Games On SC IV Results

We had a great turnout over the weekend.  There were plenty of upsets alongside plenty of amazing comebacks.  In the end, it was Duragon of San Diego who took 1st Place using Siegfried, followed by MoTempest in 2nd using Taki, and KingSalmon in 3rd using Mitsurugi.  Full results can be found by following the link below.

(L-R: KingSalmon (3rd), Duragon (1st), MoTempest (2nd))

The top 8:

1. Mark “Duragon” Martin (Siegfried)
2. Lincoln “MoTempest” Richie (Taki, Hilde)
3. Tommie “KingSalmon” Williams (Mitsurugi)
4. Ricky “Rickstah” U. (Amy)
5. Aris “Aris” B. (Cassandra)
5. Christian “ViciousSuicide” G. (Lizardman)
7. Shauno “Shauno” Larusel (Talim)
7. Daniel “NoFace” Sanchez (Ivy)

Final bracket is here.

Final ranking is here.

Special thanks to GAMES ON for hosting and having us at their venue, GETYOURTOURNAMENT for providing a live stream and recording match videos, and all tournament staff for running a smooth event.

Special thanks also goes to AKSYSGAMES for providing a final build of the upcoming arcade fighter BLAZBLUE for all eager players to try out.  The game is set to hit regular arcades this November.

Be sure to watch this space as we update with media from the event.


7 Responses to Games On SC IV Results

  1. Rickstah says:

    NoFace used Ivy.

  2. n8nmonster says:

    Thanks updated.

  3. MarkMan says:

    n8 is a scrub…

  4. NiCk says:

    My nuts are just itching for those vids, like a fat kid needs porn

  5. xyz says:

    its all abt Siegfried.

  6. creeeyoldstrippersandbeerguy says:

    pictures really need to have been taken of the chicks walkin around outside. seriously.


  7. […] ON will play host for another Soulcalibur IV tournament on Sunday, November 16th. Like last time, all are welcome to join in for the fun and fierce competition.  For full details, follow the link […]

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