The TEKKEN 6 Limited Edition bundle has finally been unveiled!  Available for both the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360 console, the TEKKEN 6 Limited Edition Wireless Fight Stick Bundle is available for preorder now at select retailers for the price of $149.99!  Make sure you preorder yours today!  Click below for pics of each bundle!

TEKKEN 6 Limited Edition Wireless Fight Stick Bundle

The premium bundle includes the Tekken 6 game, limited edition wireless fight stick crafted by Hori and collectible Art book. Reserve your Tekken 6 Limited Edition Wireless Fight Stick Bundle while supplies last!

No word yet on whether or not the components are Hori or Sanwa.  One interesting thing to note however is that the buttons are a color that Sanwa does make.  Also the stick has a shaft cover, something not normally found on Hori components. More news and details on these bundles in the coming weeks!



  1. Wireless…ahhhh! Oh well, MarkMan seemed confident enough with the product, and the still looks like it’s really sturdy.

    1. confident !?!?! LOL where did you get that from, the fact that its wireless make me think twice about getting it, either way i have to hear more about the stick if i want to get it or not.

      1. Well he seemed really confident that we’d all really like the product… before it was unveiled that is. Not going to lie though, I’m still really sceptical of this stick being wireless.

    2. I don’t know why everyone is showing hate to this wireless stick. its a piece of art. stop being nano-second scratchers. It doesn’t matter if there’s 10-15 ms lag.

      This operates on the 2.4Ghz band, your Dualshock3 which is bluetooth also operates in the same band.

      If you’ve been playing tekken for years, your instincts should help with blocking/reversing all the moves in time.

      Stop with the wireless-spam-lame-games please.

      1. It’s not so much the wireless signal that is the issue, it’s the dropped inputs.

        I’ve put the stick through various testing cycles and there are definitely spotting times where signal drops would occur and you would miss inputs in movement. Most noticeable with Mishimas who waveadash.

  2. Hori can actually make a different box design? I didn’t think it was possible.

    Now I’m trying to figure out which version to get. ; _ ;

    I’m going to go ahead and order sanwa buttons and a stick just in case.

  3. R1 is to the left of L1. Also, not that I know anything about x360 sticks, but isn’t that a Soul Calibur type layout?

    No turbo or analogue settings like the other horis either.

  4. Not digging that retarded button layout on the 360 stick, hopefully those buttons are connected to easy disconnects wires, But I doubt it. Is the PS3 version RF or Bluetooth?

  5. … the game = 60 so the stick… is probabably an $80 stick and the artbook is $10. Seeing as how a Sanwa stick and buttons alone can run up to $50 to $60 alone… it’s pretty much safe to say that the arcade stick is probably using Hori buttons and a Hori stick. More than likely it will come with quick disconnects.

    Retail full Sanwa sticks alone cost 150 bucks easy… unless you’re getting cheap wiring jobs and cheaply made boxes from those Chinese companies.

    I think the recent Hori’s have been quick discs so I don’t see why this one wouldn’t be like that.

    1. seimitsu stick released by hori this week is only 100$ US. So this could very well be sanwa parts.. Seimitsu and Sanwa are pretty much the same price right? Plus Markman said he pre-ordered four of them in a different forum…so the stick has to be good lol.

    2. Sega released a virtua stick high grade awhile back that retailed for $79.99 with all sanwa parts. Just because Mad Catz chose to sell its TE stick at 150 doesn’t necessarily mean a full sanwa stick should cost over $100.

  6. This thing is ass man. Look the buttons are preset for Soul Calibur use. No one wants a stick where you have to reset your buttons before every single match. Also wireless = lag = no way. Not to mention it’s probably just another Hori. I’ve got enough Sanwa sticks I don’t need an inferior wireless one.

    1. It operates on the same 2.4Ghz band, as your Dualshock 3 bluetooth. Stop being a nano-second scratcher man.

      If your can play on Ds3, it’ll feel the same. and its not like you’re inside some real life matrix game that you need ms accurate response time. 10-15 ms delay is no big deal.

  7. I was just thinking the same thing about that lag… The 360 layout is pretty bad. The PS3’s lay is fine. But in terms or the wireless play. If you hook a charge cable to the system doesn’t switch over to a line feed rather than the wireless feed. My wireless 360 controller works like that when I hook a charge cable from my PC to the wireless controller. My computer can read the inputs when I do that.

    So if it is like that then the only gripe I have is that the select and start buttons should move somewhere else.

    I really hope that the layout for the 360 version isn’t like that… I really don’t care though since I’m not getting the 360 stick. I already have 2 sanwa sticks for my 360. I’m just looking at this stick to mod and use as a second stick for my PS3.

  8. The stick looks alright. Sanwa parts or not.. By the looks of it, they aren’t anywhere close to the build quality of the SE/TE sticks.

  9. The design is sick. I bought the last bundle but I the stock sticks are wack. I hope it has JLF at least. If not i will just mod it because it looks to sweet. It’s not too pricey at all. The only thing that scares me is wireless anything. I just like direct porting but then again, some wired sticks lag so….

  10. Why does hori insist on putting yellow start and select buttons? lol…it would look so much better with the matching blacks

  11. Erg I really don’t want a wireless stick, I hope for Hori’s sake that its an option of being wireless or wired, but I want the art book! Grrr… Guess I’ll still have to wait for further news to see if I actually want it.

  12. If you hook up the charge chord doesn’t it read the inputs through the line… I’m pretty sure it does since my wireless xbox controller works my PC when I hook up its charger on my USB port…

  13. Wireless controllers these days have no input lag whatsoever. I’m using a wireless stick(using dualshock 3 psb) myself and it works great.

  14. Hopefully this comes worldwide, fingers crossed! either way im gonna buy one off ebay or sumthin worse comes to worse haha.

    and pleaaaase be sanwa parts, hori bottons are durr as.

  15. I like how all FOUR Mishimas are on the stick, ignoring Devil Jin, who IMO, really doesn’t belong in T6. Maybe if Raged Jin transformed into him ala Ogre~True Ogre did on T3 then fine.

  16. I hope it’s bluetooth and not just RF like the Madcatz pads. And will it use batteries or will you have to charge it?

  17. I went to my Gamestop and they didn’t know what the hell I was Talking about.

    MarkMan could you please give us a heads up on the make of the buttons and stick so I’d know whether or not I need to buy replacements?

  18. Just got back from Gamestop to pre- order. From what I was told they WON’T be selling the bundle pack unless you pre- order>>> Minimum of $25.oo to pre- order. Just thought I’d give a head up =)

  19. I got my $25.00 deposit on my PS3 copy… but they couldn’t tell me anything else… like if I would be getting a calendar or anything else like that.


    Play-asia maybe? i don’t have a stick so i’m looking forward to getting this one.

  21. I’m pretty much positive the stick is a sanwa, judging by the shaft being black, while hori sticks are always the standard metal.

    As for the buttons, no clue at all there.

  22. Yo markman hookus up an insight if this bundle or something similar will be released for the asia pasific/oceania.

  23. I was trying to see if the parts on the stick were infact sanwa by zooming in on the pic to check the fitment of the plunger (grey) and bezel (black) but couldnt make it out unfortunately cause 1 on Hori buttons, the plunger sits alittle high, and 2 the way it sits in the bezel is not as flush as a sanwa fits. Markman is correct as Sanwa makes that color scheme stock and Hori parts never came with shaft sleeves. Either Hori wants better looks or they wanted to give us some great fuctionality… and BTW, the Virtua Stick HG was all metal, had sanwa parts (exact same color scheme) and was about $80… lets hope for the best shall we? I pre-ordered. HAHAHA

  24. Still early to tell what the parts are. To be honest it looks like a rendering to me, doesn’t look like the final tooled product in the images.

  25. It is a render. If it’s full sanwa then I’m going to preorder the 360 bundle too on top of the PS3 version that I already have.

  26. So do you think this stick will have an American Style 8-way gate or the traditional Japanese square gate?

    i already have the SFIV stick which already has a square gate and im hoping that this Tekken stick has an 8-way gate

  27. Apparently according to the sony reps, this is a worldwide product, at the moment theyre discussing the quantities for world and keeping tight lipped about the product for Asia/Oceania. and there maybe Pre order content exclusive to Asia Pacific.

    im not really to worried about the wireless because itd be pretty stupid of hori not to include a USB recharge cable cause running a stick off batteries would be redundant like guitar hero controllers (sigh). if you guys are super worried about the lag then get a Street Fighter Tournement Edition stick like me and my mate haha.

  28. Yo Markman, according to

    theres 3 bundles for New Zealand

    Single edition
    Collectors Edition
    Stick Edition

    The Collectors Edition of Tekken 6 contains the following items

    * Tekken 6 game
    * High Quality Black Hoodie sweat with design made by the dev team
    * A4 Artbook of 100 pages made by the dev team
    * A0 Poster
    * All in a box approx 29cm x 32cm x 11 cm (to be confirmed)

    The Tekken 6 Arcade Stick Bundle contains

    * Tekken 6 Game
    * Artbook
    * Exclusive Tekken 6 Arcade stick

  29. Any news on the stick yet Is the wireless stick going to easy to mod? Is there a USB Cable to charge the stick? Hey MarkMan, any news yet from @tekkenbob yet?

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