Is Tekken Crash Video Archive Dead…?

As you might have noticed, you can’t watch the old Tekken Crash videos in our ARCHIVE SECTION anymore. Why is that? Unfortunately, Jon747’s account has been suspended. His videos aren’t available at the moment and may be gone forever…


22 thoughts on “Is Tekken Crash Video Archive Dead…?

  1. OMG!! That’s terrible!!
    For publishing the crappy material of WCG we lost the videos of the Premium Tekken League from Tekken Crash??

    That’s what I call a bad trade.

    :( :( :(

  2. um ok he should have been smarter than that not to upload those things and stick to tekken crash videos, di i am hoping whenever there is a new tekken crash video u inform us and provide us the link to see it from other sources, just like you did before… i am counting on you

  3. He has been uploading thousands of videos over the years. Mostly of starcraft including lots of WCG vids from every year. I’m pretty sure his channel wasn’t made for Tekken Crash videos, but don’t quote me on that lol.

  4. I have a complete archive of Tekken Crash Season 2. I wasn’t able to complete Season 3 and I haven’t even watched 1 vid from Season 4… This really really sucks. I hope there’s someone out there who had downloaded all the vids is very kind enough to reupload them.

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