Tekken 6 Combo Collaboration Video By Golden Eggs & Hisame With Review!

June 8, 2011

The legendary living combo machine Golden Eggs and friend Hisame have just released a new collaboration combo video with up to 10 minutes of footage! Click above to view the video and click below for the review!

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Get Your TEKKEN 6 Fix At Play-Asia!

October 29, 2009

TEKKEN 6 is finally out worldwide!  For those of you looking for a one stop shop for all things TEKKEN 6, check out our good friends at Play-Asia! US, Japanese, and Asian versions of the game are available as well as limited editions and a variety of arcade sticks!  For all the goods, please check the link below!


October 28, 2009

FRY’S ELECTRONICS is having a 2-day sale that includes the TEKKEN 6 Fight Stick Bundle for only $99!  Stop by your local Fry’s to grab one while you still can!  Also the regular version of TEKKEN 6 is on sale for $47.99! Click below for more details!

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TEKKEN 6 Launch Party On Coin-Op.TV!

October 27, 2009

COIN-OP.TV was present for all the action going on during the TEKKEN 6 Launch Party. Stay tuned this Thursday as they’ll be talking about the event during their live show!  In the meantime check out their short write up of the event below.

COIN-OP.TV – TEKKEN 6 Launch Party in So-Cal!

SDTEKKEN Midnight Launch Pics!

October 27, 2009

TEKKEN 6 launched at midnight at several locations across the nation!  We stopped by one of our GameStops in San Diego to join the festivities.  Although DJ HERO was the other big midnight launch title, of the 25+ people in line, all but 2 people were buying TEKKEN 6.  Win!  And about 18 of these people purchased the Limited Edition fighting stick bundle!  Check out pics of our local event below.  How was your midnight launch?


October 27, 2009

TEKKEN 6.  It’s been a long wait.  You’re finally here.  Thank you everyone in the SDTEKKEN community and thank you to all the TEKKEN fans who visit this website on a daily basis.  We strive to spread the good word about the game we all know and love.  We recently hit 5 million hits!  A milestone we never thought we would achieve in such a short amount of time!  Stay tuned for more TEKKEN 6 content and the official SDTEKKEN site revamp.  We’ve only just begun!  For all the info on the TEKKEN 6 release, please click below!

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TEKKENBOB Midnight Twitter Contest!

October 26, 2009

TEKKENBOB is having a Midnight Twitter Contest!  Take pictures of yourselves picking up your copy of TEKKEN 6 at your local retailer tonight and post them up on Twitter.  TEKKENBOB will pick the 10 best pictures and winners will  receive their choice of a Tekken TapouT shirt, an Xbox 360 faceplate, or a PlayStation 3 skin.  Click below for more details!

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