GameStop Exclusive TEKKEN Gift Package Details

Just a reminder to anyone on the fence about preordering TEKKEN 6! The TEKKEN Gift Package is exclusive to GameStop stores and ! You can secure your preorder goodies by putting $25 down in store or reserving it online. For more details and pics of the goodies, click below!

The Tekken 6 Pre-Order Package includes…
Limited Edition Tekken 6 Samurai Pack Downloadable Content:

The downloadable content pack includes an official Cardboard Tube Samurai outfit designed by Penny Arcade exclusively for Yoshimitsu. Turn the legendary samurai into the dual-cardboard-tube-wielding warrior as featured in Tekken 6! The pack also includes limited edition Samurai Battle Banners with which you may customize each of the 40 fighters in Tekken 6. Transform your favorite characters with the Samurai Pack show and show-off your supremacy online!

Limited Edition Tekken Calendar:

The collectable calendar features the hottest characters of Tekken with incredible graphic detail!

Note: This gift pack is currently available to North American residents only.


19 thoughts on “GameStop Exclusive TEKKEN Gift Package Details

  1. Oh I totally forgot about the fact that there will probably be tons of downloadable content for T6. Hopefully we will see new customizations, new costumes, new stages, and maybe even *gasp* new characters!

  2. yeah i really hope they will do tons of customizations i will buy everythink (expect womens i dont play them ^^) but i dont think they will make new characters or stages(maybie) this will be for the next tekken.

    125 days till the iron fist day :)

  3. I reserved it already but didn’t get any of the bonus content yet like the calendar. I assume I will get it release day?

  4. dude, read the news! it clearly says: “Note: This gift pack is currently available to North American residents only.”

  5. on the Calendar i just called a coupe of Gamestops in TX and they dont have it, they said they wont have it until T6 comes out…which is kinda of..well….retarded !

  6. i got a question the Limited Edition Tekken 6 Samurai Pack Downloadable has only 1 custom for yochimitsu and flags i mean is ther another custom for the others players in the samurai pack ?

  7. Wireless controllers…
    Will they come with a USB cable, or at least we can plug it in to the USB?

    Wireless connections should be disabled in a big event such as Evo, if that is possible.

    Just my two cents.

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