3DS Will Get Its Own Tekken Game

Another Tekken game has been announced during E3 2011. It’s going to hit Nintendo 3DS but the details have an “unknown” status at the moment. Hope we will find out more soon.

8 Responses to 3DS Will Get Its Own Tekken Game

  1. Play Asia Fan Club says:

    hope it’s not spin off like card game in wonderswan

  2. It’s Not. It should be a full game, not quite Tag 2 but more than T6 Home Version. It features the younger Heihachi from TTT2. I sent in the tip :D

  3. Tekkenlover says:

    tekken in nintendo is not new, tekken first came to nintendo back in gameboy advance

  4. ICEYOU says:

    What about the PSVITA?

  5. Here’s the tech demo..is this lame?… I Don’t Think So.

  6. IphoneTekken says:

    where the iphone? and andriod you promise last year

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