TEKKENBOB Midnight Twitter Contest!

TEKKENBOB is having a Midnight Twitter Contest!  Take pictures of yourselves picking up your copy of TEKKEN 6 at your local retailer tonight and post them up on Twitter.  TEKKENBOB will pick the 10 best pictures and winners will  receive their choice of a Tekken TapouT shirt, an Xbox 360 faceplate, or a PlayStation 3 skin.  Click below for more details!

To celebrate the midnight launch of Tekken 6, Bob is asking people to take pictures of themselves picking up the game tonight at their local stores.  GameStop, EBGames, Meier, and Wal-Mart should be offering the game then, among others. Once people pick up the game, they take a picture of themselves holding the newly purchased copy of Tekken 6 and post it to their Twitter account.  They have to send it to @TekkenBob and use #Tekken6 in their post.

We’ll pick out the 10 best pictures submitted, and the winners will receive their choice of a Tekken TapouT shirt, an Xbox 360 faceplate, or a PlayStation 3 skin.

As a bonus, if someone takes a video of themselves picking up Tekken 6 at a midnight launch and then posts it to Twitter, we’ll pick out our favorite video and that winner will receive all three prizes.

The cutoff for submissions is at 5am Pacific, so that the Hawaii folks can get their entries in.  We’ll pick out winners tomorrow morning and then post them on Twitter.

I also hear that Bob may be offering up some other cool swag on Twitter tomorrow.  ;)

43 Responses to TEKKENBOB Midnight Twitter Contest!

  1. mistmatch says:

    FIRST. haha il be picking my game up very soon

  2. DIGGS-86 says:

    Fuck man, I pre ordered my shit in january and now they saying it aint gonna be a midnight release

  3. Ayumi says:

    Now SD tekken doesn’t have… never mind! :P

  4. MarkMan says:

    For reference, here are midnight locations in the US:


    * Note please call them to be sure they are participating!

  5. chemicalRed says:

    I got my copy earlier today
    the offline is awesome
    online SUCKS

  6. The Devil kazuya says:

    Yep, so much for it being better than SCIV and DR, when in reality it should be at least as good as VF5 if the netcode team were worth a damn at namco.

    I won’t be buying the game unless namco acknowledge the problems and say they are working on fixing it. There just isnt enough of a scene here for me to justify a purchase if I only get to play with myself and all my friends are no good at fighters.

    Alot of people are trying to say its due to their connection, but these same people say that SFIV (which has pretty bad netcode) runs fine compared to Tekken. Some even say it’s actually worse than DR.

    If you have a full green bar then it should be almost flawless just like SFIV is. and dont get me started on GGPO like games, or Virtual fighter 5 for that matter.

    Of course Namco’s answer will probably be to nerf the indicators so no one displays a green bar.
    After 4 years wait I am very dissapointed to the point of almost heartbreak.

  7. tekkenlover says:


    • chemicalRed says:

      Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but its true; the online is very “laggy”… I played one or two decent matches with minimal lag… Simple put ; the lag is not tolerable

  8. The Devil kazuya says:

    Check out the Tekken Zaibatsu thread. alot of outraged people there. Also some that say it’s fine, but all expectations are relative and it just doesnt look promising….

    Lets just hope Namco have something good up their sleeves when they release the online -co-op patch in december.

    But seriously they just need to hire the guy that wrote GGPO to teach them how to do netcode…

  9. Blind Ghost says:


  10. The Devil kazuya says:

    Check out this utube vid.

    I mean seriously I dont know what markman was going on about, this guy has a good internet connection apparently, and this is just unplayable mess, it’s like Slow motion. 60fps online? yeah right.

    I think Namco been taking netcode tips from the KOF12 team or something. I dont see how you can get much fail than this, its definately worse than SCIV, maybe even DR.

  11. crazy skip says:

    that’s not good.. i was hoping for a good online game..

    i guess ill be doing arcade most of my time then on tekken getting to highest ranking there is..

    offline good


  12. mixupsupreme says:

    haha looks like john woo tekken!!!!!! haha lmao. i hope namco really fixes the online. Blazblue has good online and SF4 is playable. Tekken has been delayed for so long, so namco better not dissapoint. =0

  13. Alixraen says:

    Ha, that’s one advantage to living on the East Coast: We get Tekken 6 first. :P

    Good thing I’m not able to play online at the moment, I’ve been hearing some horror stories about online mode…

  14. Tbone says:

    i got the game since 22nd of Oct, but i didnt find any online mode in game

  15. ched90 says:

    guys the online mode is worse then T5DR i never seen laggy game like that

    • crazy skip says:

      i’ve heard..

      tekken 6 releases in nz on nov 5…

      im not cancelling it due to the fact i want to make the most offline if online is going to be as shit as tk5dr!

    • Blind Ghost says:

      no its not its actually better than Dr and SC IV not only that but PS3 match loads were over exagerated, they take abut 12 seconds o load after you install the game. its much much faster. almost no diffrent than DR online.

  16. crazy skip says:

    i’ve been reading threads in TZ.. mixed experiences from everyone

    this doesn’t look good for t6.. what happened to the “better netcode”? i thought it would be better than SFIV or at least comparable to Blazblue.. i look at comments saying “its shittier than DRO”

    i mean wtf?! i had enough trouble with DRO already… is this just because when they started playing it wasn’t released officially yet?

    im sure it’s released now.. so can someone get back to me about the online “so-called should be better” netcode

    i worked my ass off to buy this game to have a good online and offline play.. so far offline! RULES!

    and online is just a piece of trash (from what i’ve seen in threads)

    a quote from a tz thread

    “ah, Looks like they completely dropped the ball on this, really…

    Maybe it will improve with the official release, but I kinda doubt it. alarm bells really rung for me when the actual retail disk didn’t have the online code on it. Also the trepidation they had for discussing the online and dodging the question with calls that it would be rewriten from scratch and not much else.

    No way in hell should there be any lag between people in the same country on a DSL connection. Inexcusable. (Something inside my is hoping beyond hope you guys are just playing on a 56k connection or somethinge..)

    Yet reports of lag from people only a couple of miles away! fuck….

    Seriously namco. How hard would it be just to get a GGPO license? Or better just damn well hire ponder to write your netcode for you. There is really no excuse to not have input delay masking netcode in a fighting game these days. If backbone entertainment can do it with HD remix and MVC2, Why can’t a developer as big as namco get it done?

    and don’t give me that 3D fighting game’s can’t use it crap either. I work in software myself and although that doesnt mean anything really after talking to ponder (who probably writes the best netcode for fighters) it’s pretty obvious this is just a copout excuse… Licenses are available and it seems pretty cheap as well, yet none of these big fighting game developers have approached him it seems.

    Hell why just not buy the VF5 netcode if you guys really can’t get it too work reasonably. It’s well known you guys speak with the VF team. even this would be preferable. (I found VF pretty decent)

    I had hopes they would take on board how important it is for online to be as good as possible if fighting games to become popular again

    Bleh, this news along with the lack of record in practice mode as well as the lack of patch to fix the lifebars which are still damn to low. The resolution downgrade and the fact that there still is slowdown related to raven’s teleports has completely drained my excitement for this game.

    Unless something changes drastically I’m cancelling my PS3 order no point getting one if I cant play the community reliably”

    this was a quote i took from TZ by Diernes – http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?s=eb4cf0d3b9d13af75d6d610f22eb0660&threadid=114047&perpage=25&pagenumber=6

    this isn’t looking good for online play… fix this please so that these mixed emotions coming from players will just stick to one side… being the HAPPY CUSTOMER SIDE

  17. Spiriax says:

    I even bought an LCD TV in preparation for this game, and haven’t used my PS3 almost anything in wait for T6. And now it looks like we get a half-assed game, despite all the time it took for Namco to develop this game…

    • Spiriax says:

      After some thought, maybe I should take all the complains with a grain of salt after all.
      People probably just test online with randoms all over countries with DSL or other shit connections. Not until I have tested online with Blackven0m, which got great 100mbit connection just as me, and who lives only half a mile away, then I’ll judge it. :P

      • BlackVen0m says:

        Yeah i agree my friend..i hope for us in EU it will be lag free..specially for us all that live in Sweden ..i hope playing against my fellow sweds will be lag free

      • DrBhup666 says:


        Spiriax and BlackVen0m.. are you guys swedish??

        Tjenare, grabbar!

        I am norwegian. Looks like Tekken is popular among scandinavians. Swedish are lucky this time around because they got their own player; Lars Aleksandersson.

        A little bit funny that the rest of the world thinks of you guys like tall, blond-haired guys in white jeans who talk in the cell-phone all the time..:D

    • crazy skip says:

      that’s got to suck man.. you buying a tv and all…

      lets just hope that namco does something on the release date… (it should be either released now or later)

  18. The Devil kazuya says:

    LOL crazy Skip, thats my Zaibatsu alter ego….

    There are a few people that claim its ok if you have a good connection, and someone just said that they have tested both version side by side and at this time the 360 version is much more stable. It also seems like it’s very time dependent so maybe Namco just need to get their server sorted or whatever. Maybe after offical release all the network and hardware needed will be in place and it will stabilize.

    So I guess don’t give up hope yet regardless of my original rant it may end up turning out ok. As long as its playable on a green connection you should be reasonably happy.

    Otherwise there is an online patch comming in december adding co op SC which gives them a chance for netcode improvements. Remmber Blazblue anyone? That game had bad online at release but a patch fixed it to what it is today. i.e very well regarded…

    • crazy skip says:

      ahh cool so your diernes.. nice nice

      i don’t want to be disappointed again with DRo *ahem ahem*

      XBL seems to stable.. which is good for them but not for PSN players

      with the patch coming soon this should be GOOD?.. if the patch is as good as BlazBlue then i’ll be a happy customer…

      if not…. well…. i’ll be focusing on offline mode.. doesn’t sound exicting at all but what they hell.. there’s gota be some way to make the most of tekken 6…

    • crazy skip says:

      it says in one or your threads youre not going to get the game until 2 weeks later.. are you from nz as well?

      • The Devil kazuya says:

        Hey Crazy. yep I’m a poor soul living down under and as usual we get shafted…

        Anyway, Well that was the case but it looks like i have secured myself a copy to arrive in the next couple of days. Streetdate for the game is November 5 in NZ though.

        Although I havent played the game I have been following the development of the netcode side of things very closely, petitioning namco and such after the horrible DRO and after finding GGPO a while back I did alot of looking into it, because to be honest when I played some games with the system It just seemed like magic….

        I used to think fighters would never be playable to a resonable standard online until I stumbled across it, and then we have HD remix which uses a modyfied system that still works pretty well. Many people will say that it isnt possible for a 3d fighting game, but I don’t really buy that. Ponder himself (maker of GGPO) definately didnt mention anything about it being impossible for a 3d game when I spoke to him.

        Anyway, I am going to shut up about this for now we will see in the next week what goes down. but at the moment it’s looking a bit grim.

        One thing to remmeber about online fighting games though. Make sure you have an uncapped upload speed (more important than download I think) and remmeber Ping is King!….

      • crazy skip says:

        it sucks for us nz’ers that we get this game a week after everyone else has

        i guess i’m going to have to judge this myself when i play online

  19. The Devil kazuya says:

    I should say I havent played (the console version) yet rather. I have played the arcade quite a bit. But I have been eagily devouring every bit of information thats been released since it was announced. Once I get the game and can play it for a couple of weeks I will put up a detailed review. (and possible petition to namco.)

  20. yaks88 says:

    i just wanted to congratulate u guys 4 having tekken 6 but wot i heard about online mode it breaks my heart.

  21. Blind Ghost says:

    Actually the Online is better thsn both DR and SC IV

    its so smooth its unbeleivable. i not joking. the new sychronization features makes the match play as if you were sitting next to someone near you.

  22. Colin says:

    Too many mixed reviews.. Perhaps Namco needs a few days. Before you flame them, list your internet specs, whether u know you’re vsing someone nearby and MOST importantly, if you’re using wireless.

  23. Pierrot says:

    I just played online with a green bar right now and it was pretty ok. no lag at all but just the input was 1/2 or 1 second lag.

  24. The Devil kazuya says:

    Yep, a green connection should be no lag whatso ever, If SF4 can pull it off and virtual fighter 5 did id years ago there is no reason why tekken 6 should be virtually lag free on a green connection.

    If there is any input delay and too be honest 1 second lag is inexcusable that isnt playable in serious competition really.

    How are you supposed to block string if it takes a full second for your character to respond.

    This is failure to the level of KOF12.

  25. Tekmasgirl says:

    Namco needs to fix the online play. I been lagging all day. Also they should have had the scenerio two player offline, I hope they at least fix the online play. PLEASE!!! But Tekken 6 is awsome.

  26. The Devil kazuya says:

    Regardless of the crap online it’s definately the best in the series I think. But they seriously need to fix the HUD (lifebars are too low make it adjustable) implement practise recording feature, and fix online then it will imo be the undisbuted fighting game of all time

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