Play-Asia Summer Sale!

Play-Asia is bringing the deals this Summer!  Just today, Play-Asia started a special 25% off all items Summer Sale!  There are tons of good deals on the site, check out our recommendations and full sale details by clicking below!

Play-Asia Summer Sale ! Octopus Catching Summer Sale: 25% OFF ALL in-stock items – Only until Sunday, July 20th 2008

Think about summer, think about the beach, the sea and all that fun! is a sea of popular games, movies, discs and toys, come catch your long time favorites and discover lots more, join the many happy swimmers, sun bathers and octopus catchers at the seaside this summer!

Get ready to hit the beaches as the Summer Sale will commence from this very moment onwards towards the 20th of July, all in stock items will be reduced by 25% (yes you’ve read correctly, a whopping 25%!), just spot our Summer Sales mascot, the octopus, on our many product pages and catch him.

The octopuses are running loose throughout the website and only stay on a product page for as long as it is in stock. Some products are restocked regularly so octopuses come back every so often while others have limited availability so the octopuses never return once they are caught.

To avoid disappointment, get your baskets and water tanks ready and catch them as quickly as you can spot them to avoid disappointment. This octopus catching season is only going to last for a couple of days, start catching now and save plenty of cash in the process.

We have carefully selected around 300 of our top selling products from throughout our complete catalogue in this news post to show you just a few examples of how the discount looks and feels like. There are a total of more than 10,000 different products at that have been discounted, so make sure to take your time for your bargain hunting (… eh octopus catching).

A whopping 25% discount has been applied to’s regular selling price. This means that already discounted products have become even cheaper. Prices listed in this news post already reflect the latest sales price. Only products listed as “shipping within 24h” availability are still discounted, while others have already been grabbed by someone else.

Please also note that to get the most updated status for a product, you will be required to add this to your shopping cart. Product pages and category listings are subject to caching and may not reflect the current situation where the last piece of an item has been picked by another customer just minutes ago.

Plenty more discounts can be found in our constantly updated Bargain Pages.

SD TEKKEN’s Sale Recommendations:

5 Responses to Play-Asia Summer Sale!

  1. MarkMan says:

    lol this sale made me shop more than I wanted to!

    I ended up getting 2 white GameCube controllers, another Dual Shock 3, some of the Tougeki DVDs, and the LE Japanese MGS4!

  2. CSXLoser says:

    nice time to get Persona 4…

  3. noodalls says:

    Damn, just bought a camera, and now everything I want is not yet released.

  4. Adelphia says:

    Hey, you’re the goto expert. Thkans for hanging out here.

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