Arcade Sticks

A comprehensive guide of the many kinds of arcade sticks out there that are suitable for Tekken. Everything from Hori to MAS & even a section describing the difference between Sanwa, Seimitsu and more…

22 Responses to Arcade Sticks

  1. David g says:

    why dont you have the hori fighting stick wii?

  2. Ichorid says:

    Any info on the sticks released by Sammy for the PS2 featuring SvC Chaos and GGXX art?

  3. Ghost Buffalo says:

    @David g: This is a Tekken specific list and we have yet to see any of these games released for the Wii.

  4. SeimitsuLover says:

    You guys should add the Hori Real Arcade Pro EX SE to your Arcade Sticks list! ;D

  5. […] Hi, jeder der sich fr Stick interessiert kann sich auch gerne mal diesen Link hier anschauen Arcade Sticks SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource!. Abgesehen von den Stick-Bildern und Grundinfos stehen auch Kommentare zu den jeweiligen Sticks, […]

  6. […] cliccate su ogni stick vedete le caratteristiche cos guidicate voi stessi cosa meglio per voi. Arcade Sticks SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource! . quota – Playstation ID: […]

  7. […] cliccate su ogni stick vedete le caratteristiche cos guidicate voi stessi cosa meglio per voi. Arcade Sticks SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource! quota – Playstation ID: […]

  8. […] era sulla 70ina Scusa che cosa centra il pad? Ho postato il link degli stick… lo riposto: Arcade Sticks SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource! . quota – Playstation ID: […]

  9. Aqqaitgv says:

    K9ToLa comment1 ,

  10. […] 2 late 2008.  Hori released a specfic Hori Real Arcade Pro styled fighting stick that revived the HRAP1 button placement but with the game’s specific mapping laid […]

  11. Pouch says:

    or the Sf4 mad catz

  12. Jim says:

    The tekken bundle stick awfully resembles the Wii – Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick.

  13. Yoshimattsu says:

    Does anyone know where I can get the bolts for the Tekken 5 10th anniversary stick? Mine came with one missing and I would like it to be complete, I have looked at all hardware stores and on the internet but I can’t find anything.

  14. […] you know, we are big fans of all things arcade sticks here at SDT… Our good friends at Play-Asia (The #1 place for online purchases/importing […]

  15. Eddierang says:


    So what’s the verdict on the Virtua Stick High Grade on Tekken 6, are there still three button press problems or was that fixed?

  16. dogstick says:

    hi everyone! what’s the difference between SFIV fightstick and the SFIV TE? The non-TE’s link is not there so i can’t tell myself. thank you!

  17. streamline says:

    I would appreciate it if Markman or anyone with a lot of experience with Korean sticks could answer a simple queston. What is the best stick I could buy for Tekken that is comparable to what Korean pros use? I’d really like to stay away from modding a stick as I’ve no clue about modding one. (Or maybe somewhere I could buy a modded stick??) Thanks!

  18. Along with meeting the checklist of awesome features this stick gets a lot of little things right also that make it perfect. I own many “high quality” sticks but this is by far the best.

  19. Casa Rafalet says:

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  20. Kikimaru says:

    Please add the Konami Hyper Stick :D

  21. retromich says:

    I’m looking for an arcade stick to play old Namco and Atari games on PS2. (PolePosition,Galaga,Asteroids,ect)
    Preference would be ball stick and concave buttons- does this even exist?
    Not looking for a huge investment, but something to simulate the old80’s arcade’s.

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