New Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Trailer

It’s 4/1 so you probably know that you should be aware of lies… they hide everywhere! The April Fool’s Day also brings a lot of funny videos every year. That’s why SEGA decided to release a new Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown trailer and you can’t miss it! Click below to watch it.


16 thoughts on “New Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Trailer

  1. wtf was vurtia fighter alwas like this? i thought it was a 3d game wher u can sidestep and shit. and where did that shoryuken and haduken come from =\

  2. no, this is an april fols joke its laready been covered On major gaming sites.

    japan takes april fools day kina seriously so sega madea joke vid about the upcoming game, but its funny as hell i watched this thing like 4 times the other day. they have a translatedversion coming out soon.

    that bear has a potty mouth. i dont know much japanese but i know some japanese cuss words to the euivalent of “holy shit look at that !”

    looking forward to VF5 FS its definetly coming to consoles ” MARK MY WORDS ”

    very funny stuff.


    This isnt fair.

    1. That was the coolest VF trailer and game play VenoM362 has ever seen….to bad it was a joke, its better than the real game lol!

      I’m just saying…

    1. Not a new thing for two game companies to collaborate for an April fools day video. See ubisoft and Konami with Assassins Creed and MGS4. Benefits both companies.

  3. Yeah right messin with fire… I bet Ono is laughing his ass off watching this video. Man this video made me smile.

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