FRY’S ELECTRONICS is having a 2-day sale that includes the TEKKEN 6 Fight Stick Bundle for only $99!  Stop by your local Fry’s to grab one while you still can!  Also the regular version of TEKKEN 6 is on sale for $47.99! Click below for more details!

(click for larger image)

21 Responses to FRY’S: TEKKEN 6 BUNDLE FOR $99!

  1. MarkMan says:

    Note, this deal is for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

    The stand alone game is also on sale for $47.99!

  2. n8nmonster says:

    See if your local Best Buy will price match the bundle!

  3. crazy skip says:

    why am i living in nz right now!!!


  4. AAK says:

    This is the last time I’m ever preordering a game.

    • Mundo says:

      The only way you’ll get the code for the banners/Cardboard Samurai outfit is through the preorder though.

      Same with other retailers, unless I’m missing something.

  5. Some Japanese guy says:


  6. jsl says:

    Fail. I aeint buying this game until they fix all the freggin bugs!

  7. PhantomJ says:

    Lawl, and I just returned my extra copy to GS. Mmm…tempting, but I already have T6, not to mention the stick most likely sucks. Someone buy it so I can buy your artbook.

  8. chemicalRed says:

    I paid $5 extra just to get my game early… It cost more but it was worth it I guess.

  9. Rip says:

    Hmm..this is interesting, because I happened to be at Frys this afternoon, and I actually LOOKED at the bundle, but it didn’t have the sale price mentioned anywhere. What store was that ad for?

  10. gmbluedestiny says:

    Man if i lived in the U.S., i so would picked up one for each system. Instead, I ended up paying almost $200 bucks from for the ps3 bundle itself.

    so mad ><

  11. MAc says:

    This is why I never pre-order something better always comes anywhos I picked up two too and this sell is ridiculous $50 off a brand new game I was like whoa! FRY’s rocks!!!1

  12. Ayumi says:

    I pre-order and didn’t receive the calendar. :P

    • Blind Ghost says:

      ya me neither but who cares. im loving T6 right now.

      Take Heed Everyone, f you challenge Ayumi, she will hand you your ass. im not joking.

      shes good with 5 female characters..cause you know shes a female XD.

      im pro and she gave me a hard time. of course there was laggage but…still she is a pro at tekken.

      let me finish scenario mode and customize all 7 characters then ill start practice. and i wil be better Ayumi. and stop throwing so much !

  13. Digitalhikari says:

    I went to my local Fry’s and they didn’t have any bundles available, nor did they know of any discount on, probably since it wasn’t a local ad. I tried taking it to 2 Best Buys, and I got real close to getting out the door with it, but casher got to suspicious about the price since it was such a big difference, that the manager didn’t honor it. I’m sure it is possible to get it from best buy depending on the cashier that you go to.

  14. MarkMan says:

    Deal is now over :(

    • asdf says:

      So, Mr. Markman, any words of Namco regarding the online?

      I know you’re doing your best and I greatly appreciate, but I’m kinda impatient lol

      Thanks again.

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      Tekken 6 ps3 vs xbox 360.Appearently the ps3 won.
      They look the same too me!

  15. Imissedit! says:

    Oh I missed it >_<!

    Do you guys think they might be doing this ever again?
    I'd DEFINITELY buy the stick from Frys at such a steal like that.

    …maybe they'll have another sale during black Friday or Holidays?

    any predictions?

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