FRY’S ELECTRONICS is having a 2-day sale that includes the TEKKEN 6 Fight Stick Bundle for only $99!  Stop by your local Fry’s to grab one while you still can!  Also the regular version of TEKKEN 6 is on sale for $47.99! Click below for more details!

(click for larger image)


21 thoughts on “FRY’S: TEKKEN 6 BUNDLE FOR $99!

    1. The only way you’ll get the code for the banners/Cardboard Samurai outfit is through the preorder though.

      Same with other retailers, unless I’m missing something.

  1. Lawl, and I just returned my extra copy to GS. Mmm…tempting, but I already have T6, not to mention the stick most likely sucks. Someone buy it so I can buy your artbook.

  2. Hmm..this is interesting, because I happened to be at Frys this afternoon, and I actually LOOKED at the bundle, but it didn’t have the sale price mentioned anywhere. What store was that ad for?

  3. Man if i lived in the U.S., i so would picked up one for each system. Instead, I ended up paying almost $200 bucks from for the ps3 bundle itself.

    so mad ><

  4. This is why I never pre-order something better always comes anywhos I picked up two too and this sell is ridiculous $50 off a brand new game I was like whoa! FRY’s rocks!!!1

    1. ya me neither but who cares. im loving T6 right now.

      Take Heed Everyone, f you challenge Ayumi, she will hand you your ass. im not joking.

      shes good with 5 female characters..cause you know shes a female XD.

      im pro and she gave me a hard time. of course there was laggage but…still she is a pro at tekken.

      let me finish scenario mode and customize all 7 characters then ill start practice. and i wil be better Ayumi. and stop throwing so much !

  5. I went to my local Fry’s and they didn’t have any bundles available, nor did they know of any discount on, probably since it wasn’t a local ad. I tried taking it to 2 Best Buys, and I got real close to getting out the door with it, but casher got to suspicious about the price since it was such a big difference, that the manager didn’t honor it. I’m sure it is possible to get it from best buy depending on the cashier that you go to.

    1. So, Mr. Markman, any words of Namco regarding the online?

      I know you’re doing your best and I greatly appreciate, but I’m kinda impatient lol

      Thanks again.

  6. Oh I missed it >_<!

    Do you guys think they might be doing this ever again?
    I'd DEFINITELY buy the stick from Frys at such a steal like that.

    …maybe they'll have another sale during black Friday or Holidays?

    any predictions?

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