Tekken The Movie Release Date

Not April. Not May. Not June. Not July. Tekken The Movie will be released on both packaging and DVD on August 11th in Japan and will be available for 3,990 yen. UK will get it 3 weeks later. No information on the other regions has been published. Click below to view pictures of the Blu-ray packaging.

30 Responses to Tekken The Movie Release Date

  1. AssassinX21 says:

    Lol even the case pic is terrible.

    Oh and I just noticed something else, they have Anna’s hair black when it should be dark brown, also the dress should be RED not BLUE and Nina’s hair should be a middle part with bangs NOT a side part. Again, another epic fail.

  2. Ever calix says:

    man i still cant wait to watch this movie i don’t care how bad is it.and the reason for me to watch this is because i saw the choreography being done by the french parkour dude from district B13 and i saw that movie is well worth watching it so i’m supporting this movie but yea i’m happy

  3. What about america


  4. DrBhup666 says:

    They are showing of the women in the cover.. I mean really..?? Anna, Nina and Christie are suddenly *so important* in the Tekken-universe… I think NOT!! They just want other people than diehard Tekken-fans to watch the movies for the boobs or whatever I guess… Not a good sign at all…!!

    • Ever calix says:

      i know right i still thinking how much knowledge did they recieve or even do research about tekken.i would recommend them to play the game and see if we care about the females in the game i dont think people watch the skirts when trying to win but maybe im thinking to much.but im still watching the movie or maybe freaking bryan would do the Gatling punch LOL

    • CeaserDeebo says:

      well apparently Kazuya rags the williams sisters, and jin rags christie :s

  5. CeaserDeebo says:

    lol even the disk image looks like little effort was put into it

  6. chemicalRed says:

    August? Thats odd; A guy I know told me the DVD was already available where he worked a while back.. And we all know the movie sucks, but I’ll still by it, just for laughs..

  7. chemicalRed says:

    LOL. They’re actually moderating comments now.. They mayve finally stopped you Ghost.

  8. VenoM362 says:

    Just bring the bloody dvd out already. Then the entire Tekken community can shake their heads in disappointment.

    Everyone knows VenoM362 is right.

    I’m just saying…

  9. filodude says:

    game movies r always fail. sf chunli, deadoralive.

  10. Rain says:

    They could’ve at least put a little more intelligence in making this movie. I mean the stunts are awesome but plot-wise it’s an EPIC FAIL. This suddenly felt like a cheap low-budgeted movie.

  11. Blindghost says:

    I recently watch this and it’s wonderful! better than the last gay porno i saw!

  12. Gamequeen says:

    WHY?? The cover sucks!!!!! Jeez why are Christie, Nina, and Anna on the cover?!?!? They aren’t important in the MAIN game story. They’re only side characters.
    This movie SUCKS BALLS!! EPIC FAIL!!!

  13. abner says:

    sooo it’d direct-to-dvd/bluray now? lol poor tekken at least mortal kombat movies had theatrical release, at the expense of being in limbo now though, so I’d rather have had no movie at all if it was just crap for tekken’s legacy.

    Namco, I toldja so(to make it CGI not live-action).

  14. jonjon says:

    does anyone kno a place to stream the movie?

  15. Mattaggedon says:

    Seriously, when are you people going to stop hating on something the mass majority of you have not seen? It’s not like they totally destroyed what Tekken is, unlike Street Fighter (both live actions) and Dead or Alive. Instead of complaining about how the movie should be/should have been, without seeing it first, maybe you should anticipate it’s release to dvd date (as horrible as that sounds). That way, you can rent or buy it, watch it, and then make your conclusions? Thank you.

  16. POIa2 says:

    OMG I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. king david of tekken says:

    Brian Tee poses a more striking resemblance to Jin, no diss to Jon Foo.

  18. chrissyisagangsta says:

    Jeez, why doesn’t Asda have this on the shelves in November?! I’ve been waiting for ages and then BAM! It was supposed to be out ages ago. Anyways, the film looks pretty cheap, but I’m gonna still watch it ‘cos I’ve played all the games so yeah. Not bothered…

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