Gouri Daisuke Found Dead At 57

VERSUS CITY reports, popular voice actor Gouri Daisuke (voice of Heihachi Mishima) died at age 57 from extreme blood loss in his arm.  His body was discovered by a passerby in the Nakano-ku region, and investigators have reported that the cause of his death was via suicide. SDTEKKEN’s condolences go out to his family & friends. R.I.P. Heihachi Mishima.

54 Responses to Gouri Daisuke Found Dead At 57

  1. Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

    Rest in Peace, Daisuki Gouri – you’ll be missed – not only by us Tekken fans, but everyone who admired your talent at voice acting.

    My condolences.

    • DIGGS-86 says:

      Well said, I just want to know what do people with so much to live for and so many they inspire think when they do things like this. We got people dying in Haiti for no reason, Asia didnt have tsunamis for a little bit and one decides to kill themselves. Ask for help people!

  2. Kikimaru says:

    ;_; But I thought Heihachi would live on forever!

    • Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

      Daisuke’s Hei will live forever on your memories, I’m sure – he done an amazing work since T3.

  3. MikeBreezy92 says:

    Heihachi survived explosions, falling off a revine but dies to blood loss. What a way to go. RIP

  4. CKZaibatsu says:

    Damn…I hope whatever demons were haunting him have been put to rest. Heihachi is the man. Rest easy Gouri Daisuke, heihachi will live on!

  5. chemicalRed says:

    Wow. Sad to hear

  6. crazy skip says:

    you will be missed not just in tekken but also in history’s strongest disciple kenichi.. great anime and great game!

    the one who will replace your voice as hei will never be able to be as good as you daisuke


  7. Yoshimitsu Dude says:

    R.I.P :/

  8. HeihachiUser says:

    doryaa….. :(

  9. reaper says:

    Lame why would you commit suicide…Did they tell him that they were not going to make tekken 7.

    • poeticflow says:

      because he was going blind due to type 2 diabetes. im not saying that its right that he commited suicide but that was problably the reason.

  10. mishima-san says:

    damn what a coincidence.. just last night i was at a friend’s playing ninja gaiden when i heard one of the bosses “volf” speak in japanese, and was like damn that guy sounds exactly like heihachi! anyone know if these are the same voice actors?

    • Grimlock says:

      Yes is volf from ninja gaiden, he has also done many, many more voices on alot of my favourite games, cartoons, Anime’s and so on, he will be greatly missed.

      R.I.P Gouri Daisuke

  11. tekkenlover says:


  12. AzazelsWrath says:

    Rest in peace Gouri Daisuke.

    Tekken will never be the same without you.

  13. VenoM362 says:


    • Blind Ghost says:

      Wow man , icant belevie this, yu know i really dont give a shi when a celebrety dies.

      But honestly this affects me greatly.

      im really shocked by this news. ive heard his voice in countless games and animes.

  14. Corootai says:

    Rip Gouri….

    this is just like tekken 5 all over again…*thinks back to t5* i’m expecting him to wake up in a grave two weeks from now…can’t a guy hope? XD

    in all serious we lost a great guy. Y_Y

  15. Yen Kazama says:

    Reast in peace my friend, u had an amazing voice, i hope u r happier when u r. The old Heihachi will not be the same without u.

  16. Blind Ghost says:

    OMG , i cant beleive this, Simply put one of the Best Voce actors to ever live. he did animes as well.

    poor guy, may he rest in Peace and May the Mishimas Live Forever.

  17. Jeezus says:

    A great loss.

  18. Yabusamaro says:

    This is too sad. He’ll be missed. RIP.

  19. Guc says:

    Really sad.

    Rest in Peace

  20. Justin says:

    (speculation) Maybe he was really sad when he heard the news of no Tekken 7?

    Anyway, R.I.P Gouri Daisuke.

  21. personalit says:


    He was the best Hei for sure, who is gonna take over now? Hei is one of my mains, to this made me especially sad.

  22. PhantomJ says:


    Kazuya’s gonna get depressed.

  23. masoftekken says:

    Thats really sad man RIP.

  24. Cosmoslayer says:

    R.I.P. Daisuke-san.

  25. L_Z_N says:

    you will surely be remembered by many for your great work..

    R.I.P. Gouri Daisuke

  26. Spiriax says:

    RIP Daisuke! Will miss your voice in Tekken but also in the on-going One Piece series. :( (He was Jimbei in One Piece…)

  27. Iwao says:

    I can’t believe, that the voice actor for my favorite Tekken character did just die!!! WHY WHY!?!? He will surely be missed a lot! I mean who will do Heihachi’s voice now? :(

    R.I.P. Daisuke-San!

  28. Chewbacca says:

    May just be me, but that’s kind of an innapropriate headline.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      How about you Shut the Fuck up man.

      WHo are you a liberal, you defend the gays and lesbians and now, your telling MARKMAN what headlines he can and cant post in his own website.

      Your fucking retarded , just shut the fuck up.

      Must everything Be politically correct with you ??

      Yes we know thats the Line raven says over the Head set in the T5 intro, so the fuck what ? its true, he was well known for playing Heihachi, among other anime and video game characters. But mostly Heihachi, hes been doing his voice since T3.

      you need to stop over stepping you boundaries.

      we all have respect for him he was a well known voice actor.

      If its innappropriate for you dont come here. go shove a Dildo up your ass.

      • Chewbacca says:

        Holy shit, man. You need therapy something fierce.

        Markman can write whatever he wants, but I think it’s a tad innapropiate for reasons that are at least obvious to me.

      • DrBhup666 says:

        No Chewbacca, you are wrong and being too politically correct. I hate when people do that.
        If you take the time to read the comments on this page you’ll see that people are paying their respect and condolences and being polite. They all respect and miss Daisuke.
        Nothing disrespectful is going on here.

        Relax with the politically correct comments. It just pisses people off not to be able to say anything anymore without some jackass getting offended for whatever reason!

      • Chewbacca says:

        I’m wrong? You sound more offended than I am. Your whole comment is hypocritical.

        You also don’t have a good grasp on what “political correctness” is, because that’s not what I’m doing.

        I’m not going to explain why this is innapropriate, seeing as someone like you wouldn’t get it.

  29. Lestat-Valentine says:

    I’m gonna have to start using Heihachi now in remembrance of the Great Gouri Daisuke. He’ll become my No.1

  30. Spitfire says:

    i just wanna say RIP and after just leaving from a funeral of a family member…i already know da pain his family is going through…

  31. Deathproof Mark says:

    The mighty Heihachi will be missed

  32. TCO-TheOne says:

    I would just like to say as Heihachi being in my crew he will be missed. I will keep the name and fight alive with you. Heihachi forever FTW.

  33. Blind Ghost's guide dog says:


    On Sunday, I learned that someone I was close to fell victim to the earthquake in Haiti. The next thing I know, a voice actor who potrayed Heihachi, the Japanese superman that just won’t die, actually has died.

    We don’t know what demons this man may have but, suicide couldn’t be best option.

    R.I.P. Daisuke Gouri, the way you potrayed Heihachi, the talent you showed as a voice actor could never be replaced.

  34. Law22 says:

    Damn, this sucks. Rest In Peace. Daisuke Gouri. We will miss U. T-T :(

  35. Tension says:

    Isn’t it a little too soon to use “heihachi mishima…is dead” quote? Just seems a little disrepectful to Daisuke Gouri, to me at least.

    • reaper says:

      SUICIDE is wrong he’s not even a samurai who lost in battle. His death was dishonorable and really sad…I really hope he didn’t kill himself.

  36. Poio says:

    Rest In Peace…

  37. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Namco better find a new voice actor for tekken7.

    I just hope this doesn’t affect the next tekken game.


  38. Kadziet says:

    wow this is truly astounding… he was soo good. At least we still have David Hayter.

    but you will be missed

  39. Julian says:

    Wow. we lost one of the best that day.I never tried playing has Heihachi (ive only played Tekken 5 DR and Tekken 6 on PSP) but he was my favorite opponent.I know it sounds stupid but in respect for the man’s work Heihachi should be laid to rest. No man could replace Gouri Daisuke.

    R.I.P friend

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