Tekken 6 Combo Collaboration Video By Golden Eggs & Hisame With Review!

The legendary living combo machine Golden Eggs and friend Hisame have just released a new collaboration combo video with up to 10 minutes of footage! Click above to view the video and click below for the review!

Tekken 6 Collaboration Combo Vid by Golden Eggs & Hisame review:


1. The intro scene was actually very refreshing, with new footage from the Tekken: Blood vengeance trailers, it spices things up visually.

2. Hisame’s W! to W! designs are absolutely fantastic, with a lot of moments where it looks like the combo has finished with the momentum of the combo then suddenly there’s an extra hit on the W!

3. 1:06 was a great Lee combo with hard execution, up to 11 hits too!

4. There’s nothing like multiple uses of UB!s with the next combo by Golden Eggs, with Kazuya’s B+1+4 as a starter on W! with the last hit being b+1+4 as a 70% hit!

5. 1:28 showed an insane display of technical skill and patience with a King W! to W! combo.

6. All I can say is from 1:39 to 2:40 they are all exceptional combos.

7. The following combo shows off some very flashy W! popping skills! There are also a lot of these throughout the video by the pair, all awesome indeed.

8. Hisame throughout the video displays some great Mishima talent with Kaz, DVJ and Heihachi!

9. Golden eggs makes clever use of DVJ’s u/f+1+2 laser by using it multiple times to land at a W! angled to create distance for a WR stomp FB!

10. The Lili B! design by both of the combo makers was great! I didn’t expect that to work, it would have been a little bit better if it was a non W! combo but it’s all good!

11. The AK skills from 3:49 to 4:03 is very inspirational.

12. The next combo was a superb collision design! Kazuya’s CH d/f+(3),(2),1 C! into b+1+4 W! was amazing!

13. 4:44 was a great Alisa design by the duo, with Panda’s head being the force that stops the bear from flipping over from Alisa’s chainsaw attack!

14. Golden Eggs performed a fantastic Nina combo with her f,f+4 W! into tech roll CC 1+4 B!

15. The Heihachi combo at 6:17 was amazing! WS+1 into a DEWGF into combo! Great stuff!

16. The Julia combo next was a creative and technical feat (from TTT2 footage Julia’s iWR+1 doesn’t have that roll back property anymore, unfortunately).

17. A great AK death combo at 8:42!

18. Almost every combo was an absolute gem, so much new and updated stuff!

19. The music was well-fitting to the upcoming titles of Tekken approaching and kept the mind focused on the video.

QUICK FUN FACT: Golden Eggs technical skill throughout his combo career is so perfected many have believed him to use a programmable stick, but he performs all his combos by hand. He is a true talent!


1. Although the combos were great, quite a few combo designs have been seen before by such combo artists as KYSG Deep Theater and Drake the Demon and a few others (i.e Heihachi’s ST f+3, d+1 B! and Lee ST f+2,1, iWR+3,4 ETC). However a lot of these were done in different situations and smaller opps.

2. The video quality from Golden Eggs was good for a camcorder but some of Hisame’s footage wasn’t great with the brightness from some of the stages, but it was all viewable mostly!

3. The video screen sizes didn’t always match, but this is only minor.

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  1. DIGGS-86 says:

    a very entertaining execution vid……first

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