Our good pal MrWizard just announced the latest game added to EVO2K8’s tournament lineup… Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection! With Tekken 6 nowhere in sight until late this year, EVO2K8 is moving onward this August with T5DR! EVO2K8 takes place at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. For the full game list and future announcements check out the site below…

EVO2K.COM – Evolution Championship Series

7 Responses to EVOLUTION 2008 ANNOUNCED!

  1. fsdgradfgads says:

    Are we still going to have those side tournaments (North, south, east…etc?

    because those 4 small tournaments pissed off and scared away the international community big time (at least in tekken). If you see the top eight most (or all?) of the finalists were americans! (dont get me wrong i have us pride BUT we need to prove it by going against the rest of the international community)

    I think that only the top 2 should be bracketed into the brackets (48 man) in the world final this year.

    The tekken scene was so boring in 2007

  2. tekken lover says:

    the competiton would have been much more exciting if people T6 instead of T5 DR, unfortunetly that is not the case until EVO2K9 which is a lllllloooooooonnnnnnnnnggggg time

  3. INFORCER says:

    if we had international comp at last years EVO no one from the USA would have won imo.. Japan and Korea will always dominate in Tekken but we americans still love it and feel that Namco should give us our drug called TEKKEN.. Luckily am only about 3 hrs away from houston but I am sure I would get owned being that Im not playing tekken 6 everyday..

    Feed the Need

  4. tekken lover says:

    hey inforcer doesnt matter if you are not playing at arcade cuz once T6 comes to console the ps3 controler is gonna be very different from arcade.

  5. sdafgdewsgea says:

    hey INFORCER you are dead wrong on that one buddy.

    what happened in t5 evo? Two time champion by Texas’ Crow (yes he is from your state…lol) and top international players were there son. Maddogjin with steve, sdz, mishimaster, Ryan Hart (also Steve), qudans… the list goes on and on but Crow managed to stay on top son.

    So dont tell me we can’t.

  6. sdafgdewsgea says:

    for the people that dont know too much about the bracketing system last year 32 american players got “byes” into the qualifiers bracket which left the rest of the participants (including international) fighting for measley 16 spots. It costs these international players enough money to come to america why not give them a fair chance?

  7. tekken lover says:

    the idea that people who playe tekken in US dont have enough talent is just dumb and rediculous, inforcer if belive that you surely havent played against many people

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