Penny-Arcade Roger Jr. TEKKEN 6 New Page!

TEKKEN.COM has updated with a new page for the Roger Comic.  Check it out here:

31 Responses to Penny-Arcade Roger Jr. TEKKEN 6 New Page!

  1. MarkMan says:

    I apologize the page isn’t updated yet. Should be up soon.

  2. TCO-TheOne says:

    MarkMan are these the 7 articles you are talking about for this week.

  3. yaks88 says:

    yeah markman please tell me were these articles meant to be be a suprise or is there tons more fantastic news please markman shock us all!

  4. MarkMan says:

    Just keep checking the site !

  5. tekkenlover says:

    hey new vid of jin and alisa playin tekken force for 3 minutes in this vid

  6. tekkenlover says:

    ok i am confuse cuzlink is correct however when i click on it it says if the vedio is new you have to wait a while!!?

  7. tekkenlover says: my bad here is the correct one

  8. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    FUNNEY BUT KINDA Gay. . .sorry im just stating my opinion

    Cant wait for Tekken 6 :)

  9. Ryuhza says:

    Soo, has it updated yet?

  10. PhantomJ says:

    ICEYOUCOLD = Blindghost?

  11. tekkenlover says:

    iceyoucold well most people could care less what u thik, cuz most people like me love the idea of tekkenforce

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Who doesnt want TEKKEN FORCE ?? I fucking loved that mode since TEKKEN 3. Glad they are Bringing it back with online Functionality.

  12. Di says:

    Where’s the new page? On the 4th I’ve got the CTS advertisement and on the 5th: “MORE PAGES COMING SOON…”, while the 6th is blank… o_O

  13. L_Z_N says:

    Markman somehow, used the new page..for the title/header thing…I guess

    But no new page? me sad.. :(

  14. Izzy says:

    Still no new page…

  15. KW says:

    Patience guys, it’ll be up soon enough.

    And Tekken Force in T4 was great but needed improvements, & it looks like Namco have done it. Only disappointment is that in Australia we have to wait a few more days to play the game then in the US.

  16. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    Unfortunetly its not True

    Tekken 6 will not be running at 1080 version on any console

    Both will only support 720p

    due to microsoft’s crappy only 720p Namco sacrifised it for PS3 aswell.


  17. The Devil, Kazuya says:

    Thats not really true either.
    Nice try though. Actually sorry sony fanboi’s but it’s likely to be slightly superior on the 360. You can latch on to how Namco is dumbing down tekken 6 because of the 360 but this simply isn’t true. Look at any third party game on both platforms, they tend to be slightly better on the 360 frame rate, graphics wise because the 360 CPU is much easier to develop for and actually has a more powerful GPU.

    1. Doesnt have the slow down the arcade also suffers from (running on playstation hardware) no word yet if this has been resolved on the ps version but it did have the same problem a while back.

    2. “Console fanatics may wish to latch on to clearly invisible minute differences between the two versions in order to demonstrate the superiority of their chosen platform.

    Should that prove too much effort, the fact that the PS3 version is apparently set to display only in 1024×576 resolution with 2xAA whilst the Xbox version displays at a mere 1366×768 with no AA should be sufficient to establish the superiority of one version to the wretchedly inferior competing version.


    Resolution is king, and 2x AA is not enough to make a big difference. Really it’s going to look mostly identicle on both system but if you really must make this a competiton The PS3 will actually be scaling up to 720p. While the Xbox 360 will be scaling down to 720p. Do the math….

    The proof is in the pudding, I expect it to be nearly indicernable, the 360 is running a higher res but with no AA, the playstation a lower res with some AA which equalises it. What you should be worried about is the frame rate and the 360 has a reputation for having the stronger frame rate and loading times of the two when it comes to third party titles.

    Flame away, kiddies but this is the truth….

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      Ok,The reason why most multi-platform games look better on the xbox 360 is because they Are made on 360 first and then “ported” too ps3. . .overall the ps3 has better graphics. . .look at killzone 2 and uncharted 2. . .Cant be done on xbox 360. . .
      Now when you make a game on ps3 and port it too 360 It will look better on PS3. . .Thats why burnout paradise looked better on ps3 then on xbox 360!
      Sorry but you can not ignore the fact that the xbox 360 can not produce full 1080p.

      Now it’s not just the graphics that’ll be better. The PS3 has 8 cores, and the 360 has 3. The PS3 is able to handle more tasks simultaneously. This means you’ll have better AI, better graphics, more dynamic environment…etc. A game system being able to handle multiple things at once can make for better gameplay. Example: Killzone 2. Enemies never have the same animation when dying. You have all of this stuff going on in the background while fighting a large horde of enimies. You may have very dynamic lightning storms and explosions going on in the background. Ok, so that’s more-or-less fancy visuals.

      How about Resistance 2? Resistance 2 has a lagless 8-player co-op mode. There’s times where you’re in a big map and you’ll go up against about 100 enemies with 8 other players and no lag! That’s how exclusives get you good gameplay.

      Now disc space. . .Sorry, but not having any media player that exceeds DVD format does mean it sucks, thus, they are NOT equal.

      There’s no comparing Single Layer DVD(4.7GB) or Double Layer DVD(8.54GB) to a Single Layer Blu-Ray(25GB) or a Double Layer Blu-Ray(50GB). The consoles are far from equal.

      Xenon and cell are far from equal. . .

    • PhantomJ says:

      Sorry to point this out, but Tekken 6 was built on the PS3 engine originally.

      Yeah, figure that out.

  18. kazamajin says:

    hey,it still dont have any new pages!!!WtF

  19. The Devil, Kazuya says:

    You make some valid points ICEYOUCOLD but As I said this isn’t a technical competition about which platform is superior, we all know PS3 is it in theory. But the proof is in the games and too be honest I dont think we have seen all this supposed power of PS3 in action just yet apart from a couple of first party exclusives.

    Like I said the 360 is much easier to develop for and it has a better GPU and it shows. So many consoles have failed because they didn’t have a user friendly development enviroment and all the power of those processors doesnt help anyone if it’s not easy to program for thats the real reason why general quality is higher on Xbox 360 because only sony’s pocket developers know how to get the best from the system.

    Also the reason why killzone has such good online is simply because it has dedicated servers, it’s got nothing to do with the console itself. Tekken is a fighter and with all fighters you have to make it P2P it doesnt work like an FPS game it’s all about the one on one connection. Tekken’s online will be decided on the quality of it’s netcode and thats final. Ever played DR online? It’s terrible….

    I didn’t want this to turn into a console war because I think they are stupid, but many people were just spouting rubbish in this thread. I have given you the actual technical specification of what each console is running and it’s clear on a technical level which which is the superior.

    Why is the Ps3 version version of the game actually running at a lower resolution (upscaled to 720p) if it’s so superior? besides I doub’t the arcade version is actually running 1080p i play it every week and it has alot of jaggies. it’s also running on Playstation architecture and it has SLOWDOWN!

    People just need to get over themselves and realise this game isn’t being dumbed down because its on 360. Even the director for MGS4 admits the 360 could easily replicate that game.

    Both systems will be running 720p simply because they both probably can’t run the game at a stable 60fps at 1080p.

    and on that note you are wrong about the 360, it can in fact do 1080p at release it couldn’t but they released a firmware update to allow it pretty early on in the peace.

    It really doesnt matter, we will all soon find out because you cant tell until you are playing the game. I will be playing on both the 360 and PS3 so i dont care other than the fact that I wish it was released for PC (which is the real superior platform) so I could run it at full HD with 8x AA but thats never going to happen sadly.

    once again.

    PS3: 1024×576 2xAA
    Xbox360: 1366×768

    No prizes guessing which one is actually better on paper….

  20. The Devil, Kazuya says:

    I do stand corrected on one thing, seems like Xbox360 tends to upscale to 1080p which isnt true 1080p. But the fact remains the arcade is running on playstation architecture and only runs at 720p from what I can tell so there is no dumbing down going on.When you see the 360 version is actually running at a higher resolution than the PS3 that claim starts to look at bit ridiculous.

    Even if this was the case why would they care that the xbox 360 version looked worse? it would be like making the graphics on a Xbox360 game that is also released on Ps2 look the same. there is no point, If they could use all this power to make the ps3 version better they would, even if there was no xbox 360 version it would still be as it stands.

    reality is, both games are going to be superior incarnations of the arcade version.

  21. Izzy says:

    And back on topic, still no new pages.

  22. KW says:

    “You know what, i don’t care.

    Destroy it”.


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