TEKKEN Japanese Movie Poster!

Warner Bros. of Japan has launched their official TEKKEN movie site with a first glipse of the theatrical poster featuring Jon Foo as Jin Kazama! The movie is set for release in March 2010, promises a huge cast of fan favorite characters and non stop action!  Click below for the full poster image and more info!

TEKKEN THE MOVIE – Official Japanese Movie Poster

Based on the long running and highly successful Namco video game franchise of the same name, TEKKEN is a high-octane, action packed thriller written for the screen by Alan McElroy (Spawn, The Marine) and to be directed by Dwight Little (Anacondas, Murder at 1600) with fight choreography tentatively by Dion Lam (Spider-Man 2, Doom, Red Cliff).

Set in 2039, the film promises non-stop high flying action as the greatest fighters from around the world come to compete in the last and greatest sporting event of all time, the Fist Tournament. After World Wars destroy much of civilization as we know it, the remaining territories are no longer run by governments, but by corporations the mightiest of which is Tekken. In order to keep the masses down, Tekken sponsors the Iron Fist Tournament in which fighters compete to the death for ultimate glory and receive a lifetime of stardom and wealth.

We are introduced to this violent world through the eyes of Jin Kazama, a street fighter that enters the tournament in order to avenge the death of his mother that he blames upon Tekken’s powerful and controlling Chairman, Heihachi Mishima. He knows that the only way to get close enough to Mishima to kill him is to win the tournament. With the help of Lucas, an ageing Iron Fist Champion and fight trainer, Jin makes his way through the tournament, but in doing so, he begins to uncover his own past and inner demons as well as exposing a dark underbelly to Tekken that threatens the very existence of humanity. With futuristic and imaginative sets, a compelling story, and fight sequences combining fighting styles from all over the world. TEKKEN is in line to become one of the greatest action films of all time.



92 thoughts on “TEKKEN Japanese Movie Poster!

  1. No trailer!?

    VenoM362 thinks this movie will be lame. But I will still see it. Cause it’s Tekken and to see how much they fucked up the characters and story.

    I’m just saying…

  2. Should have just got someone to do a decent anime of it, like Street Fighter II The Animated Movie. I’ll still watch this though, just not holding out much hope for it actually being good.

  3. man…..i had hopes of hwoarang and king but i guess theyre prob not gna be in it. but seeing that cung le as law isnt on the poster either brings some hope of seeing other characters.

    kazuya does look different, but i think that beard totally differentiates him from jin, whereas in the game they have similar hairstyles.

  4. Looking forward to see the movie…
    Hope it will not be rubbish as most of the good games that they try to make a movie out of…

  5. Nice poster, but the movie is probably going to be an utter failure. Still going to watch it, though, just won’t have any expectations for it.

  6. ah check this link out!

    click on the website link // or copy as a URL

    Includes the characters and actors who will be playing them. I guess the characters are still being decided if they will be in the film. Fingers crossed our favourites are in there. Iv got a feeling the base film will be around Jin Kazuma so not all characters will be introduced.

      1. nah…. dont trust wiki so much buddy. i remember before seeing jackie chan and batista written down as lei and king, but thats prob not gna happen. btw im korean, and theres no way jae hee could be hwoarang since hes on mandatory military service right now.

  7. whoevers a filipino and reads this…

    i played in makati, greenbelt 5…

    the sticks were shit asssss!

    im not playing there ever again… it may be cheap as fuck but the sticks aren’t worth to play on…

    toooooo stiff… they’re not responsive…

    i was so disappointed with the competition… i thought the players there were good just by looking… but theyre fucking shit… i hope its just the time i went but if those are the regulars that play there… man! ill be going to g4 i think?…

    i hope theres a place where i can play with RESPONSIVE STICKS and not some shitty stiff HORI?sticks that had something wrong with it..

    i lost a couple of times because i couldn’t do my backdash cancel… OMG! gaaah! G5 timezone t6br there… i wont recommend it to anyone…

  8. When I look at the comments about this movie all I see is “baawww cryy it’s gonna be so bad”. Watch it for what it is.
    I’d rather have Jin attend college and make out with Christie (which was the “rumor”), lol, RATHER THAN people throwing each other out from cliffs and in lava, etc!
    I know they do some weird decisions with the movie, but remember, they don’t try to please Tekken fans only, they gotta please more people for it to be successful, and I’m sorry, Tekken doesn’t have that great of a story.
    My biggest gripe though is where is Paul and Hwoarang, heck they even put Dragunov in there lawl.
    Oh I think I know why Paul isn’t in there, because people would “WTF IS WITH HIS HAIR”, IF they got it right, and if they would “fuck up” his hair, people (you people) would just whine.

    No offense to anyone but I will at least enjoy this movie. With or without facial hair on Kazuya. :P

  9. That guy is the greatest asian bad guy of all time. Cast him as anything evil and asian and you can’t go wrong lololol. And honestly the movies is only like 2 hrs long or so lol. You can’t expect them to cast everyone. I think Anna is there because of Nina. Cause nina has to be in there.

  10. in some website… I found out the Jin’s love interest in this movie is Christie… WTH??? Anyway… hopefully Ling Xiaoyu is here.. in the tekkenpedia site, it says that “As more information comes to light, the list of cast members and what character they will portray will be added.” Hopefully Ling is here…

  11. This movie is going to be terrible. Namco has had 0 involvement.

    A real Tekken movie would follow the story of the original game and would work with the smaller cast of characters. They need to start at the origin and do it properly and then go from there….

    I dont think Ill even watch it it will piss me off too much

  12. hmm, I started playing Tekken 3 before ever playing 1 and 2, before discovering my fave character, Baek Doo San…

    I have to say its ok to start from Jin’s story-line. I can relate. ^_^

  13. This is going to be another “DBZ Evolution” Failure.

    Hollywood thinks this is another movie they can abuse for little kids.

    The Tekken 1,2,3 Stories do have depth and can become really great movies but this movie is going to be a joke.

    Least more Tekken sales eh, for more Tekkens to come.

  14. Whats with the mustaches and goatees? Especially on Bryan
    The games logo looks way better… They need to thicken the font

    1. its going to be useless… why co-op?

      its not needed yet… thats just a bonus…

      fix the actual stuff needed to be fixed…

  15. eeew Anna and Nina look like retarded sluts!! poor Anna huhuhuhuhuhu! horrible hair, make-up and clothes. i will never ever watch this movie like forever and ever and ever infinity ever… i puked and nearly vomit the first time i saw Anna’s movie pic… eeww,,, huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

    1. Your judging from a small image? may look better in action but regardless she looks crap from that image. Yes you will watch it! even if it wasn’t legal.

      1. i saw some movie stills at some random site and it loooks really eeeeeww! huuhuhuhu! i wont watch this even from a pirated dvd! huhuhuhu! im so depressed!

      2. Jin is hot though, but its not enough reason for me to watch it coz they ruined Anna and Nina! huhuhuhuhuhu! i wanna die!

  16. promises fan favorites? last time i checked christie wasn’t that popular. paul, yoshimitsu, law, xiaoyu, lei, hwoarang, and lili should have been guaranteed. sooooooo not looking forward to this.

  17. I have my own castings:

    Milla Jovovich – Nina Williams
    Beyonce Knowles – Christie
    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa – Kazuya
    Sonny Chiba – Heihachi Mishima
    Wesley Snipes – Raven

  18. No Paul???? how in da fuck can u 4get Paul? couldnt find nebody 2 play him? all u had 2 do was kick Kevin Nash old ass back into 2 shape and teach him 6mos of Judo based martial arts on top of his wrestling and some styling gel and BAM!!!!!!!! Paul Phoenix wins

    1. @Spitfire
      LOL, i get where youre comin from but theyre not gonna put all 40+ characters in the movie.
      I think a few characters theyre gonna include dont need to be there, like Miguel.
      But yes; Personally itd be amusing to see a portrayal of Paul.
      My demands are only a King, Bryan and Yoshi in the film. Two of those have been confirmed already.
      Gary Daniels looks the part of Bryan, but more so in his average photos than the alleged movie stills. Something I think can be fixed easily.

  19. Wesley Snipes iz locked up on federal charges of tax evasion even though he has been able 2 film movies on a plea deal but probably didnt catch da memo 4 auditioning…….

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