TEKKEN 6 North American Boxart Finalized!

TEKKEN 6 is less than 35 days away!  Have you preordered your copy yet?  Will you be getting the regular edition or the limited edition bundle?!  Did you know that all first shipment copies of TEKKEN 6 will have a special cover included?  Well now you know!  Preorder your copy NOW!  The North American art for TEKKEN 6 has been finalized!  Click below for full images and info:

Click above for larger version.

Click above for larger version.

Make sure you preorder your copy of TEKKEN 6 today!


44 thoughts on “TEKKEN 6 North American Boxart Finalized!

    1. It’s always been like that for Xbox 360 arcade sticks (aside from the TE/SE SFIV sticks). This is do to Microsoft spec/standard. They all have the Dead or Alive 4 layout. The game will recognize it though and allow you to remap if need be (should be plug and play with TEKKEN 6 though; I hope).

  1. I quite like the cover art. Seeing as the Mishimas are being pushed as the main characters in this game, I can understand why they are on it!

    I don’t like the look of the stick though.

    1. Ah, okay. I hope it’s not just the usual character art montages… already preordered mine. ^_^

      I hope Tekken 6 sells tons in the first few days or weeks. It should, after all this waiting with people just DYING to play.

      1. wow, that guy is so off with his reasoning… lol.

        Modern Warfare 2 is going to destroy everythinig this year. It won’t even be funny.

        Modern Warfare 2 is coming out on 4 platforms btw.

        Resident Evil 5 did well, but not anywhere near as well as MW2 is going to do lol.

  2. Couldn’t sleep last night, so I went online.
    Headed over to a website for a Game I Love.
    Surprise in my eyes as I looked above.
    Saw the bundle’s face & My Heart stood still,
    So did time and space.
    Suddenly my heart-
    Started to race.
    Dear god, you should’ve seen my face.
    As I posed in akward stance cause I

  3. Ling Xiaoyu won’t be on it, so I won’t “jizz my pants”, but it is nice news. Preordered and payed off my regular edition in July, so I think I’m sure to be in the first shipment group (too poor for limited edition).

  4. Do you think i should get the bundle with the stick or should i just grab the game and shell out for a higher quality stick like the TE?

  5. Damn that box is too cool specially with Asuka added on it. I wish I could preorder it here in asia but play asia only have the regular game available for preorder. I could use the extra stick for 2 player action between friends, most of my friends don’t use pads. =(

  6. ReallY? is that wat u call special markman? its be out there showing in ages…. wats so special? 2 non mishima on front? :S

  7. I’m loving the bundle just paid off regular edition. I seen the art work and what’s going to be in the bundle now i have to dish out another 80 dollars….shit can’t afford it, but oh well it’s Tekken what can i say lol.

  8. I’m sure if there was Xbox 360 vs Ps3 online play I think it would have been hyped and touted as a major feature. It hasnt so I very, very much doubt it sadly.

  9. hey im in the same boat as dara because ive pre-ordered the stick edition but is the stick worth (plus the art book which i dont care about) $275? or should i just go for one of the nicer looking stand alone stick?

  10. $275???? The stick bundle is $150 I have already paid for mine for Ps3, I’m not even gonna be using the stick, but I’m a collector and have to have it…

  11. Ok this box art is interesting, but what about the stick? Already it’s known that the PS3 one will need a dongle to connect to the system and it uses AA’s, but what about the insides? Does the stick have Sanwa, Semitsu or Hori parts? If it has Hori parts, will the stick have quick disconnects to remove that garbage?

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