TEKKEN 6 Goes Gold, Online Features Revealed!

TEKKEN 6  has gone gold for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!  Click below for official press release and a glimpse of the game’s online features!

The Next King of Iron Fist Tournament is Ready to Commence as Tekken 6 Has Gone Gold

Blockbuster franchise is set to come out swinging with intense brawls and exciting online features.

October 9, 2009 – SANTA CLARA, Calif. – The wait is almost over as NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. announced today that TEKKEN 6 has gone gold for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. Available on October 27 at retailers nationwide, the latest installment of the top-selling video game series is packed with edge-of-your-seat action, new online and offline gameplay modes, a robust character roster, and stunning visuals. A limited TEKKEN 6 premium fight stick bundle will also be available at launch to provide players with even more pulse-pounding experiences with every bone jarring punch.

A must-have for fighting aficionados, TEKKEN 6 sees the return of many familiar faces and new characters to create the largest line-up in franchise history. Adding to the already robust gaming experience, the dynamic and destructible environments will enable players to punch their enemies through concrete walls or kick them through floors to open a whole new battleground. With robust character customization, online gameplay, and a new action Scenario Campaign mode, TEKKEN 6 will be the best “King of Iron Fist Tournament” yet.

With full support via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online entertainment network, TEKKEN 6 will include the following online features:

Ranked Match and Player Match:

  • Rank up or just improve your fighting skills by battling opponents worldwide in online versus mode with voice chat functionality

Data Upload & Download:

  • Create and upload customized ghost characters which accurately replicate your fight style
  • Any player in the world can download your ghost to take on your virtual self in a one-on-one battle even when you’re not online
  • Upload replays of killer matches to share with friends and opponents worldwide

Scenario Campaign Online Co-op

  • New feature available this winter as a free post-launch downloadable update
  • Jump into intense two player online co-op campaigns against AI controlled enemies and experience the dramatic large-scale action with friends around the globe


  • Battle Points: online only, split between World, Asia, America and Europe
  • Rank: overall online and offline ranking, from Beginner to Tekken God
  • Additional rankings include Ranked Match, Scenario Campaign, Time Attack and Survival

TEKKEN 6 is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB and will be available on October 27, 2009 with a MSRP of $59.99. The premium TEKKEN 6 fight stick bundle will be available for $149.99, while supplies last. For more information on TEKKEN 6, please visit: www.tekken.com or www.namcobandaigames.com.

About NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.
NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. is a leading interactive entertainment software publisher and developer based in Santa Clara, CA. The company is a part of the NAMCO BANDAI group of companies known for creating and publishing many of the industry’s top video game franchises including the PAC-MAN, SOULCALIBUR, Naruto and Tekken brands. For more information about NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. and our products log onto www.namcobandaigames.com.

143 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Goes Gold, Online Features Revealed!

  1. Killbomb says:

    Finally…the wait is almost over.

    • **** says:

      Been thinking about this, why would anyone pay $60 for a prettier version of Tekken 5 with a redressed version of the horrendous Devil Within and “tons of new items” which you’ll never be able to afford? Wouldn’t a normal person rather spend that money on a game that has A LOT more to offer like COD2, Uncharted 2 or even Assassin’s Creed II and just buy Tekken 5 DR on the PSN for like 10 bucks instead?

      I mean I’d love to play this game but is it really worth $60?

      • Aldrin says:

        “I mean I’d love to play this game but is it really worth $60?”

      • Spiriax says:

        A prettier version of Tekken 5? Not only is it prettier, but there IS gameplay changes you know.
        The new scenario is nothing like Devil Within. Devil Within mode had a very limited choice of moves, while the new Scenario Mode is more like old Tekken Force; you get a characters’ whole movelist, but “on the field”.
        Devil Within had very monotonous game design though, hope the Scenario Campaign won’t have that, but it sure looks promising in the trailers.
        At least it shall be MUCH more satisfying to pummel enemies if you can play the character like you want to play the character; with any moves from the movelist.

        And why wouldn’t you be able to afford items? In Tekken 5 there was no problem. Why would they make it so muck harder now?

        So, much prettier with motion blur and great customization options, new gameplay, next chapter in the story (finishing all the story modes first time is satisfying as hell), MUCH BETTER ONLINE, both in features and netcode (I sure hope..).

        That’s my opinion of T6 so far, lolz. :P

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Sorry but alot has changed from T5DR and 6. . .

  2. seele says:

    the wait is almost over, thanks god

  3. Ray says:

    This is going to be sickkkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Jayvee says:

    tekken God? that’s awesome :))

  5. Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

    Give us the podcast, MarkMan – you’re a meanie lol

  6. Dilly says:

    Offline ranking…So they’re finally giving us VS match ranking for offline? FINALLY!

  7. soft armpit girl says:

    another info…

    there will be PS HOME support for tekken like lounge or something.

  8. Blind Ghost says:

    Man i wanted Clan support. Fuck man, thats it.

    There has to be more.

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      I kinda feel you on that one but there is also gamebattles.com and they are already having tekken 6 as a game to rak on just waiting on the release. I think it is the first major fighting game they have amongst first person shooters so hopefully that could help if everyone jumps on there to register. Other than that wasnt there a trailer when tekken 6 was FIRST announced where they had teams of four for clasn or something like that? That trailer is super old and it was also in japanese so I couldnt read it though….

  9. CONCRETE_BODY says:

    I Hope There Is.

  10. Farhan says:

    can’t wait to fight against Markman’s ghost

  11. Aldrin says:

    Where’s the Lili/Asska pic from? A cutscene?

  12. krisq says:

    Replay upload! Finally!

  13. tatkino says:

    ? why is the co-op mode not on the disc

  14. yaks88 says:

    finally now i dont hav to die my life starts again

  15. yaks88 says:

    am i dreamin?

  16. I420t says:

    Can we have the trophy list?

  17. CHALLENGER 1980 says:

    So…..They should be printing and boxing our copies any moment now. *rubs hands together*

  18. chemicalRed says:

    What does it mean to go “gold”?

    • DeluksZ says:

      God disc is the final version. No changes will be made from now on, the game is 100% finished. Not a single bit will change from the gold version and your copy. That is gold version. Mother of all copies.

      I wanted a clan funcion too. But anyway, this is just awesome. Can somebody tell me something about ghost characters? How they learn? When they learn? How can I even create them and say that “Don’t learn what I do with Asuka, it is just fun, learn what I don with Miguel, that is hardcore”?

    • Zooop says:

      Wrong, it means it has sold a certain number of copies. Something in the realm of 500,000 or some such thing.

      • Concrete_Body says:

        No i believe you are wrong. it doesnt mean the same as when an album comes out and goes gold.

      • Zooop says:

        Except that it completely does. What DeluksZ said up there is utter rubbish. All versions of Tekken 6 shipping out are the final product – the game’s gold status is related only to sales off preorders and the like.

  19. CONCRETE_BODY says:

    ‘While there are a few
    different uses for the
    term (unfortunately), in
    the game industry, it is
    usually used to note that
    the particular game has
    been completed, and is
    therefore ready to be
    pressed onto disks for

  20. kazamajin says:

    i din’t know that lili have school outfits!!! :o

  21. BlackVen0m says:

    im sooo DAMN angry now..i asked MarkMan if your able to adjust the healthbar possition and change the hud in options..and he said As for now NOO!!

    i CANT FUK believe it!!! WHAT are they thinking??!! i mean WHY not!!! this turns me off like hell!! its a BIG thing for me!! YEAH it is!!! it turns me off like HELL! seeing arcade version is hyping me up like hell but not the console becouse of the LOW healthbar possition..i HATE it.it ruins the feeling!

    so i dont know how the hell a DLC will enable HUD possition but if thats possible i hope they realease it very fast after the game realease!! please we need more complains about this so they will add it..jsut like Fight night 4 every one complained about not being able to use the buttons for punching wich i agree with and now they have a DLC patch that enables buttons to punch soo i really hope namco do the same or else ill be so fu pissed of while playing the awesome game..

    • BlackVen0m says:

      if one has 1 complain then THIS is mine!! and yeah it is. just like you eat with your eyes to..if the food looks YUK you wont enjoy it that much..same with this life bar..it looks bad for me and it turns me off..it buggs me out and its annoying !! for god sakes namco!

    • inforcer says:

      I knew it was something weird about home version. Yeah those live bars suck, I would think thats just the default position and can be lowered or raised im hoping. it can mess with your juggles since its blocking the character when launched high enough durring juggles. this is class 2 launchers and it makes the stage atmosphere look smaller. Im with you on this blackvenom. Namco should have adjustment in options.

    • AssassinX21 says:

      Your joking right? it isn’t even a inch lower than the arcade version. If you pay more attention to the damn life bar than your opponent you need to stop playing Tekken seriously.

      Everyone is complaining about this and it’s getting very annoying how just a little change you people complain about and don’t care about big changes; so what you did uf+3+4 with Marduk and he went over the life bar OH NOESSSS! CALL 911! for god sakes stop your fucking complaining.

      • BlackVen0m says:

        noo im seriously not JOKING!!! CALL 911 NOW! and quick!! cause i cant stand it!! apparently i love tekken so much that the problem is big for me and i want to enjoy the game to the fullest!

        i love Tekken 6 and of course i will make love with the game while playing it BUT i want them to fix the issue with the positioning or else i wont ejaculate while making love to it! and that’s as important as the health bar positioning .over and out!

  22. Downplay says:

    Poor BlackVen0m. lol. Cry moar.

  23. The-Latin-Dragon says:

    I agree with BlackVen0m, maybe is a little detail but is annoying. u cant either let it go cus u see it every time u play . its like that horrible song in STF4.

  24. Lili#1 Fan says:

    I love this picture of Lili and Asuka I can not wait to see how the rivalry turns out in both endings I love to see great rivalries.

  25. Tekken occult says:

    NO CLANS???????????????????????????????????

  26. Zooop says:

    Oh my god, stop complaining about what ISN’T in there.

  27. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Sc4 used deticated servers for the ps3 version.No doubt Tekken 6 will.

  28. The_Phenom says:

    I actually gotten use to the Health Bar so not big dealy :)

    • BlackVen0m says:

      ohh i wish i had the same opinion like you! i wouldn’t be irritated

      • VenoM362 says:

        Hey other Venom, I feel you man. The life bar is kinda low and there should be an option to adjust it, but hey! what can you do? Like Phenom said, you’ll just have to get use to it.
        Oh yeah, don’t rub your penis on Tekken 6 man! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!!! That’s NOT what Tekken is for,lol. If you bust a nut on Tekken 6 you’ll have to get a new copy.
        I’m just saying…

      • BlackVen0m says:

        lol venom :) not to meantion Phenom ..lol blackven0m phenom and venom.. what can you say!? rofl!

        anyway yeah after writing out all my frustration i feel a little better..im curtain they will have a DLC for the HUD ..im really curtain.cause its not just me that shares my opinion..i cant wait!! im going to be put in cryogenic sleep until 30th oct

      • Styv says:

        BlackV mate are you curtain?

        I don’t think Namco will waste time and money on a DLC Hud Mod at all, since Harada already stated that there would be no DLC for Tekken after launch.

        Probably the only DLC we’ll ever get is the Scenario CoOp cause they were late and didn’t manage to put it on disc.

  29. VenoM362 says:

    VenoM362’s ghost can whoop ass even when VenoM362 isn’t online!?
    That is so sick with it!!!

  30. Lili#1 Fan says:

    All I am saying is that Asuka reminds me of Jun and Lili is the perfect example of a rich girl who can handle her own + she does flips = Lili#1 Fan HAPPY!

  31. BlackVen0m says:

    GUYS attention please ^_^ check out my new Tekken Video I’d love to hear what you think Enjoy!! ^_^

  32. VenoM362 says:

    Good job Black VenOm, VenoM362 likes it.
    Good beats too.

  33. ched90 says:

    nice video

  34. The Devil Kazuya says:

    I am actually with BlackVenom on this one. I can’t believe that they would do this and not give you an option to adjust the hud, it really doesnt make much sence. The health bars are two god damed low. Just give us an option to adjust already namco, it cant be that hard.

    Seriously the bars obscure the fighters heads even when they are just standing there…

    Unfortunately, I have no idea where you would even start to generate noise about this to Namco so they patch the option in….

  35. Spiriax says:

    I agree. It is very random how they just out of nowhere reposition the health bars, when people have already been playing this game for 2 YEARS and become adjusted to the HUD.

    I hope you would get used to it BlackVen0m, mate, IF they wouldn’t put in an option for it, but then again there’s no reason for them not to.

    Your videos kicks ass as usual, rock on!

    • BlackVen0m says:

      Yeah i know..what can i do? anyway i really think they will fix it! the demands are high!

      and Thanx a lot for liking my videos my friend!! make sure to see it again Ive deleted the old one and redone it its a bit slower to.. the other one had some mistakes i had to take care of :)

  36. tekkenlover says:

    wow really u cant increase the health bar on versus mode?

  37. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    The release of Tekken 6 on PS3 and Xbox 360 is imminent, and computer graphics experts have decreed that the PS3 version is superior graphically.

    The release of Tekken 6 on PS3 and Xbox 360 is imminent, and computer graphics experts have decreed that the PS3 version is superior graphically.

    Sadly, the experts in question insisted on using Heihachi’s impressive yet geriatric physique to make the comparison, which can be seen below…

    With motion blur there is virtually no difference

    However, with motion blur off, visual quality is minutely improved and after much beating about the bush experts prefer the PS3 version

    The shocking inferiority of the Xbox 360 version in detail

    The PS3 version is also said to make full use of the additional 20GB of space allowed by the PS3’s Blu-ray format, although this looks all to have been squandered on shiny pre-rendered CG cutscenes.

    PS3 FTW!

    • SolRahlX says:

      Whoopty doo. They both play the same. I’ll be getting these for both systems so it really doesn’t matter to me.

    • MarkMan says:

      Both versions are great. Fanboyism blinds people.

      I wouldn’t say that the graphics are superior on PS3. To me, they both look good.

      • SolRahlX says:

        I’m just happy that people on either side of the fence will be able to play this awesome game. I’ve got a lot of people hype in my neighborhood.

      • acg137 says:

        fanboyism is overrated. I’m getting for both consoles just for the heck of counterbashing fanboys :P Kidding.

        A game is a game, enjoy the game :) That goes to all you fanboys out there.

        Waiting for info on the PSP version though; that would be fun to play during classes :)

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Well sorry but its the truth whether your a fanboy or not. . .Markey

      • DIGGS-86 says:

        It is what it is on fanboyism I guess but really if you think of it, we’ve(PS3) got no halo, gears, doa or even ace combat (anymore) but some we can actually do without. boohoo wah wah it aint fair but sharing (in my opinion) a lead sony title with no compromise. hell even kojima is making a 360 metal gear with raiden. We keep on giving and giving (shakes head sloving and wipes one tear for sony)…..

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Look at my videos on youtube about ace combat 7.
        Kojima already stated he wont be as involved with MGSR as he will be with MGS:peace walker(psp/sony).Thus,MGSR is a spin-off.
        Also Now that tekken 6 is muliti-platform I have no doubt in my mind,that DOA 5 will be muliti-platform.
        Dont forget microsoft is losing exclusives too like LOST PLANET.And now there is a rumour that Mass affect 2 will be coming too the playstation 3.

        In the end sony wins in some way. . .This generation will be no differnent.

        So that statement you made was pointless.

  38. bxfinest says:

    Sounds good though I wished they had put in online team battle tekken crash style. That’s what I actually thought was going to be the secret mode until scenario campaign dashed my hopes.

  39. TCO-TheOne says:

    MarkMan do you know if there will be music playback for the ps3 that would be cool or do anybody else know.

    • Spiriax says:

      Yes, that would ROCK if you could replace the stage songs with other songs on your ps3 hard drive.
      No matter how epic the songs are, you WILL get tired of them eventually, and damn we’ve come pretty far in development when it comes to video games, they should easily be able to do that!
      I know I requested it on Harada-sans blog, so I hope they have at least discussed it.

  40. Blind Ghost says:

    It might not be too late for that. there still 2 weeks left.

  41. Sakishiro says:

    Yo guys

    Yeah, I’m also against the low positioned health bars. Namco should definitely release an update that will enable you to change the HUD positions to your liking. So I think the best thing to do now for us that want the update, is to write to Namco and request it. The question though is, which of Namco’s e-mail addresses should we write to?

    • Spiriax says:

      Oh hi Sakishiro! It’s been a while, huh. :) Can’t wait to play with you in T6. (Fast du är för bra, hehe..)

      I don’t know myself about any e-mails, maybe we should ask MarkMan how we should manage if we wanna get ourselves heard? :P I dunno.

      • Sakishiro says:

        Hey Spiriax! Long time no see! ^^

        Yeah, hopefully Markman knows where we should send our request.

        Hehe, mm, kommer satsa på T6 som aldrig förr. Om du tyckte jag va för bra förut i T5DRO… Vänta bara nu till T6… ;) Fast jag kommer bara spela offline i början dock. Så jag kommer inte lira online på ett tag. Bästa sättet och bli bättre i TEKKEN är och spela offline. Och det är mycket roligare eftersom det är så mycket mer socialt.

        And to those of you that don’t know what language I just wrote in, it’s swedish ^^

    • BlackVen0m says:

      yeah post in haradas blog AND we need a email directly to namco also

      • Spiriax says:

        I just sent a message at his blog, someone else has to handle the e-mail. :)

        Sakishiro: Nice! Jag har lirat en del också, men bara mot kompisar.
        Men vi får lira mycket sen, det bästa sättet att bli bättre är nog att spela mot folk som är bättre än en själv. Sen ska det bli spännande att se hur stor skillnad det är om vi kommer kunna ha någon laggfri match, för jag har ju lyckats vinna nån rond här och där iaf, haha.
        Men jo, jag kommer också lira offline i början. Om inte annat för att bli van med alla nya moves och karaktärer. Man lär ju inte prova Lars första gången online, etc. ^^

        Sorry for speaking any other language than english here people, our discussion won’t be for long. :)

    • BlackVen0m says:

      tjena sakishiro god vän till spiriax! you are awesome!! its crazy how good you are!! seen you play and spiriax is very good to its amazing.i want to try you out in T6!! Keep it up man!

  42. TD says:

    “Upload replays of killer matches to share with friends and opponents worldwide”

    I wonder if this includes online matches, too. I hope so.

  43. The Devil Kazuya says:

    Seriously ICEYOUCOLD, get over yourself, mate. This console war is retarded, In motion I bet no one is going to notice the difference really, and I for one won’t be turning motion blur off.

    I will be enjoying Tekken 6 on both console’s but I think I am going to prefer the 360 one, simply because from what I hear load times are faster…..

    We really do need a valid contact address though for namco so we can show how many people are upset about the lifebar situation, to up our chances of patch to resolve it.

    • ICEYOUCOLD says:

      BLU-RAY DRIVES READ Alittle slower thats all.

      And,I dont understand whats wrong with the lifebars??

      • The Devil, Kazuya says:

        They are far to low due to over scanning. They are so low compared to the arcade the bars actually obscure the characters heads.

        Apart from my trepidation of the online netcode this is the only annoyance for me. The game looks great.

        Namco really need to patch in a option so we can modyfy the HUD for our specific TV’s I just wish I new where to email them to generate some noise about this.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        Make a video about it then. . .

    • Blind Ghost says:

      thats fucking BULLSHIT. Your calling him a Fanboy !!?!? after what you just said !?!?!?!



      MEANING you Cant even Play the Fucking Game Unless you Install the Second Disk on the Hard Drive.

      And your telling me LOAD TIMES ARE FASTER on the 360 !?!? Man Please, your the Fanboy.

      PS3 Version Hands Down the Better Version. I can tell you that shit And i ont even Own the FUCKING GAME YET.

      Yeah its that much of a Fact now. that 360 is straight up SHIT. The consols war is over buddy.

      If anything its a War between a Console that works and Console that doesnt.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        The game looks better on ps3 too. . .BECAUSE It was built ground up ON the playstation 3’s hardware.

        Forza 3 is pathetic too.GT4 had over 800 cars and 51 tracks.And it was on All ONE DISC! LOL.While forza will be on 2 disc
        200 cars on one disc and 200 on the other.When GT5 will be on one 50gb disc 1000+ cars and 120+ tracks.This show’s that DVD technology is showing its age.Disc swapping is a pain in the ass!


      • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

        Always trying to get attention, right, hoe? Such a scrub you are lol

        The load times on 360 are slightly faster – even with both games (on 360 and PS3) installed. Of course, refering only to the debug version of T6.

        Wait for the game and form yourself your opinions. Acting like a spoiled child pretending to not be a fanboy won’t help anything lol

        Such a scrub, hoe. Such a scrub. I’m that disappointed.

  44. Lili#1 Fan says:

    Why are you guys bashing people we are all Tekken fans so if you have something to say bad keep your mouth shut.

  45. kogetsu says:

    On the topic of life bars:

    I had an idea for a game mode called “Agressor” or “Tekken Tug of War” for Tekken 6 a few months back.

    Here’s the details:

    Basically it’s a mode where it forces the players to be “agressive” and play more offensively. So, its like the defensive training mode but the opposite.

    Here’s how it works:

    During the match, the life bar steadily decreases for both players. In order for it to go up, the player has to perform any kind of attack/throw. Any damage inflicted upon the opponent regenerates the life of the one who has done the damage. Their life increases by the damage points inflicted.

    I think this would be espeially intense with the timer set to infinite. The matches could essentially go back-and-forth like a tug-of-war sorta speak. With the timer set, however, it forces a definitive “rush to win by aggression” mentality. Certainly, this kind of mode will change “turtlers” gameplay style. In that sense, would it be right to “force” someone to change their style? I dunno but it probably would be a fun mode regardless, imo.

    Another interesting aspect to this mode would be the strategy implication. The thought process would be reverse. For example, it forces the people to also realize how much dmg each attack/throw does inadvertently. This comes into play especially when the life bar is at its critical point and an especially long ass juggle or throw is needed to regain their health. In essence, you will have to learn how do “dish-it-out” big time to survive.

    • BlackVen0m says:

      WOW what a great ide!! never thought of that!! wow i REALLY want this future!!! DAMN if only more people thought of this along time ago and posted requests on haradas blog we maybe would see this in the final version now!! who knows!

      • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

        Actually, pretty stupid idea. Traditional matches are better. Way better than pitibulling the other people with random attacks just for the sake of it lol

      • BlackVen0m says:

        i like the ide if you have it like a mode that you can choose if you like.! the ide of that the health bar goes down and you have to atak to retain the health.sounds kinda interesting but like you said.maybe it wouldn’t work

    • AssassinX21 says:

      Dumbest idea I have ever heard IN MY ENTIRE LIFE *facepalm* go back and read your stupid idea and please hit yourself directly in the genitals.
      If they are forced to throw someone guess what your opponent is going to do? duck and launch. if you make them pitbull guess what’s going to happen? they’re going to counter.

      YOU SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO DO WHAT IT TELLS YOU. you play to win and if your having problems against a pitbull, hybrid or turtler do something about it.

  46. coilover2005 says:

    To the people who are STILL on a rampage over console war, this is for you: http://www.myspace.com/chrissedivy

  47. coilover2005 says:

    Oops… 4get the above link. I copied the wrong one! Here’s the real one you console fan boys… http://www-scf.usc.edu/~albertla/funny/ThinkBefore.jpg

    With all the good thing’s to talk about in the next 16 days and some of you are still complaining!?!?!?! WOW…

  48. kogetsu says:

    I just realized there is a certain flaw in this mode..maybe it can be seen as a flaw or not.

    What could happen is this:

    Whomever has has the upperhand could essentially play “turtle” style to get an advantage so this mode would not be fair in that sense, but it still forces the one who is about to die to be more aggressive.

  49. bxfinest says:

    On a side note, any word on markman’s tekken 6 review? I’m wondering how good the xconverter360 is working with it.

  50. I420t says:

    Thanks yup yup, you made my day! Good list.

  51. Killbomb says:

    The revealed trophies look fairly easy. A bit surprised there are so many for Scenario Campaign. Hope we get some info on the secret trophies soon.

  52. The Devil, Kazuya says:

    yeah, personally the trophies look a little lackluster, not much thinking outside the box here. hopefully there are some decent secret ones. man they are really pushing the SC mode arent they. I hope the targetting issues it seems ot have is just because the people I have been watching playing it suck at the game….

  53. I420t says:

    The trophies could be easy to entice some of the noobs and trophy whores. I think the difficulty of SF4 & MKVDC trophies really turned some people off. Namco made a good desicion in making the trophies “accessable” even though they are a little SCMode heavy.

  54. ched90 says:

    i thought its going to have more trophies like combo trophie et grab break trophie something like that

  55. Lili#1 Fan says:

    All of you bashing kogetsu’s ideas stop it!

  56. MyOwnWorstEnemy says:

    And now the longest 2 weeks ever will commence…

  57. CeaserDeebo says:

    I kinda hoped for a online team battle

  58. anon says:

    This site is reporting that Tekken will be released for the iPhone but I’m not convinced yet

  59. Lili#1 Fan says:

    MyOwnWorstEnemy you are right these will be the longest 2 weeks ever.

  60. SolRahlX says:

    Man this is going to be a gruesome wait period.

  61. BlackVen0m says:

    omg so painful to wait for the podcast as painful as waiting for tekken 6! plz release it already lol

  62. imlinked says:

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    Still, I’m sure these little additions would help Namco more than it’ll hurt them. Wonder why they didn’t implement them.

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