TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Preliminaries: Part Two!

Jon747 has uploaded new TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 preliminary videos! Check the rest of the entry for around 90 minutes of Korean Tekken 6 action and get ready for the group phase coming later this month! Also do not forget to visit our newly-opened Tekken Crash Video Archive section for all the Bloodline Rebellion videos from the Korean show!

11 Responses to TEKKEN CRASH Season 4 Preliminaries: Part Two!

  1. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    FIRST !!!!!!

  2. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    OMG that last fight is SOME HARDCORE RAVEN ACTION !!!!

    Definetly picking up some new tips from these vids.

  3. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:


    that KIDJIN is a BEAST with RAVEN !! AWSOME STUFF.

    POST KOF XIII Shit DI !!

  4. kutty says:

    biters learn youre own stuff thats why americans are crap on tekken thery’re just imitaters

    • VenoM362 says:

      VenoM362 has his own style of play,but you can’t be THAT different from someone else if your using the same character. Your still using the same movelist ya know. Glenn\Ryan\Kutty,whatever your calling your self today,why you keep changing your name?

      I’m just asking…

  5. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    Jut leeting you know Di form now on, just as Venom post

    im just sayin….

    im gonna be posting


  6. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    Hey Di when are you going to post KOF XIII annoucnment ??

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