T6BR Tops Arcadia’s October Top 10

VERSUSCITY has revealed Arcadia’s Top 10 listing for the month of October… And TEKKEN 6: Bloodline Rebellion has once again taken top spot!  Check out the full listing after following the link below.

Video Games
1. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
2. Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam VS Gundam NEXT
3. Blazblue
4. Melty Blood: Actress Again
5. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
6. Street Fighter IV (+1)
7. Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2: Tenkousei Akane to Nazuna (-1)
8. Virtua Fighter 5R
9. Daemonbride (NEW)
10. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

Cockpit Games
1. Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield
2. Mahjong Fight Club 7
3. Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ4
4. beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS
5. pop’n music17 THE MOVIE
6. Sengokushi Taisen 3 (NEW)
7. DrumManiaV5 Rock to Infinity
8. Quiz Magic Academy 6 (+1)
9. WORLD CLUB Champion Football Intercontinental Club 2007 – 2008 (-1)
10. Baseball Heroes 2008 (-4)



59 thoughts on “T6BR Tops Arcadia’s October Top 10

  1. FIRST !!!

    and man, is T6 that fucking good !?!? Holy shit, this is like what 6 months in a Row that is been number one.

    It must be like “THE” Fucking TEKKEN.

    Harada-san must be wiping his ass with Yen right now.

    Wow KOF XII is like nowhere to be seen on that chart


    Well I hope SNK learned thier fucking lesson, next time include a story mode and more characters.

      1. i knew it didnt have a story mode, no arade has story mode, maybe the old KOF’s for the arcades did but not today. anyway, ya im sure it is a lot longer than six months. TEKKE JUST FUCKING OWNS, THERES NOTHIGN OUT THERE THAT COMES EVEN CLOSE.

        You know im comfertable to say that if the world ended after october 27th, i dont think i’d care. as long as i have my copy.

  2. Oh yeah, Why Wang gotta be hitting my boy Hwoarang like that? Thats ok cause he gonna get up and whoop that old man’s ass!
    I’m just saying.

    1. man i was thinking of taking up BAEK this time around.

      Hes a bit more difficult to control, but he’s an O.G i really wanna pay my respects to him.

      its either gonna be him or Hwoarang, i need one taekwondo guy.

      1. Well that makes sense now. I thought it was like… some sort of revolutionary way of interenet posting. Futureposting. I’m going to patent that now.

  3. WoW, why is Street Fighter always ranked so low? I thought, it was “the” definite 2D-fighter this generation.

    Looks like people got bored quickly of it.

    Anyway, Tekken 6 is holding it’s momentum, yeeeah :)

    1. Anything in the top 10 is doing well. But if you see Tekken 6’s revenue numbers… they eclipse every other game on that list.

      1. no shit !?!?! damn man, I have a feeling this is gonna be the Best Tekken out of them all.

        all thats missing is Clan Battle and this game goes to 300% satisfaction.

  4. i already senced that, t6 on top offcourse!worst part, its only gona be 720p on console due to crappy 360 multi region! they want to keep it equal and same on both console!!!!! damn

  5. Here is the source that game likely going to be 720p

    but wat i remember after playing the demo version on ps3 of tekken 6 in germany maxdagermany! it looked like 1080p resolution on 42″ hdtv

    1. Jin and Kazama, are you sure its only going to be 720 ??

      how old was this article ??

      I hope it looks badass on my 37 inch, cause if it doesnt im gonna raise fucking hell.

      if PS3 is capable, they shouldnt hinder it.

      1. Thanks SolRahlX i just confirmed it, ya the arcade version is also 720P.

        ok cool now that we got that out of the way. hit me up if you guys find some new

        T6 HD vids. and i mean true HD cause now Youtube is litterd with crappy quality vids but they have HD under it.

  6. 10 years after its release, 3rd Strike is still in the Top 10.

    I’m guessing that Street Fighter IV’s statistics dropped because of the console version release (which sold million).

    I see Examu’s new game Daemon Bride is doing well.

    Tekken is doing very well in the arcades. Can’t wait for the console release.

  7. Shutup with the first crap seriously, it’s lame we can all see you are the first poster for ^%$% sake.

    and Tekken six is definately the shit….

  8. Do you Understand The Kind of High you get from posting…. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its unlike anything Else.
    and yes Tekken is the Shit nothing like it nothing can reach it

    simply put the #1 3d FIGHTING GAMER IN THE WORLD.

  9. It has been known even before Tekken 6 was released that it’s running off 720p. Also, stop saying the 360 is hindering the PS3 version, it aint.

    P.S-I have a PS3.

  10. really ?? how do you explain Square enix not adding Japanese voice over in the PS3 version. because of equalities sake. this was straight form the Developers mouth.

    the 360 version of FFXIII is gonna be over 3 disk long. and they said if they do add in japanese voice over that might make it even more difficult.

    so we have the space for Japanese Voice overs, but we won’t get it thanks to Microsofts XBOX 360.

    the 360 might have not hindered the PS3 in this case..( although i do have my doubts of that)But it does in other cases, many , many other cases.

    Believe me that thing is keep the PS3 behind. hopefully things will turn around and things will go back to the way they were, the way they are suppose to be.

    Sega Saturn
    Neo GEO
    SUper fiacom
    Sega Genesis
    Gameboy advanced
    Original Gameboy
    XBOX 360

    ” although if it was me that thing would have been off the market 3 years ago.

    But hey we live in the U.S of A so the XBOX360 is A-Okay. (Sarcasm if you couldn’t pick up on it.)

  11. BADASS man, yeah dude, and you know what i won a tourney with him at fucking funcoland when i was a kid
    I use o think he was the shit till he dissapeared.

    and i had to pick up Hwoarang, I played him in 3 along side Jin from T3 ,TT was badass with both of them they make a great team.

    Hworangs combo to Launcher ” TAG OUT” Bring in Jin with Three Ring circus.

    I Know he was in TT but i stuck with Howarang all the way to T5, But now, I gotta get back to my Roots ! Im gonna main Him in 6 For sure.

    1. I miss tag, I still play it on ps2 every now and then. But I wanna play it in tekken 6. Having tag co-op online battles would be sick! Wish it was the ” surprise ” but i know its not. Maybe some day TTT2 will be made.

      1. Ya i know, that would be sweet, but i think if they add ONLINE clan support They would actually make my year.

        Thats the next best thing to TAG.

  12. Oh ya i know, I still have my Doubts Though ZeroX.

    I know it will look Very similar and Unoticeable to Us gamers, But im sure They Cut corners somewhere.

    We just wont see it. But i guess what we dont knwo wont hurt us right ??

    Besides There will Be comparison Videos and if anythings missing From customazation we will hear about it. because a lot of people have played Tekken 6 on arcade.

    But hopefully everything will be Intact.
    This game is just sounding too good to be True, lets hope, nothing tragic will come from the final Product.

    I’m crossing My fingers.

  13. @ noodalls. EXACTLY!!! Look guys, BOTH versions look SPECTACULAR! Who really gives a shit if one version looks a tad bit cleaner then the other!!! These fanboy wars have been old forever now.

    You got a ps3? good 4 you buy it for ps3! Got a 36o? Good 4 you… Buy it for 360! Got both? Buy both or pick one! Reminds me of being in Jr. High listening to someone saying “My shoes are better” lol Just be happy the damn games finally coming out to console…

  14. The Game is 720P i know theres not gonna be that huge of a diffrence.

    Im talking about content, lets hope none of the customazations are missing. from the aracade version to the console version.

  15. Tekken MOVIE ” News
    Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities
    The reason why the trailer is not out yet not to mention the release date is that “Tekken” has no distributor for the US market. The movie will probably be released in Japan first. Fact is the movie is no longer in post production, it is completed now.

    The newest “Tekken” video game will be released on October 27th 2009 if anyone was wondering.

    Source:http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=491409397&blogId=505579428 check out some new jin kazama pics of jon foo

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