New TEKKEN 6 Hori Real Arcade PRO Sticks Unveiled!

Hot off the presses!  In addition to the wonderful TEKKEN 6 bundle being released worldwide, TEKKEN fans can also look forward to another surprise from Hori.  The TEKKEN 6 Hori Real Arcade PRO!  Available on both the Xbox 360 (HRAP-EX) and PlayStation 3 (HRAP3), the new stick is scheduled to come out October 29th and will retail for Y12800 (360) and Y9800 (PS3) respectively.  The stick is said to be very limited and preorders are open NOW at Play-Asia! Click below links for more details on how to get one!


46 thoughts on “New TEKKEN 6 Hori Real Arcade PRO Sticks Unveiled!

  1. What ive been wondering since this past E3

    is harada-san’s Translator Gay ??

    That shirt is a little too much. the nechlace is just over kill.

    1. pay attention , halfway throu the vid where harada-san starts scratching and itching. its funny as hell.

      if im not saying anything. i might as well start scratching for the camera LOL.

  2. I like the way harada-san is just standing there, he looks like hes about to fall asleep LOL. poor guy.

    and he just slightly nods his head likes : yep… exactly what he said.

  3. That is some funny shit,Hadara looks tired as hell. He looks like i just want to go home lol. That got looks very gay with his miami vice shirt on lol.

  4. oh em gee!!

    just looking at the photo in play asia

    makes the wireless look like nothing

    i wonder if they will have this in wireless as well?

    more likely not.. but still one sick looking HRAP exclusive for tekken 6..

    too bad the xbox ver. looks ugly with color buttons.. :P

    go HRAP3 woooohooO!

  5. Why is that the 360 sticks button layout is different? The first 4 aren’t the face buttons X, Y, A, B but rather B, X, A, LT, I’ve noticed its the same on most of the Hori 360 sticks.

    It must be annoying for ppl who use both pad and stick having to switch the buttons around depending on the pad or does the console recognize it?

  6. I still like the wireless arcade stick design more. I Can’t stand Hori’s standard arcade stick box design. The Madcatz SE, TE, and the new Hori LE Tekken 6 Wireless Sticks all have better boxes.

  7. I still want to know what the surprise is that they have not told us. At least give us a date or something i am tired of waiting.

    1. man i can’t wait for that. im right there with you. they said they will announce it towards the release of the game. like real close to the release date.

      i know its clan battle, they already said a few things that hint at clan mode.

      they said that it concerns online gameplay, and its for people that are looking for more than one-on-one battles.

      i know its gonna be a clan mode. and that is gonna be fucking sweet.

      SFIV hype has nothing on tekken 6 hype man.

      the fact that they are going to announce a new mode towards the end of october. is just the ultimate way to get people hyped.

      NAMCO always Delivers. They arnt hyping us up for fucking costumes or anything costumes for NAMCO are liek a Mild Fart. they give those away like its nothing. i mean we hear abut new costumes every other day.

      But when it comes to surprises they deliver.

      A FUCKING ONLINE MODE !?!?! that the way you get People Excited about the Damn Game.

      1. Blind Ghost I know you have good taste in characters so that may work. Lets see how they improve the online first. Then we can show the world that Raven is NOT “low tier” you just need true skill to play him right. People will fear the wrath of VenoM362 and Blind Ghost online! *EVIL LAUGH!!!!*

      2. Ya man, Im Praying on the netcode as well.

        But one thing you can be sure of is that it will definetly be better than the netcode for DR.

        as for Raven lol you do need skill to play him. Hardly anyone played wiht him on DR. and i was messing up fools with him left and right.

        Ive had people that went from Level headed to fucking angry because of the shit i can pull off with him. he has a lot of core moves that have diffrent variations. hes a good 50/50 character.

        In my op better than asuka. because 1 move can go high , mid or low and it looks the same.

        Good luck guessing which one im gonna do.

        ad From what ive seen in some of the vids His Buzz saw move. Got enhanced.

        now it has cancel properties at almost anytime during the move.

        Buzz saw the is one move were he trips the character with his hand now it can go mid, it can go low, and you can cancel out of it comletly to soemthing else.

        ohhhh the possibilities. you can drive people crazy with just that move alone.

  8. i really dont care about clans. what i am hoping is that have some sort of 3v3 or similiar to that, where winners share the points,just like tekken crash, if that happens then it would be really awsome

  9. I’m telling you if all goes well with the new net code this will be and already is the sickest fighting game out hands down TEKKEN 6….FTW.

  10. Agreed TCO, also MARKMAN and SDT are really doing their part .

    Thier trying to get the word out there. I honestly want this site to get better and progress.

    This is the Best Tekken Site Hands Down.

    They always get tekken news from japan first or just tekken news in general. i found out about SDT from zaibatsu cause i saw a lot of Headlines there and at the end it would say from SDT. or reported by SDT.

    The only reason i go to ZAIBATSU now is for the fucking wallapers LOL.

    When you remake the site markman i got a new slongan for it.

    SDT…We spread like an STD.

  11. lol Blind Ghost!

    TZ is the big boss. We’re the solid snake though. ;)

    Glad you guys like the site. Our site is going to have SO much more next month. Stay tuned!

    1. MARKMAN!! when are you going too doo a review on the tekken 6 wireless fightstick??

      please make a review on it before i buy the stick when it comes out!!

      This is the first time im buying a wireless stick and i want some feedback on the stick too!!

  12. I can’t wait for the site next month i know it’s going to be the shit. I might get the edition pack,but i’m mad because we don’t get the hoody i want the damn hoody lol i hope all goes well with the site next month Markman.

  13. This just makes you think that the stick coming in the bundle will be all standard hori parts. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I really just want the graphic on stick most of all. Then I can mod it with JLF if it does not come with one. The thing im most concerned about is the wireless. It would be cool if they used same technology that is in the sixaxis. Does anyone know if they will be releasing any information regaurding the stick in bundle before the release?

    These new sticks look great. Im not surprised they made them. I mean look at SF4’s success with the TE stick. For as much hype as Tekken 6 is getting, it would be nuts not to make T6 HRAP 3s. If I get the bread, I will most likely buy one of these too.

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