko2009 says:

    I’m not trying to debate which console is better. I honestly don’t care that TK6 is on 360, I just don’t want to see a community divided by XBL and PSN. I completely understand that people have friends on XBL and that’s cool. It’s just the general consensus that you get what you pay for so XBL must be better. I just strongly disagree with that, and this is from personal experience, I’m not being a fanboy. I’m simply ADVOCATING more of you choose PSN over XBL when you play Tekken.

    So there, I don’t care what you “like better” but please don’t say “you get what you pay for” when talking about 360 and XBL. If you truly believed in that then you immediately admit PS3 is better based on price. Again, not being a fanboy here, I’m just a guy you will never see pay for XBL. I want to see a hefty amount of you guys on PSN is all. So get both if you must, please. I apologize if any of you were under the impression I want to debate the pointless “console war”.

  32. King of lag tournament 6 says:

    Tekken Dr online is terrible. I have played alot of it lately on a friends machine with a decent internet connection.

    But this isnt the playstation networks fault. (I still think xbox is better by the way, unless the game in question has dedicated servers which isnt all of them only a handful.) it is the netcode and I think we are kidding ourselves if we are going to believe the tekken 6 online experience is really going to be up to standard on either machine at this stage (not even blaz blue has rewind network code)

    And yes of course dedicated servers are better, but this wont happen for fighting games … ever. Ping is king for fighters. Especially here where the servers would be based in japan. God help you if you live across the other side of the world.

    The only solution for fighting game code atm is GGPO. and it’s extremely frustrating that the major fighting game devleopers dont see this. and that actually means the reality of input delay gameplay over a much greater distance.

    The only valid concern about this whole flamewar about tekken on 360 is the fact that the community will be somewhat split. Well put it this way if the ps3 wasnt a year late I would have got one of those instead this generation so it’s just something the community will have to deal with.

    Getting tekken 6 on ps3 will mean I buy a new arcade fight stick. a new tv. (since ps3 cant accept my monitor connection) and the console and game, no thanks.

    Multiplatnum means more sales forNamco which means more high quality tekken titles in the future, so everyone needs to chill out.

  33. Jimmy says:

    Looking forward to this!!!

  34. Hell yea, Pre Ordered my copy this morning, limited and collectors edition!,, they are asking £115 for wireless hori stick, i hope its a PRO :( cuz the Game it self only £35

    well cant wait till release, hopefuly will deliver on same day so i can play on release day!

  35. europa says:

    is it just me or is the europe version not including the stick
    it is not in the includes section AND it says limited edition while America is arcadestick bundle

  36. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    Mate,, it is in UK/europe version,, Collectors comes with poster,hoddie and artbook Limited comes with Artbook and Arcade Stick! iv ordered both for my self (ofc ill sell one of the t6 copy after keepin the collectors stuff poster/hoddie)

  37. Tekken6ps2graphics says:

    sale wise this game is going to flop, and im going to buy this game used so namco can suck a dick or cut a check

  38. shaffy_oppa says:

    Hmm I just saw these on the GAME website and thought I’d take a look around for detailed news maybe even a more detailed picture…

    Anyway I noticed the ones are different to the ones on the GAME site. The game site has the same hoodie but in black with white writing for the PS3 and inversed for the 360, however on both consoles have the same hoodie in white with white writing with a black outline.

    The artbook is also white on the GAME website with a big black Kanji and red writing for both consoles, on the play webside the artbook is white with the Tekken 6 logo and some sort of art on the top corners.

    Finally, the poster on both consoles on the GAME site seems to be of Lars but on is seems to be of Jin.

    I wonder if each place is gettin its own exclusive version… already have both on PS3 on order from game don’t think I can afford a 3rd one, unfortunately that won’t stop me if in fact they are different.

    • SnowSRK says:

      Tis a good question. One thing I did notice though, if you look at the T6 stuff on after you search for Tekken 6, the thumbnail shows the updated version (Black Hoodie) yet when you click on the item, the picture is the older one (white hoodie).

      Maybe they haven’t completed changed it. Could try asking or Game if they’re doing exclusives each.

      • shaffy_oppa says:

        looking now both game and play ones are the same… so I’ll assume play didn’t have the final artwork or something. HMV still has the old one left.

        I’m starting to think/hope that the poster might be double sided with Lars on one side and Jin on the other…


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