Earlier today at Capcom’s media event in London… STREET FIGHTER IV was announced for release in 2008! A short animated clip of Ken and Ryu fighting was shown to the gaming press, but no further details were given. This is huge news for fighting game fans everywhere! So gamers rejoice… the original king of fighting games is making it’s return next year! Don’t call it a comeback! Click below to watch the first trailer for STREET FIGHTER IV!

More news as it comes!


19 Responses to STREET FIGHTER IV!

  1. Sinnocence says:

    Oh Jam!

  2. ABC says:

    ITS HERE!!!
    ITS FINALY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. tepid says:

    no 3d plz

    we want 2d

  4. RoyalFlush says:

    3D or not, still sounds like it’ll be very promising to me.

  5. truth says:

    wow the art in the trailer is incredible!! ryu’s face looks stupid though..

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  7. Nashville says:

    Not only does the game look cool, but so does the logo =) Can’t wait for this release!

  8. Destructioncalls says:

    The title and the art remind me of mario strykers

  9. Brigandine222 says:

    OH YEAH BABY!!! Ihope that there is a strong representation of Bushin in the game, i.e. Guy and Maki.

  10. joebo says:

    wow. awesome work by capcom.
    great style, great camera work.

    its orental caligraphy meets fighting. BEAUTIFUL!

    i still think some of the animation could be tweaked though =P.

  11. Nashville says:

    Like ryu’s face =P
    Minus that, i hink the animation is sweet! It would’ve taken forever to make!

  12. akextream says:

    So, Prepare yourself!

  13. MYK says:

    omg this shittt looks soo sickk

  14. standing8 says:

    Aww man that trailer looks awesome! I hope we get some gameplay info soon. *cough* Parry *cough*

  15. akextream says:

    WAHAHAHAHA!! *cough *parry *cough!! your freak man!!

  16. Christopher says:

    SF4 PICS’

  17. truth says:

    ryu’s face looks horrible.. kinda makes you wonder if
    he’s really asian or some caucasion jock from a hs football team.

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