TEKKEN Fan-Made, Live Action Trailer!

The guys at Quantum Optics have put together a TEKKEN live action trailer for the G4 video game trailer contest.  Unfortunately, they missed the deadline… but that’s not stopping them from still sharing it with the world!  Check it out after clicking below…


27 Responses to TEKKEN Fan-Made, Live Action Trailer!

  1. zert says:

    That’s coool…….
    The costumes of ladies match those in the game, even tiny details like Asuka’s boots & Ling’s shoes.

    Nice makeups including Paul’s wig LOL..

  2. MarkMan says:

    The guy who made this video actually emailed me a few days ago. Awesome stuff, thanks again guys!

    • zert says:

      They should make a film or a short scene.. don’t waste the resources they have =D

      However, funding can be a problem..

  3. **** says:

    Paul Phoenix looks like he’s in high school and Bryan Fury looks like he has AIDS but other than that it’s pretty great.

  4. TCO-TheOne says:

    That was a pretty good fan trailer must have took awhile. The TEKKEN girls look really good they did a good job on them and there clothes.

  5. DJ ENERGIZER NZ says:

    that dude who looks like dragunov in this cilp looks awesome! :)

  6. Jayvee says:

    Man that trailer be awesome :))

  7. The_Phenom says:

    That was good as hell I give em props very creative that “Lei” person really looked like Lei . And I glad they knew real martial arts instead randome people just kickin and punchin without any type of form or technique.

  8. kidkai says:

    hehe, dragunov is jin as well. Awesome! ^_____^

  9. krisq says:

    Very nice job! Great eye for the details.

  10. garfield says:

    that was great!

    is there going to be a next one?

  11. kazumashima says:

    that was gay

  12. yaks88 says:

    scrawny skinny dudes the film is betta b good no skinny guys got have a good build

  13. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    They should make 5mins scene or around 15mins small episode based on tekken6 story…. Damn never seen somthing good as this,,, 1 thinG Tekken Movie which is already Finished they just finding the Distributor in USA, that movie will suck,, same to KOF, but this was Much Better, Respect to these Fellas

  14. Izzy says:

    Awesome short. Could have used more asians though.

  15. Taya says:

    Pretty SWEET

  16. MADPOWER says:

    Sad that this will be better than the real movie

  17. VenoM362 says:

    Aside from being shrimpy the Jin/Dragunov guy looked right. The Kazuya…nah man. What shocked me was they got Paul down perfectly. He was a little bitch just like in the game,LMAO!!!! Asuka, Xai. come holla at VenoM362!
    I’m just saying…

  18. Sharomi says:

    oh. may.

    that was awesome!!! very well made..!! nice costumes n actors with the moves.. and settings too.. X3.. nice lei.. :3… i luvv it

  19. jmoid says:

    Ha, that’s pretty cool! The woman playing Asuka should be in the real movie

  20. Tenshimitsu says:

    Dragunov FTW!

    … no Yoshi :P He would be pretty tough to play… XD

  21. Ridox says:

    This is pretty good. Altho i’m expecting the rest of the important character. But, i respect who made this..they shud the one be doing the movie. come on guys, a non profit organization can make Tekken Live action this good, what kind of excuses will the real movie have to give when its out n people will keep saying ‘ Ahh….Tekken movie was suck..suck to the core!”.

    Keep em coming, if this can be bring up to make a better one, i don’t mind chipping some budget for u guys. All Hail Tekken!

  22. Spitfire says:

    this shit looks way better den da real trailer….and itz fan-made with worser lookin characters

  23. Spitfire says:

    scratch dat…..characters look way better on here

  24. Street Fighter is the most awesome game to ever happen to competitive gamesin my opinion, without it I think the genre might disappear…Not that I dont like other fighting games, I just think SF is most loved the community the most.

  25. macshady23 says:

    lol at dragunov fighting and skinny byran XD

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