Arcade Sticks

A comprehensive guide of the many kinds of arcade sticks out there that are suitable for Tekken. Everything from Hori to MAS & even a section describing the difference between Sanwa, Seimitsu and more…


22 thoughts on “Arcade Sticks

  1. Does anyone know where I can get the bolts for the Tekken 5 10th anniversary stick? Mine came with one missing and I would like it to be complete, I have looked at all hardware stores and on the internet but I can’t find anything.

  2. Markman,

    So what’s the verdict on the Virtua Stick High Grade on Tekken 6, are there still three button press problems or was that fixed?

  3. hi everyone! what’s the difference between SFIV fightstick and the SFIV TE? The non-TE’s link is not there so i can’t tell myself. thank you!

  4. I would appreciate it if Markman or anyone with a lot of experience with Korean sticks could answer a simple queston. What is the best stick I could buy for Tekken that is comparable to what Korean pros use? I’d really like to stay away from modding a stick as I’ve no clue about modding one. (Or maybe somewhere I could buy a modded stick??) Thanks!

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  6. I’m looking for an arcade stick to play old Namco and Atari games on PS2. (PolePosition,Galaga,Asteroids,ect)
    Preference would be ball stick and concave buttons- does this even exist?
    Not looking for a huge investment, but something to simulate the old80’s arcade’s.

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