Get Your TEKKEN 6 Fix At Play-Asia!

TEKKEN 6 is finally out worldwide!  For those of you looking for a one stop shop for all things TEKKEN 6, check out our good friends at Play-Asia! US, Japanese, and Asian versions of the game are available as well as limited editions and a variety of arcade sticks!  For all the goods, please check the link below!

12 Responses to Get Your TEKKEN 6 Fix At Play-Asia!

  1. Blind Ghost says:

    TEKKEN 6 FIRST !!!

  2. Some Japanese guy says:

    Sticks are way overpriced these days. I had a custom built one with sanwa parts made by a world class stick maker and only payed $100. There’s no way I’d pay $140 for a Hori…. what are product makers smoking these days?

    • wing says:

      I agree that good joysticks are very expensive nowadays.

      well, customized sticks would be cheaper than Hori or MadCatz’s products, but I guess not everyone know the channel to get a customized one.

      besides, the HORI Real Arcade Pro.EX use sanwa stick + Hori buttons, it would be good enough for most players. and I heard that its buttons could be easily changed, to suit the needs of top players.

  3. MoralDemon says:

    Awesome link! Are any of the PS3 sticks they mentioned any good? What is the best PS3 stick they suggested in that page? Is there anything better for the PS3 than that best stick?

    • wing says:

      the HORI Fighting Stick 3 is a very good stick at its price level. the buttons are OK and they are easily changable.

      but there is one problem: I heard that it is not compatible with PS1/PS2 games. if you only play PS3 games, then it is a very good choice.

  4. chemicalRed says:

    Lol. I saw “Tekken 6 fix” and I thought they finally addressed the online

  5. Irongoat says:

    haha world wide aye because Australia/New Zealand aint part of the world…STUPID NAMCO!

  6. The Devil Kazuya says:

    yep no love for NZ or Aussie, good thing I imported mine from America day of release

  7. Col. Ray says:

    What’s the difference between Asia and American version? I pre-ordered but didn’t know there were variations. I hope I would get Asia’s.

  8. Irongoat says:

    i actually could have gotten an ntsc-j release before american release because some gay was pre-releasing it but i was afraid that the ntsc-j would mess with the server i connected to with online so decided to wait for 5.11 hows the game btw dkaz and you on psn?

  9. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Tekken 6 ps3 vs xbox 360.Appearently the ps3 won.
    They look the same too me!

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