TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Top 8 Group A!

The first batch of vids for the top 8 teams in the fourth season of TEKKEN CRASH are now up! See teams Resurrection vs 마녀삼총사, and Why Works vs No Manner after clicking below.  Thanks again to Jon747!


15 thoughts on “TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Top 8 Group A!

  1. YEAH! This is the best of the best! GHreat fights! Man, I wish I lived in a country where they took Tekken this seriously! I live in shitty Norway where we don’t even have arcades! That sucks! But it is rated as the best country to live in by UN…. every year!

  2. knee is starting to look really strong, he was disrespecting everyone attempting taunt JFJU a lot.
    Resurrection FTW

  3. Nice Raven work by Navee, and props to Hao for talking out that grab happy Marduk player.
    Y’all see Knee’s new character, Bryan Fox? Knee hate’n on Steve players or something? Either way that was some funny shit.

    I’m just saying…

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