TEKKEN 6 is less than a month away!  Have you preordered your copy yet? If you haven’t yet, you’re in luck!  SDTEKKEN is here to school you on all the extra goodies you can score by putting a deposit down on this hot title!  Click below for the full menu of goodies!

Click above image for larger version.

  • Wal-Mart
    Lars Laser Cell
  • GameStop / EB Games
    TEKKEN 6 Calender, Cardboard Tube Samurai DLC
  • GameCrazy
    Kazuya Laser Cell, Devil Jin Chain & Pendant, Jin Metal Card
  • Amazon
    Cardboard Tube Samurai DLC
  • Best Buy (In Store Only)
    Kazuya Laser Cell, Paul’s Color Tattoo Arm Sleeve
  • Play N Trade
    TEKKEN 6 Poster, Paul’s Tattoo Arm Sleeve
  • Frys
    TEKKEN 6 Poster, Paul’s Tattoo Arm Sleeve
  • Future Shop
    Heihachi & Nina Metal Cards

Get to it and preorder today!

44 Responses to TEKKEN 6 PREORDER GUIDE!

  1. Slim Reaper10 says:

    getting the Gamestop one.

  2. SuperNova says:

    Niice!! I got the Gamestop pre-order so I’m set. Although a Paul Phoenix tat would have been nice…

  3. SuperNova says:

    BTW is it true that each character now has 200 new moves added to their command list? IDK if thats true or ppl where just talkin’ sh*t…

  4. CeaserDeebo says:

    thanks for this

    I’ll be purchasing my copy from the UK (gamestation)

    • shaffy_oppa says:

      but gamestation don’t give any exclusives do they? I seen play.com give a badge -_- and GAME give 40 character cards with profiles and move lists.

  5. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    Got the Paul Tatto Sleeve and Kazuya cell Already off ebay,

    Im dieng to buy Devil Jin Chain & Pendant

  6. SHADi says:

    Ooh. Wish there was a Game Crazy so I can get that pendant. I preordered from Gamestop, so I’m quite content with that calendar.

  7. Spiriax says:

    Wow, I’d love to have the Jin necklace. Looks sweet. However I ain’t preordering from any of these, I’ll be buying the game from my local video game store. :)

  8. FANGBANGER says:

    Already preordered the gamestop one
    but fuck it, I want that Pendant !!! So I’m buying two copies.

    Anyone want one?

  9. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    Unfortunetly id love to buy the Necklace but im from uk we will have some other pre order shif avaiable through game.co.uk website only not gamestation some sorts of characters cards all 40 of them with their top 10 moves and cgi pic

  10. SuPaSuPau says:

    anyone know if the arcade stick bundle is available at GameCrazy also? It’d be nice to get that pendant along with the stick bundle

  11. yaks88 says:

    im gettin my limited edition with hoodie thats the best edition there is

  12. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    cant wait too get my stick :)

  13. Anon says:

    I would preorder it at GameStop but I need to know if they’re doing a midnight release first.

  14. AssassinX21 says:

    I guess I’ll be getting the gamestop one.

  15. Yoshimattsu says:

    Does anyone know if the chain/pendant will be available if you preorder it for psp???

  16. DIGGS-86 says:


  17. VenoM362 says:

    They better give me my calendar and Yoshimitsu dlc at Gamestop. I’m working a shity job to pay off the special edition.

  18. Ji3 says:

    I can get some of this from ebay now!? Bump that cuz I preordered mine from GS already

  19. Ji3 says:

    …a damn calander…

  20. Blind Ghost says:

    I Just want a Fucking Balck Shirt wiht the Tekken Logo.

    thats alll i want. I could give two shits about stickers and crap.

    just want a nice fucking shirt or a Hoodie.

  21. TCO-TheOne says:

    I am getting the chain since i got the game crazy one that’s good shit now i have something to show off TEKKEN with now i just need the hoodie lol.

  22. Ladyjin says:

    Plss how can i preorder it T_T i wanna buy from game crazy evil Jin Chain & Pendant, Jin Metal Card
    but i dont know how :(

    Pls send me an email lovely people T_T

    THANK YOUU <3<3<3 i love jin :D

  23. LADYJin says:

    Heyy plss i want to buy
    devil Jin Chain & Pendant, Jin Metal Card
    but i dont know how T_T
    can anyone help mee so plssss i love ittt

    THANK youuuu :D

  24. kogetsu says:

    Will the metal cards be available latr for each character; like in a set? Or is it just those characters and exclusive only to preorders at those places?

  25. Arashi says:

    I called my gamecrazy just now, only get pendant with ps3 version =/ ..

  26. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    PS3 Price Cut Will Help Push TEKKEN 6 Sales Higher

  27. Malakai says:

    In europe Zavvi.co.uk has the best prices on single tekken6 game, 40 euros. Play.com is 10 euros more expensive but you get a tekken6 logo pin.

  28. […] SDTekken.com has created a guide for people who want to pre-order Tekken 6 in different stores.  It appears that different stores have different items included in their Pre-Order bundle.  You can click the article here. […]

  29. LADYJin says:

    Hey there
    i was on the gamecrazy website but i didnt found it :(

    Can someone send me or write the link to preorder the chain and metal card (jin) plsssss

    I couldnt found ittt plssssss T_T

  30. LADYJin says:

    sry for double post but its really important for me ..
    I really want the chain T_T

    Pls guys lovely guys help mee

    i need the link :(

  31. Anna Williams says:

    Game Crazy’s unfair!

  32. kogetsu says:

    Is there any way to get any of the other items directly from namdai? I’d like to have the cels and metal cards. Would be cool if it game as a set like the playing cards. The cel design is something I’d like to see on a t-shirt.

  33. LADYJin says:

    T_T i want the devil chain plssssssss

  34. DIGGS-86 says:

    Pissed because my gamecrazy doeesnt know if the game comes with any of this bleep……

  35. […] TEKKEN 6 PREORDER GUIDE a Tekken News Resource41 Responses to TEKKEN 6 PREORDER GUIDE Slim Reaper10 Says SDTekken com has created a guide for people who want to pre order Tekken 6 in different stores source: sdtekken.com […]

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