Anna & Asuka New Costume Screens

Voodoo Extreme has put up new screens of TEKKEN 6 showing off Anna & Asuka’s new costumes.  Check ’em out by following the link below:


27 thoughts on “Anna & Asuka New Costume Screens

  1. FIRST !!!!!

    and Talk about a Fanboy, XBOX360 costumes !?!?,
    uhh its coming to PS3 as well buddy. sorry to bust your balls voodoo.

  2. But i do miss Annas Outfit from T3 ,thats awsome.

    so markman did you catch swine Flu at PAX LOL , i heard they had to shut the place down because they found some carriers of the T-VIRUS.

    Did leon show up ?? or was it Chris this time.

  3. Two of my chicks! I like the throwback for Anna, Asuka’s looked a bit tacky though. Oh well, I wanna see my Xai get a new costume and not that fuzzy rainbow SHIT either.

    1. LOL XD fuzzy rainbow shit !?!?! da hell you talking about ???

      anyway ya to be honest id like lin to get her costume from T4, the Bunny jacket and the pants and sneakers that was a bad ass outfit for ling-xiaou.

  4. Damn man you allright ??

    hope it wasnt serious.

    And here i was cussing you out cuse you didnt update the site fast enough.

    man i feel bad now.

  5. Why do they mostly keep showing the images and game
    play of Tekken 6 on Xbox 360 what about PS3.
    I know they do show it on PS3, but it seems like
    their doing it more on Xbox 360.

    1. Its called Baise and the U.S is full of it.

      Cause Its an american console.

      I wish there was Bias for consoles that preform better. see that would be a fair bias.

      but no they will post pics for a console that breaks every 6 months. and still uses infirior format.

    2. Your wrong they have been showing off the playstation 3 version all the time. . .
      Infact Namco said its the lead platform for development. . .
      At e3 they showed off the playstation 3 version the most. . .
      Lets also not forget the 360 cant run at full 1080p like the ps3 can. . .
      Our version is going too look much better!
      Remember the 360 version is a “PORT” ;)
      also most of the shots are from the ps3 version!!

      1. stop with the fanboy bullcrap. the game’s producer Katsuhiro Harada said himself that the 360 and PS3 version are going to look identical.

    1. You know i hate when people think i just hate the 360.

      Im not 5 i dont hate just because its a MS console, that is stupidity.

      i hate it because the 360 is a fucking Scam. The CEO’s know that it breaks every 6 months but they keep it on the market.

      They know it scratches disk, they know the disk trays dont open because of the cheap rubber bands they have on the side of the disk tray but they still keep selling it.

      Because People dont know any better and will keep buying it.

      If sony did this I would feel the same.

      I’m not a Fan of sony, Im a fan of things that work and last long, thats why my second Console is a Nintendo Wii.

      Maybe Next Gen i’ll pick up their new console if they take thier time dont rush things and Build the Damn thing Right like sony and Nintendo.

      1. Nah man i dont , but as soon as Tekken 6 comes out i will. im gonna start uploading all the tekken matches in HD.

        so you can all see the AWSOME power of Blind Ghost.

  6. The clothing is nice…but what is up with the game’s problem with giving women man-hands??? Seriously, as good as their artists are, you’d think they’d get the proportion of hands correct.

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