Sneak Peak At Hori’s New Arcade Stick Line!

Hori is bringing out the big guns at this year’s Tokyo Game Show! Hori officially unveiled the Hori Fighting Stick VX and V3 sticks and the all new Hori Real Arcade PRO V which is modeled after the Vewlix style arcade cabinet.  For more pics and info, click below!

Special thanks to SRK’s darthJones for the pictures and information!

Hori Fighting Stick V3 for PlayStation 3 – Y5500 – Avail. Oct. 2009

Hori Fighting Stick VX for Xbox 360 – Y6980 – Avail. Oct. 2009

Hori Real Arcade PRO V – Price & Date TBA

Licensed Taito Vewlix Control Panel

For more information on the Hori sticks, please check out darthJones’ thread on SRK here.

For more coverage also check out the Hori report from Dengeki Online.


47 thoughts on “Sneak Peak At Hori’s New Arcade Stick Line!

  1. Very nice! I think this is what I’ve been waiting for. The HRAP-V looks awesome. Love how they’re mimicking the official cabs.

    Mark, any pre-order info? I wonder what the prices will be like.

      1. GameStop does carry sticks from time to time. From their current active SKUs they have the SF4 Standard and TE sticks in stock still. Not sure if they will carry the Hori sticks in October (the HRAP3 SA and HRAP EX SE).

    1. Yeah, that’s ’cause they’re part the Fighting Stick series. Like the Fighting Stick 3 everyone said was pretty bad. Hopefully these will be better but they’re not like the HRAP series.

      $130ish sounds reasonable for a good HRAP.

  2. Supposedly the VX and V3 sticks (according to the brochure) will have easily changeable stick area (no mention on the buttons).

    We’ll see! They come out in a few weeks!

      1. Don’t you mean 360, ‘or’ PS3? So The VX and V3 coming out in a couple weeks? You think HRAP-V shortly after, or maybe past T6 release?

    1. Hey dara, my bad I keep missing you on AIM. I’m a real ass for not getting back to you/sending out stuff yet. I’ve been lazy/busy with work. I’ll hit you up this weekend.

  3. I gotta have that HRAP V… that thing is sexy. Gotta get one for PS3… hopefully they will release it before Final Round XIII

  4. I’m here! Nice find Ghost!! Can’t wait to play scenario campaign online (among other things). And judging by your name I would say Ur a Raven player right? Whut other characters do you use??

  5. hahaaa !! right on my man. you knwo your shit.

    my main is raven, second is dragunov, i know Jin and Kazuya backwards and forwards, but i cant last a second wiht them online.

    with raven i was able to get to destroyer just playing raven.

    1. I know for a fact that err-body and their grandma is gonna use Lars, Bob, & Alisa online so I gotta train real hard to combat them. Personally I’m more interested in Leo & Miguel. Zafina on the other hand looks way to weird for me to pick up so I mite pass on her.

      1. ya theres gonna be a shit load of noobs using Bosconovitch Bitch and Lars and Lili.

        But thats cool, noobs wont last a second agaisnt me, i make quick work of them.

        zafina and Leo im gonna defiently try out, and Baek for sure.

        Jin im probably gonna main, cause in this one hes Boss effective. not just regular effective.

  6. Nice!! I honestly tried pickin’ up Raven but we just don’t gel man. And its a shame cuz I like Ninjas :(
    Yeah my top 3 are (in order) Law, Paul, & Armor King but I’m decent with Beak, Feng Wei, Kazuya, and Bruce.

    1. everybodys got their groove man. thats what so great about tekken variety and you have a chance top win with everybody , its all ” FAIR PLAY” im looking at yooouuu!!!! SFIV !!!

    1. honetly could give 2 shits, tekken is almost out, they just arnt putting everythign they got into it. like they did wiht the WOW comics.
      that thing came out fast. but i guess tekken isnt that important to them.


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