First Tekken Movie Images!

Fans who have been following the latest developments regarding the now 2009 Tekken movie are probably already aware that MMA star Cung Le has been casted as everyone’s favorite restaurant owning drunkard, Marshall Law! Mr. Le posted an image on his MySpace page that shows him in costume, check out the full shot by clicking below!

EDIT: Check out other images, including pictures of Jin Kazama, courtesy of Tekken Corp!

Tekken (2009) – Cung Le as Marshall Law

Tekken (2009) – Jonathan Foo as Jin Kazama

Other characters that have been casted:

Looks like the story of the movie will be taking place at or around the time of Tekken 6!

Filming has wrapped up for the film and is currently in post-production.

Special thanks to fernoca for providing info and the latest news!

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121 thoughts on “First Tekken Movie Images!

  1. who plays as kazuya does anyone knows? plus is it true that miguel is one of the characters in this movie?

  2. Thanks for the pictures, guys! I’ve been checking the Tekken Wikipedia site constantly after information of the movie, I’m so psyched!

    Here’s some actors from character that you missed:

    Ling Xiaoyu – Chiaki Kuriyama (from IMDB)
    Craig Marduk – Nathan Jones (from the Tekkenpedia site)

    The Ling Xiaoyu one is on the IMDB site and isn’t added to the Tekkenpedia, so maybe those responsible for the Tekkenpedia can add. =)

  3. Imo, this movie will not live up to its name. As much as I love tekken, I would prefer namco making a cg movie instead of these guys who don’t know anything about the game.

    1. why isnt paul in the movie he has been in all the tekken games i repeat all the tekken games this is freakin ridiculous WTF!!! is leo a girl or a boy it is really botherin me!!

  4. Looks like Tekken is cashing out. No offense to the martial artists actors, but Jon Foo as Jin, Cung Le as Mashall Law just aint gonna cut it. This will sadly be the end for Tekken I guarantee it. Maybe a few more failed games like the Mortal Kombat series. This movie looks like a cheesy bootleg C-list American made movie instead of an real underground Japanese/Chinese martial arts flick, maybe made by Takashi Miike with full on subtitles. For example Tadanobu Asano should be Kazuya (Kakihara from Ichi the Killer). Jet Li or Tony Jaa certainly should be somewhere in the movie as a lead. Jon Foo MIGHT be a good non lead Lei Wulong. Jason Lee Scott (Dragon the Bruce Lee story) could be handle Jin or Marshall Law. Chalize Theron for Nina, Snipes for Raven etc.. Tekken said they had unlimited finicial backing so A listers weren’t a problem. I agree 100% with Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Hei and Nathan Jones as Marduk they are spot on. Far as Steve Fox and Miquel these characters shouldn’t even be in this movie. BTW Tekken is my fav game, not just fighting game but game ever. I play DRO everyday. I think Tekken should be like a Tony Jaa/Jet Li (fearless) type martial arts flick, not Americanized like Ninja Turtles or Mortal Kombat movie. I see this a huge flop followed by Namco moving on from Tekken games focused more on Soul Caliber etc.. too bad. Thanks for the info SDT.

  5. At least the actors can fight/do stunts. So I’m not worried about action. Cuz come on, you guys expect this to have a good story? Aesthetics can’t please anyone, I mean, we’re used to CG and character models, why do they have to look exactly the same as the actors?

    I’d rather see good action/choreography rather than an well known actor/actress with sub par action.

  6. Reply to MarkMan: Matter of fact I’d rather not see ‘look-a-likes’ but rather have a good lead actor to carry the film, suck as Jet Lei, Tony Jaa or Jason Scott Lee. NOT Jon Foo or Cung Le. The best actor in the list is Hiroyuki Tagawa. I’m telling you video games don’t carry over to Hollywood well, unless a good lead like Tombraider etc.. otherwise this could be straight to DVD type movie. Tekken is known as a dedicated Asian based game and should be made by Asian director, or at least someone who understands Tekken, in Japanese and Chinese with English subtitles. An underground type Asian action flick, not try to Americanize it like what happened with Mortal Kombat. That Cung Le photo makes me laugh. Cung Le is badass I followed him through kickboxing to MMA, but he’s no actor. Takashi wouldn’t even take on this joke. Hopefully I’m wrong, but when games goto movies they usually are cashing out, may follow up with a few more games but the quality of the game diminishes. I dont want this to happen to Tekken.

  7. yes the perfect actor for Heihachi

    i always thought that in my head too.. hmm Tagawa would be a good hei. Awesome.

    Also I approve of Luke Goss as Steve Fox :)

    no homo.. only for steve..

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  9. tekken film is cool but i would be more excited if we could actually play tekken 6 on ps3 seriously guys we have been waiting forever….. this is bullshite. :(

  10. I’d definitely prefered a CG movie. I mean it’s really hard to belive ( i hope i’m wrong) that such characters as yoshi or king will not look totally absurd. And you really have to be a talented director to transform the whole lovelly over-the-top character of tekken(and other fighting games also) plot into a “live” movie script. I mean something like (though it’s an original story) Tarantino did with “Kill Bill”.

  11. Those articles are sick and everything and I cant wait to get my son Tekken 6 for PS3 mostly cause I want to play it myself. To offer my thoughts on the mov. I think it would be best done mostly in CGI. Until the release date ive been stuck plauing little addicting games at work liek the horse betting one on Check it out its actually pretty cool.

  12. Kazuya should be the main antagonist. He was the main character at one point. Why can’t they have the Mishima’s hair stand on end pointing to the back like the video game, it’d start a fad. The storyline should be based on T4’s storyline. Why the Williams sisters hate each other so much should be compeitiion for Kazuya’s affection because he’s a pimp (2P outfit). The audiences should be lead to believe that Heihachi is the villian but is a angel compared to Kazuya. Steve Fox should be Kaz’s bastard son., that would explain that arm of his. Paul should be a comic caharacter and still kick ass. As a fan, I got lot’s of ideas, I belived that fans who aren’t familiar with the series should watch it through a true fan’s point of view that way, they’ll gain the same interest as the video game fans.

  13. Wow HOLY!!

    Added recently on the Tekkenpedia, Lateef Crowder is added as Eddy Gordo!!!! That is just splendid.


  15. this better be good… wonder what tekken will be portrayed..?
    as for now I am waiting but I’m not expecting too much..
    i’ll just play the GAME endlessly.. LOL

  16. Seriosly, this girl who is going to be christie, nothing brasilian in her. Look at her, do people really thing that people are like that in her?

  17. this topic has nothing to do with movie but the games as you all know the best tekken players in the world are leedy,knee,qudan and mishimamaster, but it is ironic that you cant find the vedio tape of these guys playing tekken? has anyone see any vedio of these guys in action if so please tell me the website address so i can watch it

  18. no they are not i have checked non of the four accept knee very a short clip and the quality of clip was so bad but other than that these four are no where to be found

  19. you know there are actually couple of tekken characters already in previous movies. If you are looking for craig marduk watch One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest. You will go coo koos i promise.

  20. huh?! that big native american from One Flew Over the Cookoo Nest guy for craig marduk?? that guy would be 70+yrs old now, not to mention he looks NOTHING like Marduk, not to mention the guy from Jet Lei’s Fearless, Nathan Jones looks 100% like Marduk. holy cow, are you blind yuu?

  21. Has anyone seen Jet Lei’s “War” Sung Kang would be a perfect Feng Wei. He even had same hairstyle in War as Feng. Plus he’s a good actor, he was in Better Luck Tomorrow. Although Im sure Feng won’t be in this, why in the hell is Miguel and Raven in this?! Butterbean can play Bob. I can’t wait for T6 though.

    tekkenlover i think tournament vids.. especially recent ones for T6 probably are sold on DVD, not put on YouTube. I heard a lot of top players quit like Tetsuo some others cause game was so broken with bound, rage, juggles and other stuff, sadly.


    The Tekken movie would have a soundtrack with rock,rap metal electronic and techno,
    it will be fun if the soundtrack is techno and electronic.
    I wasn’t very happy with the start of the Tekken film but it should be beginning of the start with characters from Tekken 2 game.
    But the plot will be based on Tekken 6 so that was the producers idea,I remember the anime Tekken movie which it was shit.
    If Hollywood makes the Virtua Fighter movie it will follow the same routine as the all characters from all VF games into a live action film.
    Scott Adkins will be a good choice for Brad Burns and Kimbo Slice as Jeffry McWild.
    Tekken will not be any like The Avenging Fist but it is a futuristic movie and the film will be release sometime in 2009 by Crystal Sky Pictures.
    Thank you.

  23. i dont understand why but whenever some one try to translate a vedio game into movie something always goes wrong that dissapoint the hardcore fans hopefully this wouldnt be the case

  24. Anyone know if Lili or Asuka is in the film? It would be so cool if they were as they are my two favourite characters.

  25. OMG..!!!
    Chiaki Kuriyama will be Ling Xiaoyu..!!
    Im so gonna watch this movie..!!
    But too bad this movie will air in 2009..!!

  26. You guys are are pre judging way to much. Anyways have you seen Jon Foo in action?! I think this is going to be sick!

    This is a film like Tom Yum goong where up and coming martial artists are given a chance to show what they have and in this one Jon Foo is going to take it to the next level.

    Dont hate apprecitate!

  27. Aw man…

    Where’s the scratch mark across his chest? o_O

    I was hoping Johnny Nguyen could play as Law not… Cung Le… :/

    Jon Foo seems okay as Jin if only he were more buffer and… Japanese? Sigh. I want to hear the Japanese Tekken characters SPEAK in Japanese not in English unless the characters are english…

    But anyways, I’m looking forward to watching this. Not expecting it to be full on great but as much as I love Tekken 24/7, anything with Tekken, I’ll still watch it anyways. :P

    WHY!??! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!?? TT________________TT

  29. tony jaa should have been in dis movie… he’s such a sikk actor, he could have either done kazuya’s role or law’s or even lei da police guy. dere would have another option who is hwoarang.

  30. i agree with an earlier comment. why the hell isnt anyone mentioning the fact that theres NO Hwoarang in this movie. thats total bull. he was one of the most popular, badass and prevelant characthers in the series. they can have marduk and raven who were only in one or two games and were NOT great additions by the way, but they skip completely over hwoarang? what the fudge man??????

  31. The fellow above looks nothing like marshall law!! They should have selected jason scott lee for the role of marshal law.My opinion Anyway.

  32. I agree this movie is going to be bull. I can kinda see why there is a Steve considering Nina is one of the main chars and thats her son. Thouh having Creag and not HWOARANg IS retarted. Tekken is one of the ebst game out there. Namco maid alot of money out of them. When people heard there was going to be move alot of people begged for a good fight seen between Hwoarang and Jin. To NOT have the main chars Rival in the movie is so retarted. Unless there doing soemthing along the line to fake the adince out and sneek Hwoarang in there. Bu come On! It’s so stupied. Namco can do better!

  33. no hwoarang no king no lei they’re killing the flipping game
    dwayne the rock johnson should play king .they are even putting tekken 6 player in the tekken movie whick is ment to be after tekken 2 what the fck jon foo has a vague resemblance with jin kazama still doesn’t make right for the role he is way too skinny and what the fuck happened with the hair ” they have to get the hair rig or it’ll bitch up the whole game dwight little should about this shit mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  34. Hello american people i am russian man,we very much like same as you you and ,I your admirer,I like and play your games, I listen to your music (rock, tehno) and others.I can not Germany would reset on them a nuclear bomb not the people and are similar to demons of a hell, even the teacher them is afraid, if not we and you they already would correct by our poor ground animals that is they and you super and we too,as I hate them devils.Interestingly why the people swear among themselves, we you see are exact just as you, I for example copy Tobey Maguire and soul such, even from a spider-man is courage, force, mind and another much. Also believe we more silly than you, many circumstances bad are simple. I very much like you very much, me 22 years and I far fool, I in all in you like also I to you I envy though it and sin. About Tekken so a pancake (understand us it we so we are expressed, and you as likely with the large force there is a large responsibility till the super-heroes a joke),ha(laughter) all is ridiculous but be not blown on me(be not angry) at mine behaviour of a spider-man and joke, is talkative too and about Tekken if was Yoshimitsu is healthy was. Who remembers me I that you likes Sergey Moissev Юрьевич(I do not know as this patronymic on yours) from Russia and city most Procopievsk, would like with the American girl will meet, in May taste that that Mary Jane and I live on a birch grove in the street second five one and (street on Russian certainly) .Ha my friend Anton speaks that I with these a miracle by comics itself became a spider-man and why and there is no I with pleasure by him became because time very difficult and those ours who looked of a spider-man now compare to me already awkwardly from it. All good to you.I hope that I have not bent with words and that will not understand

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  36. I agree with all of you I think the tekken movie wont live up to its name but the only good thing is…CHIYAKI KURIYAMA!!!!!!! SHE IS SO HOT thats the only reason I’m watching this one. I agree Jason scott Lee for Marshal law.

  37. deff.. gonna give it a chance i mean its gonna be the first live action movie gotta give it some credit atleast right?? …. i hope its good…..!

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  39. Hmm. so far no hwoarang and no king/ armor king.. yet. they better not do tekken like the way they did dragonball z.. ugh..
    the only thing im worried about is the action.
    and yhey GOTTA put in juggles there. i mean thats what tekken is all about hah jk.
    but still i dunoo if itll looks stupid or not haha..
    but u think it will.


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  41. Thats all..Thats all the the characters..This movie better be good.. Right now I can picture the movie finna be dumb.. The story line should start from T4 Or T5 can you dig..

  42. Just checked into the cast listing again from IMDb. Three Hollywood names added!!
    James Franco to play Hwoarang
    Ron Pearlman to play Paul Pheonix
    JACKIE CHAN to play Lei Wulong

    I was SO sad when I read the cast listing not long ago, that my two fav game characters were left out, Hwoarang and Lei. But now, YAY! James as Hwoarang part has me confused, and obviously not a real fighter. But I was SO excited to see that Jackie is playing Lei!!! Whenever I’ve played the games, I’ve had Jackie pegged as Lei for a real life actor! Figures, because that character’s fighting was modeled after Jackie Chan anyway. So… PERFECT!!! I don’t have too high of hopes for this movie, because I’m trying to be mellow, but it’s gotta be better than the Street Fighter movie, right??

  43. I.KNEW.IT!!!!!! Just checked on the movie again at IMDb, and James Franco is NOT playing Hwoarang. Ugh! I HATE how IMDb isn’t as credible as I’d like it to be! But luckily Hwoarang is (supposedly) still listed as being in the movie. But thank goodness, because I totally thought that James was an ill fit anyway. I’m super excited for the movie, so I can’t help but check for updates often.

  44. GAAHH!!! Ron Pearlman and Jackie Chan are NOT in Tekken. Stupid IMDb!!! Who lists that false crap?!! The trailer was said to be in theaters by this month. Ya right.

  45. I hope this movie is better then atleast both dead or alive and mortal kombat 2. If its better then those then I will be happy with myself.

  46. I can’t believe that people are actually looking forward to see this movie. Honestly, can someone tell me at least one good movie that’s based out of a game? You all have seen what happened to Street Fighter and DOA when poor producers and writers (that have NEVER even played the game) stick their noses where they dont belong. I’m sorry to say this but Tekken, as a movie, will not and shall never be good for tekkenfans. It WILL suck, big time.

    First of all, the story behind this movie, wont work (it could work if you made a Tekken Seires which contains a storyline behind the iron fist tournament and of course about the Mishima clan members. Through that, you can get a better glimpse and a better understanding about the meaning of the characters that are involved and why Tekken exsists at all. You cant compress every aspect in one single movie, it wont work). Sadly, it’s going to be another 90 min of blood pumping action with a shitty story, like hong kong movies made by John Woo, if you know what I mean.

    Second of all, the characters. As I can recall, Namco Bandai Games are one of the wealthiest companies that exists today with ALOT of financial incomes. In other words, THEY ARE RICH AS F**K! So, how hard was it for Namco to hire producers and writers that has at least played the game and has a good understanding to it as well? The truth is, I dont even think Namco is involved at all. Since when did they give a shit about Tekken becoming a movie when they already made millions of dollars out of the Tekken franchise and games. The characters in this movie arent even actors and the worse part is that the “actors” in this movie are playing characters that they dont even deserve to imitate. It’s embarrassing to see Jonathan Foo as Jin Kazama, I mean, look at him. By the way, isnt Jonathan Foo a wushu student? And Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, didnt he play as Shang Tsung in MK and how ironic isnt it that he’s playing Heihachi Mishima in this movie? Can you see the parallels between MK and Tekken for Mr. Tagawa?

    The third reason why this movie will fail, again, it’s the storyline. How do expect to fit the entire Tekken story in a movie that’s aproximentaly 90 min long? Tekken, as a game, is build up in 6 Volumes. 6 f**king volumes! Evey character in Tekken has a story to tell which I believe is extremely important. Evey Tekken character is somehow connected to every other characters in the game. Imagine people who havent even played the game how they might react when they see Jin fighting Hwoarang (if Hwoarang is in the movie). They don’t even know the story behind them or why Jin hates the Mishima family although his bonded to them through blood. Those are just a few examples. In order to make this movie good, it shouldnt BE a movie at all. It should become a SERIE. The main reason is because in series, you can fit history and stories behind every character. In that way, you can get a better glimpse and a better understanding about the characters. The storyline should be about Jin. Why? Because over the past 5 years, Namco has been strongly focusing on him and the entire Mishima clan. A blood line story about the Mishimas would be excellent in a serie. So the way I see it for this movie to make it in to the box office, they have to hire new producers and writers, new actors that somehow resembles to the characters, change the entire content and storyline. If they dont do that, the movie will suck. But again, its all about the money. See, eveyone of you in here will either go to the movies and watch it or download it. I will not spend 10 bucks to see a shitty movie and I will not spend my time to even download it. It will suck. Trust me. It will.

  47. games should be games and movies should be movies. for example, in the street fighter movie ken was a skinny cracked out lookin dude. mortal kombat….uuuhhh! just because “jade” is the chic’s name doesnt mean she’s asian. now some white girl is playing christie??????And please can someone find a sexy asian guy that can actually fit into character. Please!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Done some checking and this seems to be the most likely, finshed cast as follows:

    Jon Foo as Jin Kazama
    Luke Goss as Steve Fox
    Cung Le as Marshall Law
    Kelly Overton as Christie Monteiro
    Gary Daniels as Bryan Fury
    Candice Hillebrand as Nina Williams
    Marian Zapico as Anna Williams
    Darin Henson as Raven
    Anton Kasabov as Sergei Dragunov
    Tamlyn Tomita as Jun Kazama
    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima
    Ian Anthony Dale as Kazuya Mishima
    Dave Batista as King
    Holly Marie Combs as Michelle Chang
    Nathan Jones as Craig Marduk
    Lateef Crowder as Eddy Gordo
    Jae Hee as Hwoarang
    Gary Ray Stearns as Yoshimitsu
    Roger Huerta as Miguel Caballero Rojo
    David Pitt as “Jack – Tekken Police”
    Mircea Monroe as “Kara”
    Michael Showers as “Security Assistant #1”
    Randal Reeder a “Scared Fighter”
    Cassie Shea Watson as “Med Tech”
    Louis Herthum as “Tekken Security Chief”
    Jevon Miller as “Angry Fighter Reject”
    Jonathan Kowalsky as “Vosk”
    Jourdan Lee Khoo as “Sportscaster”
    Andrew Wei Lin as “Sportscaster”
    Loussie Griffiths as “Sapphire”

  49. Gosh ppl! Stop hatin’!

    Even thoough we haven’t see the trailer yet, this movie’s gonna be the best game adaptation since Mortal Kombat!

    It’s NOT gonna suck like Legend of Chun Li, Dragonball Evolution, or even the upcoming King of Fighters!!

    The story’s gonna be changed a bit but if you guys just watch the movie for its own story and action, you’ll be satisfied!!

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  52. character in tekken that i love is:
    jin kazama,nina williams,anna williams,ling xiaouya,
    christie monteiro,raven,marshall law,eddy gordo,king&
    steve fox.
    I love tekken the movie ,very muchhhhhhhhhh!:)

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