UFRAGTV is proud to present a LIVE STREAM for the TEKKEN 6 LAUNCH PARTY! Live gameplay and interviews for fans worldwide, the stream is scheduled to start Oct 24th at 6 PM PST! Click below for more details!



  1. Damn! What time is it in Norway then?? I don’t know.. On sunday we have that daylight saving thing also. Must turn the clock back one hour.

    The time I am writing this in Norway is 20:42. I wonder what the time in CA is..

  2. Aha..! My comment popped up at 11:43 here!

    That means Norway is 9 frikin’ hours before you.

    Ha ha ha -I live in the future… woooo uuuuo ooooo!!

    That means I have to tune in Oct 24th at 11 PM here in Norway.

  3. wth is HongKong Tekken doing? :( they are putting up every fucking ending of the game!that suxs.

    anyway Ill wait for the launch parteyyyy!!!!

  4. @ the video G.Anderson posted.

    What the hell.. He just bought Tekken 6!??

    It’s not 27th Oct. yet! It is illigal for the stores to sell those, they may get a huge fine or something.

    My frikin’ retailer says he has got the games, but he will not sell before the launch date.

    I don’t think those two women in that store know what they are doing or what releasedates mean.

  5. Well SOMEONE’s gonna put the damn endings up at some point. Don’t watch if you don’t want to be spoiled, unless you’re retarded.

  6. zooop… that “at SOME point” would be by the time everyone has played tekken and when it is OFFICIALLY released!

    1. Again, if you DON’T want the endings ruined, DON’T watch the videos. Who cares if the game came out already or not, some of us actually want to know what happens NOW.

      1. Clearly you haven’t given any thought to people who don’t have PS3s or Xbox360s and wanted to know what happens. Also you argue like a 2 year old.

      2. who told you i was trying to argue… don’t make yourself look like a fool when im not arguing with you zooop..

        i was just pointing out what you said… how is that arguing with you.. that’s what you call quoting someone…

        next time don’t jump to a conclusion of this being an argument…

    1. Yeah that review was kinda bad as it didn’t look into the fighting system itself, I expected this tekken to be one of the best, not the worst. Loading times are the only con I can agree with. I don’t know about the story yet so can’t judge but I don’t think it’s as confusing as they say. At least IGN AU gave it a 9.0 which is descent. I still think this is way better then SFIV lol.

      1. Fucking noobs man, seriously, nobody wil understand fighting games. especially not these guys.

        they only look at the surface. they didnt talk about motion blur, they didnt talk about breakble stages, they didnt talk abou how big the new characters.

        Fuck all review sites.

      2. Guys, the frikin’ reviewer admitted that he’s never played Tekken before. This was the first Tekken he’s played, and he played it for the review..!!

        Gi figure… why did IGN assign this intricate game to a fuckin’ novice????

        He gave it 8.8 and just ruined the stats man.

        So far T6 has got:

        Play magazine: 94%
        Famitsu: 34/40
        IGN (US): 8.8
        IGN (AU): 9.0

        But noobs won’t understand the extremely difficult gameplay and the hours, weeks and months one must invest to be a good Tekkenplayer.

  7. Well very noobish review lol wtf – to story mode nd loading times?/ wtf do u expect its not Tekken 3 or 4… its live poses of character… remind me again how long games like those shitty ones wrestling 09 and UFC takes? atleast be happy tekken6 is quicker

  8. In terms of that review, I was annoyed with their hatred of story mode. I picked it up yesterday and spent 8 hrs blazing through it, and I gotta say that for fans of tekken’s story it’s a must play.

  9. i have the fucking game guys HAHAHAHAHAH i know a lot of haters going to get me but i dont care and also fuck this partt launch

  10. no1 cares.. eventualy it will get dissolved up in few days …. every1 gets it on offficial launch day majority.. but sum whores ask there friends to get it early is their fault

  11. Well to be honest, having it early has its setbacks. I mainly got it for online play but the patch for online isn’t coming till release day; the wait still feels like torture.

  12. Plenty of people are spoiling everything of the story – even without the use of spoilers tags and such. So, beware – even Tekken Zaibatsu isn’t safe lol

    I’m serious. I’m glad I don’t get any spoils, save a major one.

  13. 8.8? Just give it a BLOODY 9!!!
    And the story isn’t that hard to follow, why don’t you try to do something called PAY ATTENTION.

    Anyways, this pretty much sums up whats going to happen when I go to pick up Tekken 6.

    I’m just saying…

    1. HA HA HA HA HA… Best frikin’ song ever created in the history of mankind!

      “I ate a grape and I jizzed in my pants!” Roflol

  14. Well the game is only 3days away, I dnt really have a prob wit people playing the game just as long as they bought it and not steal it…. And we all gone find out about the story sooner or later so its whatever to me…. But I dnt think its right. If you have enough respect 4 Namco and the Tekken Franchise you’ll get it on the official Release date for your country or whenever it 1st hit the Shelves in this World… But like I said it is only 3days away… So its not that bad isn’t it… !?!?

  15. dry story mode?

    for you yes!

    we’ve all been following this game since tekken 1 ! no wonder you ign people don’t get the story… next time get another reviewer one who knows how to play and story…!

  16. Honestly, if tekken is going to break grounds and bring in new players (and not just the same fans over the years), its NOT a bad idea to have the game reviewed by an outsider. It was a great review in the perspective of newcomers to the series.

    Plus, tekken fans will always be, tekken fans. You’ll buy it regardless the game receives a 8.8 or even worse scores.

  17. Anyone else concerned about the lack of excitement for this game. I feel like it’s going to flop. Or, at the very least, sell less than SFIV.

  18. You’re Bad Talkin Him Cause He Want To Know An Endin? Why Do You Give A Shit That He Wants To Know. Its Nothin To Do Wit You. I’m More Excited About The GamePlay. That Can Never Be Spoiled.


    1. old news, man, old news!

      We new that already! I commented on this tiopic a week ago or so.

      She is pretending to be a boy to enter the tournament and/ or fool somebody to take revenge or something. You can see in the starting that her mother is dead.

      But the cover-up is one badly because you can see her tits through the jacket..

  20. I caught the finals. It’s past 3 a.m. here didn’t think this stream was still up. I didn’t even know Aris played Tekken I thought he just played Soul Calibur.

  21. Yeah I was hoping for some “highlihgt video” too..
    It started around 4 AM here at my place and after an hour of watching i just got too tired and went to sleep cause i had to work early (which I overslept of course).. :(

  22. Stream was awesome. Glad I came back and watched the rest of it after the failure of UFC104. Oh, and like I said last nite, fuck Smash.

  23. This one was awesome to watch. And haha it’s good to see you again MarkMan. So the next podcast will come like next week? Can I also ask a question this time? If so, where? And I can’t wait until Tekken 6 is out. I’ve been playing Tekken since the 2nd one, and can’t wait for this one! I’ve pre-ordered the EU LE version of it. Which is the Playstation 3 of it, that I did pre-order. This is going to be awesome!!!

  24. @ drbuhp666, dude u just need to use your head rather saying things that dont make any senxse at all , you are saying eventhough the official tekken website has confirmed leo is a boy you come up with ur own stupid theory that leo is a girl and she trying to cover up her tits because you said so !!! grow up
    here is the leo profile from officail website

    1. Didn’t you see the stream yesterday?? This question popped up and the Namco-guy said tthat the Tekken-team are not going to tell anything yet. They want to keep people in suspence. They will not confirm the speculation and they will not turn the suggestion down that Leo actually is a girl.

      Of course they are going to call Leo a guy on the official website, or else they will spoil the surprise. Everyone could just see there what Leo really is if they didn’t stick to their story.


  25. I watched some story scenes on youtube. I have to admit that I was disappointed at the endings. I expect a much better story after all this waiting.

      1. I’ve only seen Heihachi’s and its just stupid that they’ve given him another joke ending instead of serious one like in T4 where he finally captures both Kazuya and Jin

    1. Damn I Got Kicked From The Chat Twice And Didnt Know Why. The 3rd Time I Wasnt Booted. Wanted That Free Copy Of Tekken 6 And The Arcade Stick.

  26. just got home from armageddon…

    got myself a playstation shirt winning a game of tekken 6 !

    disappointed that even here in nz they’re already selling copies of tekken 6 when it’s not released yet… xC

    can’t wait for nov 5!

  27. great show! tried to see the whole launch party but i felt asleep. I think i heard (or maybe i was dreaming) that u can have different profiles? does it means that u can have unlimited customation sets for each char?

  28. if i buy tekken from overseas and i bring it back to australia will i still connect to the europe server or will i connect to asia server as it is ntscj

  29. OMG!!! The launch was AMAZING!!! Aside from playing the game on sooo many stations, the VIP room, free food, prizes etc… The DJ made it seem like a happenin party!! It was GREAT!! MarkMan THANK YOU for all the giveaways!! Can’t wait for the tourney on the 14th next month! activegamersla.com





  31. @ concreteboy what the hell is wrong with u yeah i love tekken and i started playing tekken with tekken 2 and like 90 percent of tekken fans i played all the tekkens from one to t5dr and i have been waiting 3 freaking years and coming to this site for the release of this damn game whether leo is a girl or boy has nothing to do with me liking or not liking tekken. so shoosh

  32. The verdict is in and the online is absolute crap, some are saying it’s even worse than DR which is unforgivible.

    I speaking to Namco with my wallet since it seems impossible to find a reliable email address for them.

    I have cancelled my preorder for the PS3 version. Ill play this with my flatemate on his copy and will only purchase if the online is patched ot at least be reasonably playable on a green connection

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