Mad Catz ASIA Edition FightStick TE And FightPad!

Been waiting for one of the Asian Edition Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightSticks?  Well, the wait is over!  Both the Xbox 360 TE stick and FightPad are now IN STOCK at Play-Asia! This is the same award winning arcade stick without the Street Fighter IV license.  For more information, images or to purchase these products, please visit the links below:


20 thoughts on “Mad Catz ASIA Edition FightStick TE And FightPad!

      1. If they’re king, how come they only have 7% of the market share on NPD?

        Not hating on Hori, I love their stuff. I have more Hori sticks than everyone on this site combined lol.. but if they were King, don’t you think it’d be pretty much unanimous across the board?

  1. Thx for the info MarkMan..

    and btw..ever since Madcatz released the seems to be easier to find great retail arcade sticks in my town

    Before that, it seemed joysticks were a rare thing.
    Even cheaper ones were not sold in many shops..

    These days, the Fightsticks are sold in several shops, here…and although they are pricey..they are a quick alternative for those who can’t import other decent retail sticks, or custom ones..IMO

    So props to MadCatz.. :D

  2. cool , rikimaru is the Man ! , Tenchu 3 was badass though. thats actually my favortie out of the series.

    somethign about 3 touched all the right buttons when it comes to ninjas myth and magic, it was close to a perfect ninja game. in my OP.

    i just recently played 4 for the Wii, it was ok, i like some of the stuff you can do but man, they fucked up the way a ninja is suppose to run and walk and stuff.

  3. I have one of the intial streetfighter 4 sticks, they are pricey but I believe that they are the best stick you can buy for the home, perfect presise control. It actually feels better than the Tekken 6 arcade cab we have in down.

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