WEEK 8: Law VS Lars!

TEKKEN.COM has put up the eighth batch of vids for the Weekly Versus Series Tournament, which pits TEKKEN 6 characters against each other. This new round of the tournament features Law vs Lars! Check ‘em out below!

Who do you want to win!? Vote by sharing! Choose your winner by clicking and watching below!


Will the martial legend be any match for the series’ newcomer?


24 thoughts on “WEEK 8: Law VS Lars!

  1. Whos gonna win? I know for sure I’m picking up Lars (But that dumb ass hair style has to go) his fighting style is sick!; but I’m still thinking about picking up Law in this game. We’ll see.

    1. Yea totally. I was gonna use Law in this one as well but they ended up making his nipples waaaay too dark. Sends the wrong message in battle.

      *RuFckinSriUS!His Face? What it isn’t pretty enough for you?!*

      1. look ill be straight wiht you ive used the shit out of him so im trying to convince my self that i need a diffrent character, U happy ???

        IM USING LARS !!!!

  2. BEWARE everyone
    the guy who put this page up hasnt explained to you whats really going on in the ‘vote for you character tournament’.

    the vote will decide the winner, however the guy who posted the links to vote for each fighter has in his own personal embeded url(you get this from the namco site specific for each fighter) in it so he gets points/shares for that and HE gets prizes for himself(name printed in the US manual for tekken 6/ personalised namco fighter card with pic on it) these are uniue prizes and people are using the seneaky tactics for you to vote for them aswell as the character.

    so well done to all those abusing their position on tekken forums inscluding tekken nation, sd tekken assuming it was mark man since he is in the top ten on the namco site. check it yourself.

    1. What a hater. We all know. So what? SD TEKKEN has been a reliable source for Tekken coverage for years. It’s not like Mark Man is trying to pull a fast one on us, he just using his resources. Hell if I had a blog where plenty of people came for news I would do the same damn thing.

  3. watcher, the idea of the videos is to share them with your friends. I can care less about winning the competition, but I am using my unique link to share the videos with the net.

    I’m just spreading the good word about TEKKEN. ^_^

    This was NAMCO BANDAI’s intention to have the videos shared/spread out with people using their unique links.

    Just because I run a TEKKEN site doesn’t mean I’m using this to my advantage/to garner content points. I’m using this to give TEKKEN the coverage it deserves.

    Also, if somehow I do win this, I will donate the prizes to either the next winner in line or have a raffle on this website.

    Thanks for everyone’s support otherwise!

    TEKKEN 6! Get hyped!

    1. BULLSHIT MARKMAN !!!i know your up to some shit !!

      whats the Prize !?!? DO we get a used pair of

      Ganryu’s mawashi ??

      if you do win pass it over i want to smell it .

  4. I have no problem at all with MarkMan using his personal link, indeed complaining about it seems to be the height of ingratitude considering he’s put this site together.

    I hate Law’s guts so it’s Lars all the way for me on this one, can’t wait to try him out when the game is finally released.

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