Best Buy Midnight Launch Locations!

TEKKEN 6 is getting a midnight launch at Best Buy locations across the nation! Click below to see if it’ll be happening at a location near you.  Remember, you’ll want to show up on Monday night, October 26, and wait for the clock to strike 12 midnight — Tuesday, October 27.

*NOTE: These are NOT the only locations! Be sure to check with your local Best Buy to see if they’re participating.

79 Responses to Best Buy Midnight Launch Locations!

  1. dedman says:

    damn, massachusetts sucks

  2. Blind Ghost says:

    Just checked right now, The GAMESTOP near my house is doing a Midnight Launch for T6.

    ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh.

  3. J1N says:

    Yay!! Mine makes the cut!!! Bay Shore, NY ftw!

  4. yup yup says:

    Europe is annngry! I wish i could get game at night of 26.

  5. gwafuh says:

    blind ghost—> are you from cali? i hope the gamestop here in cali will make a midnight launch.hehe!!!

  6. cappo says:

    I’m from TX but were getting it too at midnight maybe wallmart too cuz I saw some tekken poster

  7. ched90 says:

    GUYS gamestop at my location azusa ,ca has 10 PM 26 oct realese and they have tounemment and a DJ

  8. Cat says:

    I’d actually go for that if GameCrazy hadn’t already sucked me in with its pre-order bonuses. Best Buy is where I usually get my games.

  9. concretebody says:

    I Just Checked My Gamestop And They Told Me To Call Back In 2 Days. My Fingers Are Crossed. Actually They’re Typing. Wish Us Luck Here In Memphis!

  10. yaks88 says:

    im from uk sad for me

  11. crazy skip says:

    im from new zealand.. midnight release doesn’t apply to that.. we have to wait until NOV1.. sucks to be me!

  12. VenoM362 says:

    VenoM362 should call his local Gamestop to see if they will have a midnight launch.

  13. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Gamestop for me. . .I’ll pick mine’s up after school. . .

  14. denm says:

    You American’s are lucky we Canadians have to wait until the 29th.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      I feel your pain, it only days away and im feeling it.

      • BlackVen0m says:

        please blind ghost update me when you have the game if the HUD is adjustable and so on.and if its still low..or if it can be fixed BY changing resolution on your TV/Monitor between 720p and 1080p…thanx! im in EU get it on 30th

  15. Zero says:

    If anyone lives in Upstate New York be sure to go to the Gamespot on W. Genesee Street in Syracuse. will be demoing Tekken 6 and you’ll get a chance to play it 3+ hours before the games actual release!

    For more information check ou the forum in the CNY section.

  16. boomee says:

    I work at a BB in Manassas, VA as far as I know we are not doing any launches since there is one in Fairlakes,VA

  17. concretebody says:

    7 More Days

  18. tekkenlover says:


  19. tekkenlover says:

    JUST KIDDING ,it is time to use lars and get revenge from some of the people whom i played in T5DR, the first target is seeing red

  20. crazy skip says:

    whats everyones psn? just an idea.. everyone here in sdtekken should meet up all one time and just have a blast at playing

  21. Blind Ghost says:

    Couple of Questions for you guys :

    1. What are you going to do first when you pop in the game ?? are you ??

    A. Hoping Online to play other players ??

    B. Going to scneario mode and try to beat all the story modes and get cash to customize your characters ??

    C. Check out the Options then go to sleep XD

    • gwafuh says:

      for me,im gonna play the story mode,learn all of the new moves and do some practice on the juggles.hehe!!! I hope that there will be no problem online..

    • SuperNova says:

      Well 1st thing Ima do is load everything let it install, mess around with the options (set-buttons), then go straight to practice mode. It’s gonna take me a few days to get used to the new moves, bounce system, rage. After practice, straight to arcade mode 1) so I can get more practice & 2)I need the customization muny. After that, Scenario Campaign/Story Mode. Once I beat that, then it’s online for me. Hopefully by that time I’ll have gud enuff skills to fight everybody else online.
      Maaaaan, Tekken 6 online for ps3 is gonna have some major competition!! I can’t wait.

    • Killbomb says:

      First thing I will do is practice Bryan’s new stuff then probably mess around with someone new. Can’t wait to try the new bound and wall combos. I’m sure I’ll be up until at least 6am Tuesday morning. :D

    • crazy skip says:

      find me a good strategy with alisa… i just started using her a couple of weeks ago… and im kicking ass at my arcade.. go me ! LOL !

      maybe stuff around a bit with miguel and lars… once i get the hang of THE NEW WIRELESS STICK jump on arcade get to mentor with a couple of people…

      try scen camp mode… if my broadband speed is back up by then then ill play a friendly with whoever i get to play against.. maybe learn a few techniques… this could go on for a while so ill stop there…

    • VenoM362 says:

      First I’m gonna jizz my pants because Tekken 6 is in front of me,lol just joking. Nah but for real I’m gonna watch the opening,and install. Then I’m gonna play through arcade mode using the wireless stick. I’m gonna beat arcade mode with Hwoarang,Raven,Xiaoyu,Jin,Lee and Bryan (in that order). Then play with my other 12 DR characters to see whats new and changed.Next I will try out the new characters I want to learn, Lars,Migel,Leo,Law,and Zafina. After I have tested out all of my characters I’ll start unlocking stories. At some point I will test the online with some of my boys. Oh yeah, after I test the stick I will set buttons for my controller.

  22. Zamba says:

    Pfft, no LV. No wonder I shop at Fry’s.

  23. Blind Ghost says:

    As for me Im debating wheateri should Over Draft My account to get a PS3 Slim and a Hard drive set it up and be ready, so i can play the game on Monday night.


    Wait til Thursday to get paid and do all of that ??

    Help me out cause im cracking under pressure.

    • TCO-TheOne says:

      Blind Ghost do what you feel is right trust your judgement.If it were me i would get it the day it comes out i have been waiting to damn long for this game to come out. I have worked my ass off to get the bundle pack and took shit off of people that i have worked with just to get it so there is no way in hell i would wait not a minute after it comes out to get it.Sorry i had to express myself at the same time lol,but that is how i feel though.

      • Blind Ghost says:

        i mean if i over draft ill be in the hole 30 bucks until thrusday of course, but at the same time im thinking cant you wait 2 more days, and you wont lose 30 dollars in the process.

        not only that but im off on Thursday, so ill have all day to set up my PS3 hard drive and everything.

        As much as i love tekken 6 ill wait those 2 days, ill be joining you guys

        Thursday afternoon of that week when its released.

      • crazy skip says:

        well at least for you.. even if you do wait just an extra 2 days… new zealand on the other hand has to wait until nov1.. i.e. ME!! i have to wait for an extra 4days!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhh.. october has got to be the longest month for me this year… hahahaha!

      • BlackVen0m says:

        Yeah and im in some weird way getting more and more pissed off the closer the release date comes.. and that’s 30th for me..i don’t know why ! but god dammit i want it now!!! i cant stand checking this site and 4-5 forums out every single damn see 1 or 2 updates..and just feel like shit i cant take it ..and its just about 1 week away..its so damn close..but i don’t know i just get Pissed off the closer it O_o

        and i love

    • TCO-TheOne says:

      That’s cool like i said trust your judgement,don’t risk anything if you don’t have to.I will be seeing you on Thursday lol hopefully MarkMan will have another podcast out by then.

  24. Inforcer says:

    So Tekken should have already shipped.

  25. TCO-TheOne says:

    Yea we just have to play the waiting game lol.

  26. gwafuh says:

    i just called gamestop here in arcadia,ca.Too bad they dont have a midnight launch.they told me that it depends on the number of people who reserved the game.hehe!!! I’ll be getting mine after work

  27. crazy skip says:

    oh yeah… about the psn thing

    mines: garnz2791

    see you all there… can’t wait for this release…

  28. PhantomJ says:

    Anyone near the Wilshire/Vermont Gamestop in Los Angeles? At the very least I’ll have someone to PSP it out with during those 2 hours…

  29. tekkenlover says:

    seeing red is thoughest player i ve ever fought he knows how to use anna and he destroys people left and right by anna

    • gwafuh says:

      How bout ziggy?? Hehe!! Im using julia and the though players that i have fought with is iloveyourmoms,thatshot and chevy85.

  30. yaks88 says:

    sik review nice one blind ghost

  31. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    some,people are getting tekken 6 early.

  32. chemicalRed says:

    I know a guy who works at a game store. He says he’s allowed to pick up his copy of T6 whenever the store receives them.

  33. chemicalRed says:

    Its true; Tekken 6 was leaked on the Internet
    Some guy brought it in today; The game is amazing

    • crazy skip says:

      do you happen to have a url or site where you found this info…

      to all the die hard tekken fans out there whether xbox or ps3 this is saddening to us.. MarkMan, Castel, and the whole lot of namco bandai worked hard to provide this amazing game to us..

      who ever leaked tekken 6 is fcuker! i worked my butt off to pay for that! and they get it leaked and ready to download in a matter of minutes and they’re starting to play already.. now that’s bullshit!

  34. Blind Ghost says:

    Thats fucked up, let that be a lesson to NAMCO BANDAI.

    to make it exclusive to the PS3 next time.

    If it was the PS3 the 50,000 copies wouldnt have leaked, but since its DVD, they easily were able to copy it.

    NAMCO loses money. so sad.

    • crazy skip says:

      seeing about 3 comments left by iceyoucold and about this leak, well i thought it was just a joke at start (no offence ice – sorry) …

      50,000! damn… i forgot that xbox dont use blu-ray?(right?)

      i guess that’s a lesson to be learned NEXT TIME>> for TEKKEN 7 in the future..

      wow i wonder how much money they lost from that country/place, where ever it leaked.. MarkMan.. got anything to comment about this major issue that just happened.. i know you’ll be disappointed about this incident..

      but 50,000 is a big deal.. thats hundreds and thousands of $$$$$ they’ve lost to leaked copies..

      not being fanboy or criticising xbox… but the blu-ray system built for ps3 is a legit system.. if you’re a genius you’d be able to copy tekken 6 as blu-ray…

      if by any chance you come by this comment…

      did namco bandai do dvds for xbox and blu-rays for ps3? or did they use dvds for both?

  35. crazy skip says:

    MarkMan we know you’re part of the scene for tekken 6 but this <– some guy name waterhead71 <– but i just want to know what's this about… this guy says YOU leaked it.. impossible

    1. you had a podcast put up
    2. you worked with namco bandai on this game
    3. you're MarkMan! :)
    4. namco bandai has given you copies of the game with legality (right?)

    this issue will get out of hand if not handled from what i think…

  36. Grumpypantz says:

    Best Buy in Savannah, GA is having a free tournament starting at 10:30pm. They’re giving a free copy of the game to the winner. Don’t know if there’s any other prizes, but they did a tourney for Halo:ODST releases and the top 5 people got stuff. It’s totally free to sign up.

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