First Tekken 6 BR Console Screens

Impress Game Watch has unveiled the first batch of Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion screen shots from the upcoming Fall 2009 console release for both the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360.  The console ports are currently only 40% complete. They also posted up a short trailer for T6BR.  Check out the screens and trailer by clicking below!

36 Responses to First Tekken 6 BR Console Screens

  1. Trancexpr says:


  2. KumaPower says:


  3. Tekken fan says:

    Man!!!!! FALL 2009 some people saying in NOVEMBER 2009

    1 year… Im really really sad

  4. ATB says:

    damn why 360.. -_-

  5. Dilly says:

    xbox360 is the hold up, seeing as how the arcade unit is a PS3 anyway, it’s obvious the PS3 version is a lot further than 40%.

  6. MarkMan says:

    @ Dilly

    The Xbox 360 version is not holding up anything. The ARCADE version isn’t even complete. How can you jump to that conclusion?

    The arcade version is only 70% complete and won’t be out until mid December.

    Regardless of what people think. Fall 2009 is Fall 2009.

  7. tekkenlover says:

    screw xbox they are nothing but theif

  8. Swiftdemon says:

    Is there going to be an import release date? Or is everything coming out the same time (US/Japan)?

  9. Eddierang says:


    I know you’re a big Tekken fan but I honestly have to agree with the people who thinks Xbox 360 shouldn’t have got a port, especially since Namco was hyping it up for PS3 in the first place. Sony should have really fought Namco on this one and I don’t understand why they didn’t. Xbox 360’s niche was first and formost always to the first person shooter gamer but occasionally throw in a fighting game here or two, but they never had a decent stick until actually the SF4 Stick that you’re designing with Madcatz on. Hori didn’t even give the Xbox 360 except maybe the HRAP EX but even that one the layout was stupid and they should have kept to the HRAP2 layout. But anyhow I’m going to buy your SF4 sticks for the Xbox 360 and possibly the PS3 once they come out.

  10. DIESEL SON says:

    No. more money for tekken is a good thing that means more sequels more players. And besides if u have a ps3 then buy it on ps3 why are all the fanboys so mad u still get tekken. I’m just glad I didn’t buy a PS3 when it first came out the prices were ridiculous and I think that’s a small part of all this uproar but fo reel at the end of the day everyone can play tekken that’s AMAZING.

  11. DIESEL SON says:


  12. Andymat007 says:

    I’ve been straining and straining for months on one possible returning character to Tekken 6: nothing. I’ve been also straining for weeks on Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, and nothing yet. Let’s see what Namco-Bandai can do to woo the fans with this update. Love the images though.

  13. drunken lei says:

    40% done-__- Stupid xbox. Now i have to play tekken 5 dr for another year. DAm u microsoft.

  14. MarkMan says:

    A lot of people seem to ASSUME that it’s only 40% done because of a 360 port?!

    What the heck is wrong with you people?

    The ARCADE version (the thing the GAME is BASED OFF OF), isn’t even complete! It won’t be out until December.


    Namco never did hype for Tekken 6. Sony was the one that asked Namco to put something together for them each and every time.

    In official Namco interviews it was always them saying ‘no comment’ on whether or not it will hit other systems, etc.

    Regardless of what anyone thinks, I think as of right now the Xbox 360 is a pretty damned good console for fighting game fans.

    – Soulcalibur IV
    – Super Street Fighter II TURBO HD Remix
    – Battle Fantasia *
    – King of Fighters 98′ Ultimate Match **
    – Marvel vs Capcom 2 (It’s on partnernet right now, the placeholder at least)
    – Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion
    – BlazBlue
    – All the fighting games on XBLA

    * = Not available in North America on PS3.
    ** = Only on Xbox 360 so far.


    Also, thanks for the comments about the sticks. More information should be out on them SOON! I’m heading out to Hong Kong this weekend to help finalize everything on the products!

  15. DJcore says:

    Man the arcade version has been released about a year ago, and they give us a console version another year later? That’s fucked up! Didn’t they say they will release the console version a year after the arcade?

    So then let’s say we do wait another year for the console versions, then what? The arcade version is getting too old so namco will announce a near future release of T7???

    That’s like giving us leftovers! That sucks!

  16. Tekkenista says:

    365 +++ days to go…. AGAIN.. -_-

  17. JDevil says:


  18. SG79 says:

    Mark, you would have a point if T6 BR was a brand new game and not an upgrade to T6 which is already running on PS3 hardware.

    The console T5 was 60% done in December of 04, and we saw a release two months later because little optimization was needed. This time, not only do they have to worry about console extras, but the fact that they need to port the code to a different architecture. Hence a delay is necessary. Otherwise we would’ve seen it on console by late Spring at the latest

  19. EpicLaw says:

    OMG! Look at this For those ignorants that say that multiplatform is a good thing , it looks like the arcade version will be superior, and the only explanation to this is the game being dumbed down cause of the 360. We may get a dumbed down version thanks to the 360 and don’t sat that ps3 can’t handle the arcade version because arcades are basically ps3s. you can search if you dont believe me

  20. MarkMan says:

    Trust me, I’m familiar with the hardware. Xbox 360 will be able to handle Tekken 6. You’ll see when it’s out or when there are previews later on.

    The arcade version is ‘based’ off PS3 hardware. It’s not a straight up PS3. It has more components than that. Think of it like the System 246 vs the System 256.

  21. SG79 says:

    Probably less of a difference (since the 256 had an overclocked CPU and Cell fabs haven’t changed yet). But even more RAM than either console will make the ports less than 100% faithful.

    No one noticed much of a difference in the console T5, so we’re good.

  22. GimpedBR says:

    Look you guys can say bringing Tekken to the 360 is good to expand the fan base etc. But fact of the matter is we’ll never get a the game as good as it could have been if it was brought exclusively to the PS3.

    Compare multi-plat games to exclusive titles…Uchnarted, MGS4, GT5…on 360s’ end you have Gears. The best looking and playing games are the exclusive ones because they are catered to that particular system’s strengths.

    I can only hope that the 360 dies by time T7 comes out so we can get a Tekken game in all its’ glory. Looks like BR will be the Tekken 4 of the PS3. Lets hope that T7 brings about a true evolution ala T5 and DR.

  23. MarkMan says:

    ^^ Pure fanboy talk.

    Did bringing Soulcalibur IV on 360 mess up the way the game was?


    Virtua Fighter 5? Nope.

    Namco is good at porting. They won’t mess up playability.

    And FYI. SCIV had better hit detection and gameplay until the PS3 version (moves would whiff up close randomly) was patched about a week after the game’s release.

    SCIV ran on a similar engine on what Tekken 6 was based off of. Just FYI. This is my knowledge from correspondence with Namco representative Haruki Suzaki (also on the Tekken team).

    Tekken 6 (gameplay wise) will be fine. It will play like T6 (in arcades) and look just like it. Don’t worry. Tekken 6 has already proved to be a huge success in arcades, and I’m sure BR will be the same.

  24. keytekkenfan says:

    I’ve been playing Tekken since the first one and I feel that T6 going to 360 doesn’t feel right . When Namco created Tekken for the first time I read an interview many years ago , one of the devs saying that they wanted to capture the martial arts feeling ( only those who practice martial arts with passion can feel this, so if you don’t practice martial arts you don’t know what I’m talking about ) . They wanted to make the best fighting game ever and introduce elements from many different cultures and martial arts, they succeeded an gave us games that capture this strange feeling(that I can’t explain xD ), That’s why Tekken is so special for many people , some say it’s just a game , it’s true but it’s those kind of feelings and memories that make it hard for some people to accept that now Tekken is only focusing on the money ala microsoft , 360 is a console that only exists around the profit. I accept every company is there to make some kind of profit but Tekken had this martial arts characteristic and it’s sad to see that it’s gone .

  25. GimpedBR says:

    @ MarkMan

    umm Mark all those games you mentioned are multi-platform. Did you even read what I typed? Telling me the SCIV played better on 360 than on the PS3 doesn’t do anything for me. Hell why don’t you mention that the native resolution of the 360 version is better? Because it is. But you miss my point entirely, because of all multi-plat games released on both systems, the PS3 almost always gets the short end of the stick. Every Tom, Dick and Harry knows that its much easier to develop for the 360 than for the PS3’s complicated CELL architecture. Not to mention the 1year head start 360 had over the PS3. Only until recently has that changed a bit.

    Is that because the PS3 has inferior hardware? On consoles the games generally considered to have the best graphics and technical achievements are the three I listed above exclusive to the PS3. The 360’s most impressive game is considered to be Gears. Do you see the pattern that I’m talking about?

    You stated that what I say is pure fanboy talk but I’ve backed up what I’ve said with proof. You can go on about hit detections this and the correspondences that you’ve had and what not but the fact of the matter remains that games tailored to one system tend to take full advantage of the chosen platform. This is especially true with big name games such as Tekken.

    You say that it will play and I assume also look the same way that it does in the arcades. To tell you the truth I was expecting a better experience as is tradition when Tekken hits home. With this recent multi-platform announcement you can throw those expectations out the window.

  26. MrK says:

    Multiplatform usually means crap for PS3. Not being an inferior platform, but a lot harder to program for. Multiplatform means doing things for both platforms, taking apart each consoles virtues. That doesn’t mean a game will not be good, but it could have been better if thought from the start for a single platform. It’s not random that the best games of each console are exclusive, and it’s not the money the companies (specially microsoft) put behind those games. It’s just that they use the hardware better than other multiplatform crap.

    Anyways I agree the guy that said that tekken was done after mrtial arts. I remember playing tekken 2 or even tekken 3 where almost all moves were realistical and you really felt when heihachi crushed your neck. But now it’s full of unrealistical stupid moves that the only reaction you would get in a real fight would be a lol from your opponent. Not to mention disappearing moves which I really hate.

    And to add to the injury, there’s no tekken 6 machine in 2000km, I’m utterly bored of tekken 5 and I have to wait for a year for a console release.

    For me, tekken is over.

  27. Cxplorer says:

    I’m glad that tekken 6 is going multi-platfom because it gives me the chance to get the game easy.Getting a PS3 is kinda dangerous for the wallet.

    Exclusivity are a thing of the past.I prefer a game to be multi-platform than to be only on one console.

  28. Spanish_Jin says:

    Very bad TGS for Sony no doubt.

  29. Nashville says:

    I can’t say i am pleased with T6 being playable on the 360, but i’ll live. I’m more concerned about the year long wait and if Namco will decide to make any differences between both versions like SCIV. I’m praying we don’t get exclusive gimmick chars, unless the ps3’s turns out to be Gon :P

  30. Kev!n says:

    What’s the native resolution for BR?

  31. Dilly says:

    720p IIRC.

    Markman, I won’t argue with you(although I’m definitely a hardware guru myself and know GPU’s,CPU’s,Ram, and chipsets inside and out) as you definitely know more about tekken than we do as there’s always stuff you’re under NDA about(much like I am when it comes to hardware), so I’d rather ask something else…

    Could you please do a review of the latest XFPS using HRAP’s and the old school namco arcade stick. This will matter a lot to us, as players like myself will likely have BOTH versions as I have friends on both sides of the spectrum, and frankly speaking my Hori EX2 just does NOT cut it for me(works fine for SC:IV, but generic hori sticks can have issues with extremely fast f,f,f’s reading the final one as b). I want to use my HRAP2: SA for both consoles, and being a king player lag + ISW = not happening.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you could do this. If it passes your tests, I’ll order one the very next day.

  32. Nick says:

    It doesn’t matter which system its on, especially since having it on both would make it more accessible to everyone. You like Tekken? Play it on whichever system you prefer. Hell, I’d like to even see Wii make a port just for the sake of increasing awareness of the game. The more money and success garnered off T6 (or T6BR) will only give more incentive to continue to refine and perfect the series.

    Has anyone else felt that the hype and acclaim of Tekken has been diminishing since T3? Doesn’t it feel like the last REALLY popular Tekken was 3? Or even 2? We need people to realize that Tekken has stepped up its game, just as the players have. This is hands-down, the best 3D fighting game available on any platform, and if Xbox fanboys who would never stoop to playing Sony games actually get a chance to compare it to the fighting games they’re already familiar with on Xbox, then they will probably come to that conclusion.

  33. FilthyRich says:

    Im excited to know that the Tekken crowd will be expanded to new areas (xbox360 players). We should all be happy that it will coming to whatever console we own. Regardless of what you own we will simply be doubling the amount of players which means more tourneys and the potential growth in competitive gaming. The tourney scene is dying here in America and less and less people participate in what we call major events. 60 people playing in a tournament should NOT get the respect that it does these days. I remember playing in tourneys with over 100 people and having the luxury of being able to be surrounded by players regardless of skill, just being in that environment is what makes us players and gamers. Namco has not failed us in either localization of titles or in the ability to port those. If anything this expansion to Microsoft will grant us new opportunities for such an underrated and stereotyped game. Maybe even grace us with the hype that T3 or TTT had back in the day.

  34. LOO says:

    LOL X-Box fucks PS3 over again. PS3 Fanboys are so pathetic.

  35. MagmamanX says:

    Typical Xbox fangirl behavior.

    But it’s to be expected, I suppose.

    Anyone who is stupid enough to buy a system that she knows will inevitably brick on her, doesn’t have the metal faculties necessary to exhibit anything better than the above low-tier female gorilla thugging.

  36. MagmamanX says:


    Nor the *mental* faculties.

    Nor the mettle, for that matter :P

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