MYK’s Podcast Featuring FilthieRich

MYK is back with his new Tekken Time Podcast! The 8th episode features FilthieRich who has recently become the Tekken 6 MLG tournament director. The podcast includes his history as a player, Heihachi DR to T6 changes, his new position in Major League Gaming and more!

6 Responses to MYK’s Podcast Featuring FilthieRich

  1. chemicalRed says:

    Cool.. I’ll give it a listen.

  2. DrBhup666 says:

    Good job, MYK!
    Great job on the whole Level Up Your Game series as well! Bring FilthieRich to LUYG and let him give a walkthrough of Heihachi.

  3. UMSA says:

    thank you MYK and I’m also following your Level Up Your Game work, can someone upload the podcast to another host, I want to listen to it in my ipod, but I can’t download from that link.

  4. crazytekkenfan says:

    Filthy didnt sound black this time like he does at tournies lol

  5. shiNOBI CYCLONE says:

    Ya i like that last bit towards the end, about how people here bitch that, koreans shoudlnt be allowed to join.

    if thier good or better then the U.S thats just it, we need to learn from them and not make excuses about how this and this affected gameplay, they were just that good, just like filthy said.

    dont bitch, practice. and learn from your oppenets dont talk shit behind their backs.

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