Hori Amazon Japan Exclusive RAP V3 SA!

Amazing!  Less than a week after Hori released their latest stick design, they’ve already announced an exclusive variation featuring a different colored set of Sanwa components! Amazon of Japan is now taking preorders on a March 2010 release of the stick.  Stay tuned for more details on a Play-Asia release! For more information on the Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 SA, you can check our Tech Talk area here.

15 Responses to Hori Amazon Japan Exclusive RAP V3 SA!

  1. BuddhaHeaD says:


  2. Blind Ghost's Pimp says:

    Wow, that’s a really beautiful Stick.

    And BuddhaHeaD is a scrub lol

    • BuddhaHeaD says:

      Blind Ghost’s Pimp…….you poor poor deluded fool. I feel sorry for you, for your diminutive mind can not comprehend the might that is Feng Wei!

      My kung fu is strong, yours….is weak.


  3. Cosmoslayer says:

    Damn. Now, I feel jealous of the Japanese.

  4. DrBhup666 says:


    Prolly the best stick in the world right now.

    – Big and heavy
    – All Sanwa parts
    – Great layout for buttons (like Vewlix)
    – Storage compartment for the cable (rip-off from madcatz SFTE stick, Markman, you should sue!),
    – Grabbing area (vings) on the side for easy lift-ups
    – turbo-settings and all the usual stuff
    – Sexy colors too.

    I give it 10/10

    Happy new year to all the Tekkenheads out there! Keep fighting!

    • MarkMan says:

      The base is about the same size as most sticks, it’s just the wings that make it look bigger ;)

      It’s not heavy though, it is almost 2 lbs lighter than the HRAP series of sticks (!?!?!)

      I agree though, nice colors. :)

      Can’t sue them for stealing a great idea. Plus other sticks before the TE stick had cable storage (Pelican Real Arcade series, Interact’s Shadowblade and Nubytech’s 15th Anniversary SF stick).

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        When the hell,Is the co-op mode coming??


      • DIGGS-86 says:

        I am with you man I was like ,”maybe they will do it last minute if not before christmas and new years”. But on the other hand, I went on psn for the first time in like 2 days and saw that psn hasnt even updated since the 21st so we may get it later (if we’re lucky) or maybe Monday if they are on some business holiday shit. Happy holidays guys!

  5. Cosmoslayer says:

    Happy New Year from the Philippines!

  6. The Stick looks great btw
    Happy New Year MarkMan

  7. ICEYOUCOLD says:


  8. ugh says:

    am I the only one that thinks the new hraps look like straight up ASS? I’m all for change, but this think looks like some other company tried to make a cheap HRAP knockoff disguised with slightly different styling. Start button right next to the other buttons? To each their own I guess, but this one is a pass for me. TE and older Hraps kill this; I’d even get an SE and mod before this thing…

  9. Pedro Edmundo Martínez Medel says:

    Does anyone know if this arcade stick supports PS2 GAMES on a PS3 with backward-compatibility? PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW, that’s the only thing that will decide if i buy one of these or not. Sorry for the bad english, THANKS!

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