The first trailer for the TEKKEN MOVIE is now online!  Click below to check it out!

132 Responses to TEKKEN MOVIE TRAILER!!

  1. MJ says:

    wow… just wow

    • Blind Ghost says:

      Looks like Markman was just Racing to Post this Trailer…..Guess im not the Only wanting to be FIRST !!!!!

      Eh MARKMAN ????

      • crazy skip says:

        im still going to watch it.. even though i know its shit!…

        i just want a good laugh! hahahah

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      My ass!!!!
      Go Eddy and Raven for authentic look though!
      did fuckin hair jell cost too much. Im ok with Kaz having a beard but if they cant follow the story . atleast make em look like the source material! Anyone see Hayate from DOA the movie?
      ,…………. im still going to see it though…..

      • Ell says:

        lol…. just make ur own movie version of tekken 6 if u dont want the movie.. at least there were people thinking to create a movie on the game.

    • Joonas says:

      Know your stuff before giving shit to this movie:

      Jon – Wushu master
      Anton – Tae Kwon Do master
      Gary – kickboxing champion
      Nathan – Vale Tudo champion
      Lateef – Capoeira master
      Darrin – 15 years of martial arts
      Tagawa – master of a martial art and creator of Chun Shin
      Dale – Kung Fu and swords
      Cung Le – MMA champ

      In other words this movie is pure win.

  2. jeo says:

    another fail video game movie…again….

  3. DarthSolidus says:

    omfg kazuya fighting with axes…. this movie looks REAL bad!

    kazuya wielding an axe. unbelievable…

  4. SlashFox14 says:

    This trailer looks gnarly! :D

  5. Blind Ghost says:


    ya…I know….But were still gonna see it, and if anything this movie looks leagues better than the SF movie.

    The Martial arts will be solid.

    I can Damn Guarantee that !

    Can’t Wait.

  6. -_- says:

    can anyone tell me why Heihachi looks like mr miyagi from karate kid, and why their slow-mo looks like utter crap?

  7. DIGGS-86 says:

    in my opinion they should have this movie to the likes of Ryuhei Kitamura of Versus, Alive, Midnight Meat Tain or some other ethnically action oriented director. I bet they barely use signature moves. wtf with the axes, jin doing a back flip drop. That Heihachi wig is a trip though

    • Razorfish says:

      Ryuhei Kitamura sucks balls…he ruined a video game so badly its not considered part of the series by fans not to mention the hack job he did on the 50th anniversary Godzilla flick. People wanna hold up Versus as his shining light but the movie on the whole is painfully boring cept when heads start falling off. I will give him a point or 2 for directing action sequences but his overall vision is piss poor at best. if he was attached to this i’d write this film off as total crap…right now its just eeeh…

  8. DIGGS-86 says:

    Steve aint got no hair lol

  9. Allan A says:

    Nice trailer!!! i like it.

  10. Razorfish says:

    the guy playing Bryan Fury doesn’t look bad ass enough…hardly a crazed undead zombie at any rate. and from what little we see of him he’s probably gonna suck like Kano from the first mortal kombat movie where he gets killed way early… agree another fail video game movie… atleast Raven and Yoshimitizu look good the predator look might have been better for the movie, just sayin

    • Obsidian says:


    • Joonas says:

      Know your stuff before giving shit to this movie:

      Jon – Wushu master
      Anton – Tae Kwon Do master
      Gary – kickboxing champion
      Nathan – Vale Tudo champion
      Lateef – Capoeira master
      Darrin – 15 years of martial arts
      Tagawa – master of a martial art and creator of Chun Shin
      Dale – Kung Fu and swords
      Cung Le – MMA champ

      In other words this movie is pure win

  11. AssassinX21 says:


  12. Where'sHwoarang? says:

    Where the hell is Hwoarang?

    And Jin sounds like a wuss.
    Christie seems like she might be the main girl. If that’s the case, they could have at LEAST chosen someone who’s not so obviously white and non-Brazilian looking. Jeez…mega failure. I can see it already.

    The only ones they got right were Raven and Eddy…sad, sad…

  13. legion says:

    in my opinion, this movie is disaster.its going to be just like street fighter and DOA,dragonball evoluton(all of which were box-office disappointments). they should have made it 3D like final fantasy.it would hav been more attractive to watch.im not even looking forward to watching it even though im a hardcore tekken fan.

    • Joonas says:

      Know your stuff before giving shit to this movie:

      Jon – Wushu master
      Anton – Tae Kwon Do master
      Gary – kickboxing champion
      Nathan – Vale Tudo champion
      Lateef – Capoeira master
      Darrin – 15 years of martial arts
      Tagawa – master of a martial art and creator of Chun Shin
      Dale – Kung Fu and swords
      Cung Le – MMA champ

      In other words this movie is pure win!

  14. zion69 says:

    so far the only thing I hate (from the trailer) is, jin’s love story. fight scene looks good

  15. concretebody says:

    ……i don’t know…..not that eyebrow-raising to me….but who knows.

  16. WakaFlockaLei says:

    It looks like Tekken is cashing out for the curtain call on this one. As a die hard Tekken fan I’m definately not happy about this.

  17. BlondeAssassin says:

    Jin and Christie? WTFFF lmao

    Does this entire movie take place in the same ring? Thats kinda lame…I was hoping for more random epic fights any time, any place. Oh well…

  18. KW says:

    Wow, looks like dog shit. Maybe not that bad but very disappointing.

  19. Val says:

    I dont even have to click the link and I know this crap is full of epic fail. Tekken is going down hill, better start looking at other fighting games. The developers are getting more and more stupid as time passes.

  20. VenoM362 says:

    VenoM362 will not pay to see this, the story is one BIG JOKE! Atleast my boy Raven won his fight and looked right, although VenoM362 wishes Raven was wearing black and not the DR version.

    I’m just saying…

  21. Eggfooyung2go says:

    face palm x 10000000

  22. marc says:

    I saw this trailer and couldn’t help but laugh…. this is gonna be horrible… at least street fighter made a quality trailer…tekken didn’t even bother to do that…

  23. Jeebus says:

    Jeebus, since when did Jin have a fling… and with Christie? That’s just frakkin’ ridiculous.

    Well at least the trailer is nice.

  24. tekkenlover says:

    ok i ll download the movie and see it:)

  25. Malakai says:

    Come on it doesn’t look that bad. And atleast its a solid fighting tournament instead of something completely random like Chun-Li.

    And obviously they had to limit the characters to some main players, otherwise it would be way too crowded. Using Chriestie instead of Xiaoyu is stupid but i bet its done because of the american sex-appeal of Christie.

    Looks solid enough and Cyril Raffaelli action scenes should deliver. But i guess we will have to wait for the full film to be able to judge it.

  26. V says:

    I don’t think it looks half bad as some people here are making it out to be. Sure it’s not a carbon copy of the game, but that’s why it’s a movie. Kazuya wielding axes was weird. But the tournament itself looks cool, Eddy, Raven and Anna are spot-on. I think I see Yoshimitsu as well?

    Looks better than most videogame movies that came out lately

  27. Cosmoslayer says:

    Kazuya’s a gladiator now. :(

  28. LukaszMuzial says:

    Omg Jin kissing Christie……….

  29. CeaserDeebo says:


    just as expected

  30. Micheal W says:

    This looks rent-able at best not something I’d rush to the cinema for

  31. CRIS says:


  32. jaaaneee! says:

    Jin kissing Christie aah fuck. I WANT MORE AZUKA JIN ♥ :((((

    • J1N says:

      Sure, why not? I could see a little Capoeria Kazama rascal running around Tekken. This game has gotten so crazy with the new character designs, that I would not be shocked to see a little fighting todler in the game!! Capo Kazama FTW!!!

    • Obsidian says:

      DUUDE You no Jin n Asuka are like cousins ;P XIAOYU AND JIN ! and sob for lack of julia xxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. jaaaneee! says:

    AAAAAAAAAH FUUUUUUUCK :'< i love jin and asuka love story. no christie no! i don't wanna watch x[

    • Spitfire says:

      Love Story? FOOL they related….incestry iz some nasty barbaric shit….i c u be doin shit wit ya cousins on da low…..nasty muthafucka

  34. Hunty says:

    *facepalm* This blows harder than that Chun Li garbage.

    And then they fucked Christie up with that stupid pairing. Jin looks like a pussy. Hwoa/Christie all the way, bitches!

  35. mahmood says:

    why? why you are doing this?

  36. x says:

    why is it that every movie has to have some kind of love connection in it even if it has nothing to do with the original plot? Someone please explain this.

  37. QDogg says:

    They should of used the general from Avatar to play the role of Bryan Fury.

    Looks like how we expected it to look….shitty. But as Tekken fans, you know we’re all gonna watch it at least once.

    • J1N says:

      Maybe if this movie was actually in association with Namco…the movie, story and characters would have all been 100% better. However, this is supposedly some indie flim that was not made by Hollywood…so go figure

    • Syx says:

      no…..that general is too old

  38. Spitfire says:

    damn…..da fan-made trailer outshines this 10-1 all day…this shit looks hotter den dat garbage and this aint even da real movie….. https://sdtekken.com/2009/10/08/tekken-fan-made-live-action-trailer/#comment-40350

  39. Shawntro says:

    I really hate when they make Movie’s Out of Good Fighting Games Another One Bites the dust

  40. Dominant Togu says:

    Lol, so many fanboy whiners. Just because the movie isn’t turning out like the tekken movie of your dreams, you automatically label it as crap. Almost everything, may it be comics, video games or novels that has been adopted to a movie is has had changes.

    As for me, I’m quite happy that the tekken movie has much more elements that has been adopted from the source material compared to the previous movies that is based on video games. Plus the actions shown in the trailer is quite nice.

  41. juiceciuj says:

    there’s no way this will actually be in theatres

  42. Yoshimitsu Dude says:

    Looks pretty disappointing… Not that I expected anything good anyway.

    • undeadewok says:

      yea… fighting game movies have always been a joke. something tells me, that this will pull more cash then Chun Li lol!

  43. Lestat-Valentine says:

    I got Love for Tekken and money to spend.
    So I’ll be there opening day.

  44. ladyjin says:

    OMFG…jesussss…jin says jesus?!
    i´ve expected more .. whats this?
    Is this a kind of joke? ..where is the honor of tekken..omg..i cant believe this..what the helllll is this? They call this Tekken Movie? oh dear..im so dissapointed..i cant explain in words..jin and lovestory ..no no.. typical american movie shit..
    if i had the money…i would do a better movie then this. .. faq is .. it has some good scenes but that doesnt help.

  45. CKZaibatsu says:

    was anyone really surprised that this sucks…i mean cmon…

  46. The90sKid says:

    My God, this movie is going to suck ass and tuin Tekken forever.
    We can all forget aabout TTT2.

  47. KC says:

    Tekken 6 Xbox Live tournament

    Saturday Jan 30 @ 8PM EASTERN

    1st Place: $100.00
    2nd Place: 3 MNTH Xbox LIVE

    Go here to sign up: http://2solid.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=470&t=1056&sid=16a7e74c42befeab9c2fb640902e2bc6

    Note: This is for North Americans only since there will be major lag in other regions.

  48. NYtekken says:

    i wacth this trailer about 3 time and im gonna be honest it doesnt look BAD at all seriously at all you guys are over exagerating stuff

    They dont necessarily need to follow the story since we all know it already sure the story for this movie look “meh” but like someone mention the structure is there

    im actually glad that they draw elements from the real world cuz really there will be no originality if they didnt

    all you hardcore tekken fans that you guys claim to be need to CALM DOWN its not necessarily bad just beacuse its not entirely true the game plot REALLY you guys gonna wacth it anyways LOL

    It look interresting in my opinion cant wait to see Dragunov in action but all i see is his ass getting handed by Bryan

  49. BuddhaHeaD says:

    Where is Feng Wei? Couldn’t put him in the movie because they know Feng Wei destroys all, for FENG WEI IS THE ONE TRUE KING OF THE IRON FIST!!!!!!!!!!


  50. CKZaibatsu says:

    i’ve got one more thing to say. “this is iron fist!” ::sigh::

  51. crazy skip says:


  52. chemicalRed says:

    Looks horrible… Ofcourse I’ll still see it.

  53. Martin says:

    OMG I’m definitely gonna see it! This one looks very cool. Too bad The USA Dosen’t have a Movie distributor yet.

  54. x-raze says:



    <3 this movie already.

  55. Pantera says:


  56. SammyAfe says:

    DAMMIT! How come Marshall Law lost in this trailer. This is a knife to the back to all Law/Bruce Lee fans. But I still am will to see how he lost : D

    • J1N says:

      You don’t know if he lost for sure! This was just a trailer….it could have just been the end of “Round 1”. I wonder if they fight best out of 3 rounds in this movie. LOL!!

  57. Spiriax says:

    I lol at people saying it’s such a deal Jin said “jesus”. So it’s a big deal they actually gave him personality? Jin’s personality in T6 is like a wooden statue lol.
    Jin and Christie love story and Kazuya with axes is kinda facepalm but wtf, I’ll enjoy this movie anyway. :P

  58. Tekmasgirl says:

    I don’t see what is people’s problem. The fight scenes at least looks decent. Better than SF: The Legend of Chun Li and some other game movies. If your a Tekken fan stop complaining and just go see the movie when it comes out. No one is perfect and there is always going to be some flaws in a movie. Really what were you people expecting this movie to truly be like? Am not trying to argue am just tired of people who are complaining about this and that about this Tekken movie or movies period. It’s not like it’s the worst movie in history. You have to give them some credit for trying, at least. We all know how Hollywood is like with game movies.

  59. Tekmasgirl says:

    Am not expecting this to be the greatest movie of all time, but it looks like a good decent action flick. With fighting which is what Tekken is about. Now the story line maybe be wrong, but who knows.

  60. The trailer does look a bit rubbish but the fight scenes look good but i hate the actor who playing Kazuya in the film and Jin and Christie making love is just too corny the story is not great but since the movie was in pre production i did not like the director and the writers behind the Tekken movie that f**k things up.
    But it will be alright to see.
    Thank You.

  61. fras says:

    They should have gone full CGI on this.

  62. Dice says:

    Who the hell is that wielding that blooody axe? Omg.

  63. Whorebitchslut says:

    sieht echt böse scheiße aus wie hure und so
    schlampe haha ihr könnt alle nicht verstehen was ich schreibe weil ihr seid alle amys oder japsen

  64. coilover2005 says:

    I expected a bad movie, I think we all did… but this looks like it is going to piss off the hardcore fans to a whole new level! Will we ever see a good fighting game on the big screen? I do wanna see how Yoshi turns out though… Lets hope this isn’t the worst fighting game movie ever made… =/

  65. 9thPixel says:

    No Xiaoyu means I will not even watch this movie for the laughs.

  66. Val says:

    Nothing will make me watch this film, not even free DVD rips.

  67. Jeezus says:

    Like I said in a previous thread..

    Bad movie is bad.

  68. J1N says:

    I wonder if Dragunov will actually speak sometime in the movie…

  69. J1N says:

    I wonder if they fight best out of 3 rounds in this movie!! LOL

  70. JAYEN says:

    This aeint a big hollywood movie, its done by a independant company so we are even lucky to have something remotely resembling the characters. If we had a giant hollywood producer we would get something closer to the legend of chun li and we dont want that.

  71. Slim Reaper10 says:

    is thats supposed to be Steve at 1:00

  72. DrBhup666 says:

    This is comment number 100.

    This movie sucks bigtime.

  73. King Lou says:

    It’s not that bad.. Just have a couple beers before viewing and it’s all good.

  74. […] Tekken Movie Trailer!! The first trailer for the TEKKEN MOVIE is now online!  Click below to check it out! […] […]

  75. alixraen says:

    It looks so dumb….but I can’t look away…

  76. Hell's Axel says:

    haha this is going to be funny as hell, really I had no idea who was who except for Raven who looked dead on and eddy cause he was announced.Some of the others I could tell because of the costumes but I had no idea who Kazuya was or anything.

  77. 0kills says:

    0:14 made me spill my drink

  78. TCO-TheOne says:

    The movie does look bad but, i want to see for myself just how bad. They could have done a better job with jin,and where is BRUCE.

  79. championking says:

    what an awful movie! :(

  80. 8D says:

    I like it and don’t at the same time, nice job on the story and costumes for SOME guys… (Did they ran out of gel by the way..? They could at least do Heihachi’s all round famous twin pointer…)

    but HELL NO! Kazuya with a beard and an AXE?! (same for some other dudes… they’re wielding weapons! COME’N! THIS IS TEKKEN! not yoshimitsu’s army..) That’s like King Kong in a pink skirt with a lolypop!

    and who’s the bitch being ‘jins girlfriend’…? I thought the guy was a solo’er, not a womanizer…

  81. Ayumi says:

    Hope only brings disappointment!

  82. Gojira says:

    Looks fine for what it is. Video game movies are always bad on some level anyway, but at least the costumes make it look like they’re making more of an effort than they could be.

  83. F-E-N-R-I-R says:

    This film is ok cause i like all the maratial art moves! but lets see if the story is different from the game! LOL :) maybe its not? LOL :)

  84. Tenshimitsu says:

    Yoshi looks cool :D Hope he’ll fight in more than 1 fight…

  85. jacky123 says:

    Why is it jin sucking christie’s face it is suppose to be xiaoyu…….the movie isn’t good enough cuz all players are not there this is wrong…… the partner of jin is xiaoyu!!!!!! this stinks

  86. Raddeh says:

    God, this is Legend of Chun Li all over again…

  87. Nick says:

    Wish they stayed true to the martial arts backgrounds of all the characters. Eddy was a great pick. He may be the only one that does what we expect him to do (and look). Jin Kazama should not be back flipping or doing tricking. Just to let you know I love tricking, so that is not my issue. Hopefully at the very least he does something that somewhat resembles the trademark spin kick that Jin does in the game. They could use the tricking version or functional taekwondo version of the 720 heel kick unless someone knows something better. In no way or form will I consider that guy is Jin Kazama but that’s not his fault. I agree that it may not be as much of a disappointment as the past video game movie installments like SF. We can only wait and see…

  88. Joseph Young says:

    for my belief l thought that the director’s you made this movie did a poor because for one Jon foo dosen’t look like jin kazama because in the game version he has bigger muscles, pointy hair sticking just like kazyua in tekken 6. But, in the movie it’s nice aslo he’s not really muscular when l watchied behind the scenes of the making of this movie. For tekken fans out their l hope you like or don’t like this dvd set wheather you like or not you will probably be like it’s a street fighter the legend of Chun Li dvd movie.

  89. Joseph Young says:

    never seen the movie yet

  90. deidra says:

    Wtf its soposse to be xiaoyu nd cristi thy dnt even kno each other im a hardcore tekken n nd i kno every thing bout tekken nd in tht case i do no tht jin does not no cristi or lyk tht in any way i say fuck the movie the directer should play the gane first

  91. deidra says:

    I say jin should be sukken xioayus face not cristys cuz thts no way in hell they no each otha…do directors even play the dam game or jz say wut the heck nd make a movie…i say tht someone should give thm a call nd tell thm the fact about it..i say xiaoyin not cristin thts jz stupid its xiaoyu+jin nd cristi+eddy….in the movie eddy dnt even tlk ta cristy arint the lyk partners in trainin or sum…this movie sucked ball….i saw the movie trailer nd got pissed

  92. Mike says:

    So when is this movie finally supposed to happen?? I checked yahoo for future movie releases and all the way up to November there is no Tekken movie scheduled to be released. http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/comingsoon.html. WTF.

  93. jerald amaya sr. says:

    i play one of the Corperate Owners in the movie i sit at the right of cary the principal actor,…it was alot of fun to shoot the movie here in Shreveport,La.HOLLYWOOD SOUTH!!..i have recieved a lot of fan mail from around the world since!!

  94. UFC videos says:

    UFC videos…

    […]TEKKEN MOVIE TRAILER!! « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource![…]…

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